28 September 2017

A/W17 ~ a work in progress!

It's taken me a while to find my stride this season. I was a bit lost as to what the trends actually are to be honest. And to be fair looking at what's out there trend-wise I just don't think they are going to suit my suburban lifestyle anyways. I had an interesting conversation with my mum recently where she noticed how whenever we are shopping that I tend to gravitate towards the same pieces everywhere I go. And she is right. A case in point here. With 3 out of 5 below. This is my fourth shackett......but the leopard print!! I am holding Erica Davies entirely responsible for this purchase! I bought this in my usual size, Small.

I am pretty obsessed with Gap at the moment. After my post here on jumpsuits, I went into Gap in search of the khaki one I featured and I loved it.....so home with me it came!

It looks a little different on me than on the website. I could have gotten away with a size X Small but I prefer the looser fit of the Small. This was £54.95 in store with 30% off that day and the added bonus of using the App meant I got a further 5% off.

I spied this pretty little white top whilst I was in purchasing the jacket the other day so I took it in the fitting room to try on whilst trying the jumpsuit. It really reminds me of the gorgeous black New Look one I bought back in the Spring. I couldn't resist this either so I bought with only 5% off....it was a rather spendy £49.95 but I know I'll get the wear out of it if the New Look one is anything to go by. I bought the X-Small in this one.

Elsewhere on the High Street.....in my other favourite haunt, H&M I spotted this. I am still trying to introduce a bit more colour into my wardrobe......and this little gem with sparkly thread running through will double up as my Christmas jumper! ;0)

For the time being I plan on wearing this with my new Mih boyfriends and my Stan's.

That's one heck of a lotta green I've just added to my wardrobe.

Now this next item I spotted whilst I was at Kilver Court. I loved it but they didn't have it in my size but luckily enough I was able to locate it on Whistles online outlet. Over the next few months I will be spending rather a lot of time standing on the sidelines whilst watching the DD playing in matches for the various sporting activities she does so I will be in need of something warm with a hood.

So far all my purchases have been carefully considered. All of the above go with plenty in my wardrobe. I have been happily shopping what I've got as you can see here where there is a lot of past season being worn. Sticking with the more classic pieces you can't go wrong.....just a few new additions keep things looking and feeling a bit fresh!

H&M shirt, past season alternative here
Next Jeans, past season alternative here
New Look shoes, past season alternative here

H&M dress, sold out online but still instore

H&M skirt, alternative here

There are a few more purchases in the offing....it's very lucky that my birthday falls at this time of year! I need all the excuses I can get! The DH has told me that he's off to India for work for a week, the day before my birthday. Obviously I expect to be compensated! ;0) 

Anyway, I will be back in a few days with my birthday wish list.....yes I still make those! Hopefully giving you a few ideas as Christmas is looming too!


  1. Love love all your outfits :-)

  2. I am sure now! I need a black pleated skirt! Is it metallic?

    1. Thank you Nanacy! The skirt is more of a gunmetal grey than black xx