5 May 2017

a cracking discount code!

I say this with confidence as I have used it today! This very kind lady of Instagram tipped me off about the Grazia 25% off voucher in this week's edition and as I'm still in holiday research mode I took myself off to the local retail park this afternoon. My little escapade resulted in an immediate purchase (as I'm a Libran....this is not generally how I shop! I'm an absolute ditherer but this dress could very well see it's first outing tomorrow!).

Now this looks a lot better on a real-life person I reckon....even though this is a dodgy fitting room #selfie! It's a very fluid jersey material and feels divine on.....sold! Perfect for rolling up and slinging in the case for our next jaunt to the Canary Islands in half term and for the main event.....St Tropez in August!

I'm not likely to be saving this for the holiday box....I can see me wearing it now with a biker jacket and trainers! 

Next up this dress is in the same material....love this print also (the code GRAZIA25 will get you 25% off until 9th May) and I  may be putting in an online order for this ;o)

From the online picture I would never in a million years have ordered this.....but in real life the colours really come alive and it's such an easy style dress to wear.

Just as well that there is also free delivery if you spend over £60....code FREE60. It'll be perfect with these tan strappy flat sandals (stored safely in the holiday box.....handily also with 25% off) though to be honest I quite like it with the gold H&M pumps for now.

Next up.....this is pretty special. It's not really a holiday frock but if I had the occasion I'd definitely be snapping it up! It has to be said, I am not a fan of the pics on the Warehouse website.

It is so gorgeous on......please someone invite to a lovely occasion so I have an excuse to buy it!

I am so tempted.....gorgeous colour and such a flattering shape. 

Now that last thing I tried on was something that I spotted that was very similar to something I bought in H&M last year that one lovely reader likened it to Sportmax I believe! I gotta a lot of Insta-love for it so I thought I would share! Doppelganger no?!

Warehouse dress

I'd have bought this in a heartbeat if I didn't have this!

H&M dress, no longer available!

Alas that was all my local, small Warehouse concession had to offer but there is plenty of other great stuff available online! I say go forth and take advantage of that 25% off code GRAZIA25.....and don't forget the FREE60 for free delivery with orders over £60! ;0)

Today's outfit was a very classic one consisting of a Breton, denim jacket, wide leg crops and ballet pumps!

Gap denim jacket, ancient similar here
H&M top, past season alternative here
Gap trousers, here
H&M pumps, here
Round straw basket bag, here
Chambers & Beau necklaces, here
Bella Jane bracelets, here

So, I have every intention of breaking out the new dress tomorrow! Off to scour the Warehouse website just in case I've missed anything! Anyone else already made use of this code....do tell.....what have you bought?


  1. Hope the weather is good and the dress makes it's first outing tomorrow! x

    1. You know me not one to miss the opportunity of wearing a new dress....I braved the weather anyway! ;o) xx

  2. Im glad I'm not the only person that tries on "occasion" dresses and then hopes fpr an occasion so I can buy them :D

    1. Ha....I'm not alone! I feel a bit sad about not having an occasion but I can't think of one single thing I've been invited too that I could wear that gorgeous dress. Might have to engineer something! ;o) xx

  3. Loving the dresses! I have the blue one in a navy print from last yr and don't find it too dressy for everyday wear.
    I 'might' have taken advantage of the discount and ordered two dresses yesterday! 😉😉 xx

    1. Looking at the Warehouse website it's looks as though they do the same style in different colours and prints so I reckon they might be worth a look at....with a view to finding something more everyday! The dress is such a gorgeous shape....and I love the pockets! xx

  4. I must say the dresses look much better on you than on the model x

    1. Aww thank you Vicky! Some things just look so much better in real life don't they....the website definitely doesn't do the colours of the dress I bought online. I wouldn't have looked at it twice! xx

  5. Hi, love these dresses on you - not the model! I'm only 5ft 2 though - is the hanky hem one really long? Also how is the sizing? X

    1. Mwah....thank you Lisa! I would say the hanky hem is midi length on me, I'm 5ft 6". The sizing is spot on! I'm in my usual size 10 xx