8 June 2017

beating those post holiday blues......

by stealing some style from one of my favourite sources of inspiration at the moment! I love this fab Instagram account called LeStyleaLaFrancaise. Just before I went on holiday they posted this pic and I screenshot it to copy at a later date! 
Image via Instagram

Even though I had a shopping spree whilst in Lanzarote (more on that in a bit!) I couldn't get this look out of my head. Now I could cobble something similar together from my existing wardrobe......like this! 

M&S skirt past season, similar here

However I have become obsessed with finding a decent length black denim skirt to recreate the LeStyleaLaFrancaise look. So I've ordered this skirt from ASOS. I think I'd prefer this one but since my days of bum-skimming skirts are well and truly over I figure I need the couple of extra inches that the higher waist one offers!

I picked up this t-shirt whilst on my hols which I thought would look fab with the denim skirt and my espadrilles.....and lest not forget my new straw basket!

Now, more about that holiday shopping spree! I did order a couple of dresses from Mango (the blue midi and the red ruffle mini) about a week before we left, unfortunately they didn't arrive in time to take away with me. However even though the Euro exchange rate isn't that great at the moment all the dresses were actually cheaper in Spain, so all told it was a case of buy five and in effect.....get one free! Just for the record in Zara the prices were exactly the same!

Let's kick off the outfit round-up with my travelling style......

This dress was the first Mango purchase.

I ordered this one in the UK but it didn't arrive in time to get packed.....but I saved myself over 10 Euros by buying it while I was away!


Mango dress, past season alternative here, here & here

Panama, similar here

Zara top, similar here
Fantasie trousers, here
Panama, similar here
Warehouse sandals, similar here

I left the tan-enhancing white holiday purchase dress until the last night! ;0)

Warehouse sandals, similar here

My feet haven't touched the ground since we got back last Saturday. We tried to keep the holiday vibe going for the rest of the weekend but my Monday it was back to work and school, time to look forward to our next holiday in August!

Meanwhile some exciting plans are finally coming to fruition! This weekend I will be hosting our first event as The Social Brunch Club alongside my chums Karen aka MissionStyle and Emmeline from The Image Consulting Company. My fabulous mate Caroline Jones @knickersmodelsown will also be in attendance as well as a couple of other familiar Insta faces who I can't wait to meet! There are a few tickets left......all the details can be found here. We'd love to meet you, to connect, mingle and share ideas!!

I will be back soon with a write-up on our first The Social Brunch Club gathering!



  1. Great bunch of items! I was inspired to buy the green Mango dress after seeing your post and I love it! I'd been tempted by some of the ruffley tea-type dresses from both Mango and Toppers but always seemed to tend towards red ones and, having bought red summer dresses last summer from H&M and Maje, I was loath to buy yet another red dress, but the green is gorgeous. Love the retro Zara T too.

    1. The green Mango dress is a beaut isn't it! I have a thing for red dresses too! I almost bought the linen red Marant dupe but I had a good talking to myself.....enough with the red dresses! Very happy with the blue midi one too! Looking forward to wearing the retro tee......fingers crossed over the weekend! xx

  2. Fantastic!I love dresses!