6 August 2017

it's that time again......

....time to getting packing those cases (or bags in my case....two holdalls between three of us). For this holiday I've been super organised about my packing, last time is was all a bit last minute and I wasn't really feeling my holiday clothing. Thankfully this time around I cannot wait to start donning some brand new dresses and a few older favourites. 

Just a little taster of what we are all set to enjoy ;0)

Image via Pinterest Yelloh Village, Les Tournels

Onto what one might wear hanging out at such a place.

The dressy stuff!

Left to right 
Mango red dress, sold out alternatives herehere
Zara white dress, sold out alternative here

Left to right
Zara white dress, sold out alternative here

Left to right

Left to right

Casual clobber......

Left to right 
Red top, ancient alternative here
Khaki top, past season alternative here
Denim shorts, past season alternative here
Graphic tee, past season alternative here
Red shorts, past season alternative here

Left to right


Playsuit, past season alternative here
Bikini top, similar here
Bikini bottoms, similar here

Bikini top, similar here
Bikini bottom, similar here

Dress, similar here
Bikini, ancient

Bikini, can't find an alternative

The accessories.

Red clutch, similar here

Left to right

Pink tassel necklace, bought in St Tropez last year
All other necklaces Chambers & Beau
Tassel earrings, eBay
Beaded bracelets, Bella Jane Jewellery 

Last but not least the travel outfit.

So there we are....that's what's been packed. Although there are some lovely boutiques in St Trop, there are generally the high end stores.....the likes of Chloe and Celine so holiday purchases are unlikely this time! My credit card is breathing a sigh of relief!

Here's what I have been wearing the past few days....what a mixed bag of weather we've been having!

Jeans, past season alternative here
Bag, similar here

Sweater, black version here

Right! My work is done here for a while. I'm very much looking forward to spending some quality time with my family and relaxing. Wifi permitting I shall still be posting each day here on Instagram.

See you on the other side!


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