30 June 2017

clean lines

Before I tell you all about my latest style inspiration I am just going to give you the heads up about a game-changing tip that the gorgeous @mylittlejoneslife (whom I had the pleasure of meeting last Sunday) imparted to me about one of the tools on Instagram. I may very late to the party sharing this .....you may have already been using it for ages, however if you are a techo-phobe like me I am happy to impart this little nugget of information with you as it has already saved me a ton of time. I used to screenshot things to my camera roll only to find I'd missed off the all important account details so thank you Catherine! Basically if you see a picture you want to save (whether it be home styling, ideas, fashion or food inspo) you can just click on the little flag/tag at the bottom right corner of the picture on an Instagram post and the shot will be saved to a folder where you can store those things you may want to refer to again. To access the folder to view your saved items you just go to your profile page and click on the flag/tag, again on the right hand side just above your grid. Simples! Great isn't it?!

Right, onto the inspiration I have saved.
Image via Instagram
As soon as this ensemble popped up on my feed I was on a mission to track down these stripey trews. 

Sandals 15% off with discount code MYFASHIONABLE40S
There are only a few sizes left in the trousers so I have found alternatives here, here and here.
I shall be sporting my new strides tomorrow....so check out my Instagram to see!
As per usual a few outfits to share.

Dress, past season alternative here

Skirt, past season alternative here

Dress, limited sizes gorgeous alternative here
Bag sold out

So who knew about the save it button on Instagram? Has anyone else got any tips regarding Insta tools they care to share? I'm all ears!

I keep threatening a sale blog post but in truth nothing much has grabbed me yet. The only purchase I've made is this Zara top. I hoping I get lucky with the sale dregs but I shall keep you posted if I find anything of note!

Until next time!


  1. Can I ask about the sizing of the Mango blue dress, it's gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Melissa! I have a size medium, I bought mine in Spain. On the UK website they seem to be sizing them different i.e 10,12,14. I believe the Medium equates to a size 10. I hope that helps! xx

  2. I love the little tagging feature. I think I first used it last year to save some pics from IG of some Christmas wreath inspiration and it's brilliant when you know you've been tagged by someone but you don't have time to respond straightaway. I used to get a #widn as I was doing a supermarket shop and be stood in the shopping aisle and then forget who it was from by the time I got home! Perfect for those with a sieve like memory like mine.

    1. It's brilliant isn't it! I must admit I'd accidently used it and so they were a few pictures of random stuff already stored but I'd obviously clicked the flag but had no idea where the pictures were going! What a revelation! I'm always trawling back and trying to remember where I've seen things! I am going to be taking full advantage of that little feature from now on.....and pay more attention to what the Insta updates are sharing in the way of new tools! x

  3. Love the stripy trews and the fan bag! I didn't know about the Insta save tool (quite new to Insta, which I regret!).

    1. Thank you Gail! The Insta tip has already been worth it's weight in gold to me! I take you are already addicted to Insta! ;o) xx