26 May 2017

And we are off!

I best warn you right now that this post has been as hastily put together as the packing itself! I literally have thrown this lot in the case. I had a quick try-on of a few bits last weekend but that is about as much thought as I've given it. So excuse me for this random bunch of stuff. I'm blaming the weather! Because we haven't had a prolonged spell of the good stuff here, there hasn't been any need to do the Summer wardrobe changeover......hence I've not been particularly motivated to buy any high Summer clothing either! Catch 22 isn't it?!

Image via Pinterest


22 May 2017

ooh la la!

I saw this and thought of Rouje.....you know that cool French brand that I'm pretty obsessed with.

Ruffled print dress


19 May 2017

my top 5 holiday essentials!

This post is a prelude to what I'll actually be packing.....otherwise it could end up being the longest post in my blogging history! I can't believe that I've not even started to pack yet! I'm never usually this unorganised.....in years gone by I've had a list that I've compiled on my phone months in advance. Anyhow, I digress. These are the five items I wouldn't be without.
First up! Gotta be a hat. I try to make sure my face is slathered in Factor 50 and hidden from the direct sunlight at all times.My beloved Accessorize panama has sadly seen better days. I will be picking up a new one on my way through duty free next week!
Panama hat

16 May 2017

you know the 'drille!

I've been behaving like a shoeaholic possessed of late. I'm blaming this lovely account on Instagram as it yielded this dose of gorgeous outfit perfection.

Pic via Instagram


14 May 2017

we rise by lifting others!

A bit of a departure from my usual posts today. I've often wondered where this blogging malarky might take me. I never set out with an action plan for the future, I've been all about winging it. From the beginning of my journey (4 years ago now!) my intent was purely to share. When I started following blogs I was really quite amazed on how much seeing how other women put outfits together really made me more confident in my own choices. And so I began to share my outfits on a daily basis....hoping that I might pass on that help in some small way. It really is still all about just sharing where I've found my inspiration, my fashion findings, showing how I put things together, or where I've bagged an absolute bargain! But though a series of recent events I'm ready to take things to the next level.


7 May 2017

current objects of desire!

What we have here are some random musings of things I've spotted that I love.....need....want, basically all the stuff I've been obsessing about this week. 
My attention has been alerted to this cool French brand thanks to Instagram. I've been lusting after these Saskia sandals ever since I first clapped eyes on them. Seriously considering taking the plunge as I reckon I would wear them non-stop (as I did with the Topshop red Kicks). I've bought a couple of pairs of mom style jeans and I think these wedges would be perfect with them. What do we think ladies?


5 May 2017

a cracking discount code!

I say this with confidence as I have used it today! This very kind lady of Instagram tipped me off about the Grazia 25% off voucher in this week's edition and as I'm still in holiday research mode I took myself off to the local retail park this afternoon. My little escapade resulted in an immediate purchase (as I'm a Libran....this is not generally how I shop! I'm an absolute ditherer but this dress could very well see it's first outing tomorrow!).