19 May 2017

my top 5 holiday essentials!

This post is a prelude to what I'll actually be packing.....otherwise it could end up being the longest post in my blogging history! I can't believe that I've not even started to pack yet! I'm never usually this unorganised.....in years gone by I've had a list that I've compiled on my phone months in advance. Anyhow, I digress. These are the five items I wouldn't be without.
First up! Gotta be a hat. I try to make sure my face is slathered in Factor 50 and hidden from the direct sunlight at all times.My beloved Accessorize panama has sadly seen better days. I will be picking up a new one on my way through duty free next week!
Panama hat
Now the next item on my list is a permanent fixture in my outfit posts at the moment. In the Summer months, a straw bag of some sort is surgically attached to my arms.....maybe this one should have be topped of my list! This is as close as I can find to the one I am currently sporting......however I am feverently eBaying in hope that I can afford this beauty.
Straw bag
A scarf is always a holiday saviour! Perfect for when the temperatures dip of an evening.....they are a great little extra layer. I'll be wearing mine for the journey as we have an early morning flight and I always find planes a bit chilly. I'm a sucker for anything with pom-poms and this gorgeous number will most certainly liven up a few of my outfits. These come so beautifully wrapped....a lovely present for anyone with a birthday at this time of year if you are need of some gift inspiration ;o)

When I go on holiday my mission is to spend the whole 7 days horizontal with a good read. I've had some superb recommendations.....I can't wait to stuck into the following!

I will also be devouring this one thanks to my lovely mate Caroline. This one will be also be travelling with me!

Last but not least! Another thing I am a total sucker for is a bit of personalisation. There is something just a little bit special about having something with your name written all over it. 

I probably could have added a couple more bits to my list......there are my trusty Hav's and also my favourite shades. What items are your holiday winners.....I'm all ears!

This weeks outfits so far. Photo credit to my lovely mate @missionstyleuk taken whilst we were working on our project that I blogged about here.

Topshop shackett, here
H&M Breton, similar here
Gap real straight jeans, similar here....customised by own fair hands!
Straw bag, similar here

Warehouse denim jacket, past season alternative here
M&S dress, past season alternative here
Espadrilles, here 15% discount using code MYFASHIONABLE40S
Straw bag, similar here

I'm about to undertake the mammoth task of picturing the clothing and shoes I am taking so I can share the contents of my case with you. Wish me luck with that.....I hope to be back on Sunday!

Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend!


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  1. I've been squirrelling bits away for my holiday in August, but find I always overdo it! We stay at my parents' beach house in the US every summer (whilst they're in the UK) and it's a very laid-back kind of place, but I imagine all these scenarios that may require Dodo Bar Or dresses, tasselled earrings or espadrille wedges when, in reality, I tend to wear the same few T-shirts and shorts on repeat with either Havs or Supergas on my feet. I'm a chronic overpacker and a sucker for a good kaftan/cover up and, of course, a variety of straw bags (and I do have a few...!)