14 May 2017

we rise by lifting others!

A bit of a departure from my usual posts today. I've often wondered where this blogging malarky might take me. I never set out with an action plan for the future, I've been all about winging it. From the beginning of my journey (4 years ago now!) my intent was purely to share. When I started following blogs I was really quite amazed on how much seeing how other women put outfits together really made me more confident in my own choices. And so I began to share my outfits on a daily basis....hoping that I might pass on that help in some small way. It really is still all about just sharing where I've found my inspiration, my fashion findings, showing how I put things together, or where I've bagged an absolute bargain! But though a series of recent events I'm ready to take things to the next level.

Now I can't claim to be an expert on blogging or Instagram but what I am absolutely passionate about is paying any knowledge I have gleaned forward. I'm always on the lookout for new opportunities to learn, get feedback and be inspired. If you follow me on Instagram you will already know that a few opportunities have arisen this year for me to connect with some really fabulous women. These experiences have always left me feeling super charged and very motivated. When I came across two like-minded women and realised we were all talking the same language and shared the same vision we decided to join forces to bring people together at The Social Brunch Club. You may already be familiar with Karen and Emmeline whom I blogged about here.
What we are looking to achieve is an informal gathering where people can mingle, network and exchange ideas. We are always better together and the idea behind this group is to share knowledge, learn from and empower each other. The setting is going to be a relaxed, friendly atmosphere with no fixed agenda. Everyone is invited! You may be a blogger just starting out in need of advice or new to social media and interested in growing your following. We have some stylists onboard if you are in need of help with any styling dilemma's. Maybe you are a photographer who is willing to show a few tricks of the trade or a make-up artist with tips to share. It could be that you have just set up a new business and want to connect with bloggers and Instagrammers who can help put your brand on the map or if you are an established business already social media savvy or a PR perhaps you would care to share what makes a successful blogger partnership. Anyone is welcome!
Myself, Emmeline and Karen will be there to give a brief intro to encourage interaction and of course to have our brains picked too!
There will be a fixed number of spaces available. If you would like to sign up and book a place here's the link The Social Brunch Club. The ticket price is purely to cover the cost of hiring a lovely venue to meet up, coffee and pastries included but our mission is for you to go away with a nugget....though hopefully a mines worth of inspiring information and contacts....that is priceless don't you agree! We believe that connection really is the key!
Please feel free to email us with any questions. email: mail@theimageconsultancy.co.uk, you can keep up with the event on Instagram and Facebook here.
For me it's all about this......

So there's our strapline.

Who knew which direction blogging would take me in......if has taught me anything though it's........

On that note I would like to thank everyone and anyone who has ever helped me. Every like, every comment, any mention. Every bit of advice and feedback has been gratefully received and kept me going. I am truly astounded that I've come this far and very excited about the future.....it would be lovely to meet you at The Social Brunch Club.

No usual outfit round-up....post on those to follow as well as sharing a lovely brand and discount code!



  1. This sounds fabulous. A little far for me to travel, but I'm very tempted. Well done to the three of you for organising what sounds like a really good event.
    It's so good when bloggers get together.

    1. Hi Laurie! I'm so glad you like the idea! Our hope is to eventually hold them elsewhere....so who knows, maybe our paths will cross? I hope so, it would be lovely to meet you xx

  2. A brilliant idea. We need a UK get together network. Hope I can come along

    1. Thank you Anna! It's amazing what you can learn via a bit of networking.....The Social Brunch Club idea came about after a conversation between myself, Karen & Emmeline. Every time I'm around them I learn something....it's inspiring! Would love for you to come along! xx

  3. Hi Michelle,
    I've been really slack catching up with my blog reading. Mums health has been deteriorating and she's been my priority but hopefully I can get back on top of things now. This is a great idea - I'd love to meet lots of people in the blogging / Instagram world as I've met so few! I fear it will be London /Southern affair so it might be a bit too far but it's a great idea. I'll always remember you were very kind and helpful to me when I had a few questions many years ago! So thankyou. I hope it's a great success and I'll look out for updates on here and your IG.
    Tracey xx

    1. Hey Tracey, I'm so sorry to hear your mum is not so good at the moment. It's understandable she's been your priority. I do hope things are going to get a bit easier for you soon......it is hard with so much to juggle to keep up with everything isn't it.
      It's only really been this year since I started to get out there and make those connections and since I've been doing so things have started to take off for me & MyFashionable40s in a big way. I honestly just didn't realise how valuable it is to get out there and actually meeting up with like-minded folk....it opens your mind to lots of opportunities. I've always tried to be as helpful as possible when ladies contact me as that why I started doing this.....and it's the thing that keeps me passionate about continuing. We are better together! I am sure our paths will cross at a future event! Take care my lovely....sending virtual hugs to you and your mum xx