19 April 2017

throwing some different shapes!

I can't believe I'm saying this.......but I have fallen out of love with my skinnies. Jeans are still my go-to item pretty much everyday and thankfully there are plenty of new shapes in my wardrobe that I'm getting my wear out of at the moment. Current favourites as follows.....

H&M top, past season alternative here
Gap wide -leg crop, here
H&M shoes, here

You might remember I wore the green ones last week.

DKNY biker jacket, past season alternative here
H&M Breton, past season alternative here
Gap crop chinos, sold out online
Topshop Kick shoes, here limited sizes (alternative here)
Topshop camo tote, past season alternative here

The Gap khaki wide-leg crop is sold out in green but rather handily Next have an alternative!

As I don't have a blue pair I've just clicked the button on these........

Another style that I'm all over is the straight crop leg.

Gap vintage straight jeans, selected sizes only left

Zara shirt, here
Gap vintage straight jeans, here
Topshop Kick shoes, here limited sizes (alternative here)
H&M belt, sold out online

I also have the Gap vintage straights in blue

H&M L.O.G.G shirt, not online (sigh......)
Gap vintage straight jeans, here
Seven Boot Lane trainers, here
The Tipi basket, sold out alternative here

And vintage straights in white too....however they are sold out online. These Next white ones (as seen on Emma Hill!) might be worth checking out. With Gap I would recommend checking instore for all of the above if you have one near you as you can almost always bag yourself a better bargain than those discounts you see on the Gap website. 

So there are a few of my skinny jeans alternatives! I'm going to leave you with one last outfit.....a pair of chinos from Gap. This is a style I've haven't really worn before but that have really won me over.

H&M L.O.G.G shirt, not online.....how annoying!
Gap chinos, similar here
H&M shoes, here
The Tipi basket, sold out alternative here

I'm just going to leave you with a bit of inspo here.....

All images via Pinterest

I have convinced you to step away from the skinnies yet? 

Back again soon!



  1. Loving the flared trend!



    1. The flares look great don't they! Might be adding some more to my collection! :-/

  2. Am definitely enjoying the new shapes of jeans/ torusers out there. Although it's a different story getting used to jeans that don't have any stretch in them - a bit like wearing a corset!!

    1. They do have a habit of holding everything these new shapes don't they! Now I'm out of the skinnies there is no stopping me though! :o) xx