10 November 2017

making up!

Or what's in my make-up box. I'm pretty kinda of basic when it comes to make-up. I wear make-up everyday and wouldn't be seen without it (I'd scare small children!) but I've been doing the same old thing for years and I knew it was time to do a bit of an update. Cue an afternoon well spent in the company of a bonafide make-up artist Chanelle. I took along my own meagre collection of products so that I could pick Chanelle's brains about new products and how to use what I already have to the best effect.
I'm going to go through the products I use and adding in any recommendations of stuff that will be getting an upgrade!
I've been using Garnier BB for as long as I can remember. Most probably because it's easy to apply (with my fingers) and it does the job. However, I've known for some time that this is fine for those mornings when I need to get going in a hurry (getting to my part time job) but I actually need something that gives me a bit more coverage most days. Chanelle recommended trying Estee Lauder, Lancome (her favourite) and Clinique as they are happy to give you a good sized sample to make sure you get the right colour and product. Perfect for me as parting with £30+ is alien to me......the BB cream is usually under a tenner. There will always be a tube of this in my make-up box but my first port of call will be Estee Lauder's Double Wear as I've heard so many great things about it.....I shall keep you posted regarding my quest for the perfect foundation.
Garnier BB cream
I do have this primer. I'll be honest that when I spoke to Chanelle I didn't really think that it was making a difference. This is one of the benefits of talking to a pro. Primer keeps it all in place so chances are that because I'm only using a BB cream that it's not as effective. Once I've found my perfect foundation the Primer will come into it's own. Again the beauty of talking to an expert is finding out their recommendations as they've tried so many products. Apparently this Revolution one does as good a job as any of the more expensive ones so this is going to be my next primer purchase. It's a steal at £5.
Revolution primer
You will notice a bit of a pattern here. Most of the products I use are things I can pick up off the shelf myself. Mostly mid range brands. I'll put my hands up and say I generally find the higher price beauty counters to a little intimidating and very salesy which I tend to shy away from. Hence lots of my products are very purse friendly. I'm a massive fan of Maybelline. This is the best powder I've ever used. I dust this all over my face to set my base. 
Maybelline powder
In the summer I use a pricier bronzer, I'm pretty faithful to Benefit Hoola however in the winter I find the colour a bit too intense and although I know they do a Hoola Light I have slunk back to a product from off the shelf. This is a great colour for when I'm paler in the winter months.....it keeps me from looking like a corpse! The shade I'm using is called sunlight.
Rimmel Bronzer
I almost forgot about concealer! At the moment I'm using this Maybelline one. This, like the foundation is something I'm looking into investing a few more pennies in. This concealer is another one of those highly recommended by Chanelle.....in fact I'm always hearing how amazing this product is so it's high up on my wish list.
Nars creamy concealer
Time to move onto the eyes. For the past few years I've been converted to this particular cream eyeshadow. I don't think I will be switching for anything else anytime soon as I love it! It does what it says on the pot and stays put. I use Creme de Nude as a base and I'm currently using On the Bronze when I want a bit of colour on my lids. Next on my wish list is Metallic Pomegranate.....which will be great for the festive season!

Maybelline eyeshadow
When I had my make up session with Chanelle we did really focus on the eyes. I line my lids before I pop any mascara on using a L'Oreal Super Liner in grey. Something else I've picked up is that us 'mature' ladies should step away from the heavy black liner so for everyday make-up I go with greys and browns as they tend to make the best of my blue eyes.
L'Oreal Super Liner
My lesson with Chanelle has also convinced me to use a little smudged pencil under the eye as well. This pencil easy to blend in. I also have this in grey.
Maybelline khol liner
Now, I have been trialing a new mascara from Max Factor. It's called lash crown and the thing I love about it is the brush. It's amazing! I have never used mascara on the lower lashes, it has just always made me feel too made up. However the tip on the brush on the lash crown means I can get a really natural light touch and I am so happy with the result! I'm using the black/brown for a more subtle effect on the lower lashes and the black on the upper lashes. Getting my eye make up right during this this past week has been an epiphany.....an absolute game changer! So thank you Chanelle.
Max Factor mascara (gifted)
N.B I always use eyelash curlers. I'm hoping to find these in my Christmas stocking. Years ago I read a tip in this fabulous book that I have used religiously to this day. Basically it involves *pumping* each set of lashes for a few seconds each and doing each set twice for the best effect. I am blessed with quite long lashes so I want to make the most of them! I don't tend to use any product on my eyebrows but I have them threaded every 5 weeks and I dye them myself, though I find I have a reaction to the dye with sets I buy off the shelf so my hairdresser kindly picks me up salon products for me at the wholesalers.
Now, as far as blusher goes it's the one thing I couldn't live without. I'm a huge fan of the English Rose look and so I favour a pink shade (cue looking like Aunt Sally from Worzel Gummage!). I have toyed with many a product trying to get this right....powder and cream and an array of different shades. I am currently using this Mac one in Young at Heart yet I'm still not achieving the look I want! Gah! I think I'm on the right track now though. As I pluck up the courage to visit the Nars counter for the creamy concealer I think it's about time I also purchased the iconic Nars blush. An other product I've heard amazing things about and the Orgasm colour seems to be a universal favourite. I shall be taking advice on the colour and powder vs cream so will keep you posted.
Nars blush
Last but not least is a highlighter for a bit of contouring! Lol! Do not be fooled.....I have no idea what I'm doing but I try! I just stick a bit in the inner corner of each eye, just under my eyebrow on the bone, bridge of my nose, end of my nose, cupid's bow and my cheekbones. If anyone has any recommendations for a good one of these I'm all ears. I'm using this Revolution one but I could do better.

Revolution Highlighter
Once I've slapped on the old war paint I do spritz my face with Avene spring water to set my make up for the day. If I'm going to a fancy do and need something more full strength I use this one, though I must say every time I spray it.....it reminds me of formaldehyde. Just sayin' ;0)
So, just to show you how I looked after being in the hands of a professional.
And my own attempt at everyday make up using all of the above.

Hoody c/o Jaime (Gifted)
Please do let me in on any of your tips.....I've been doing this for the past 30 odd years and still feel like I could do with all the help I can get!
Right.....back to what I know best (imo!) Here are a few pics of my recent outfits. It's been just over a week since I blogged so there are a few to catch up on.

Duo boots (Gifted)

Topshop boots, past season alternative here

Jaime hoody (Gifted)
Zara jeans, past season alternative here
Uggs, past season similar here

Culture sweater via hi*hi store gorgeous alternative here

Warehouse coat, sold out alternative here
Gap sweater, similar here
Duo boots (Gifted)

Gap Original Fit jeans, similar here

I'm going to leave you with a far prettier face. This lovely little fella, Sid entered our lives just over a week ago. We are all already totally smitten. It may be a while before I get another blog post together....it's week before Sid can go outside which is proving to be a bit of a challenge. So the next time I post it could well be to do with practical dog walking clothing. Heads up as to what you wear would be much appreciated!
Thanks to Max Factor for sending me the lash crown to review.....a product I will definitely be buying in future.


  1. Sid is absolutely lovely what a handsome boy. Dogs fill your home with fun.
    I used double wear foundation for years but moved to Clinique a couple of years ago.I find it covers well and doesn't settle into my lines so much. Clinique also do big sample pots so I have my shade then a sample of the next darker colour for when I feel a bit pale.Please tell me how you get your subtle waves in your hair I struggle to achieve the look. Hunter wellies and over the knee socks good stable dog walking attire. Great blog as always Michelle

    1. Aww, we absolutely adore him Lorraine....he is fitting in just perfectly!

      That's a very good point about foundation not settling into the fine lines. Which Clinique product is it you use? I think I'd better try a few.
      I use the GHD's on my hair. I watched a George Northwood tutorial on Youtube for the technique....so I would recommend checking his masterclass out, I'm not 100% that the link will work but here goes....

      Thanks for the dog walking wear tips and for the lovely comment xx

    2. I use beyond perfecting foundation+concealer highly recommend it..

    3. I'm going to try this - thanks so much for the recommendation xx

  2. Thanks for sharing What about lips Michelle?

    1. Ah ha! Yes I did forget about the lips didn't I! My fail safe for colour and finish (good moisture in it) is No.7 in Soft Tulip which is a good universal shade. I got it as it looks great on a friend but it looks totally different on me! My other current favourite is a matt lipstick from New Look of all places, the shade is terracotta which is a pinky/brown shade. Their matt lipsticks are excellent, not too drying and stay put well xx