9 April 2017

bolstering the spring wardrobe with a few basics!

A few weeks back I blogged about the need to add a few pretty tops to my Spring wardrobe (see here) and I promised I'd be back with a few basics I felt were missing as well. I've made a couple of t-shirt purchases this week that I thought I would share.
Now then.  I know the Maison Labiche one's are all the rage at the moment (I adore this one, this one and this one). However, as they can be quite spendy I've found a few more purse-friendly options! This is the first of a a couple I have succumbed too :-/

You'll have already seen me sporting this one!

When life gives you lemons.......

And then there is this one. Annoyingly not online at the moment. I really rate the H&M designer homages. Don't you think this Modern Romantic embroidery one is a ringer of one of the Maison Labiche's?! They are all priced at £12.99.....pretty amazing value....meaning you can afford one of each?! ;o)

H&M tee

Back view.

H&M tee

Heads up on some other great tee's from H&M. A reader recently asked about the v-neck t-shirts that I wear so often. Mine are from Zara and have seen better days. I digress here, but funnily enough another lightning bolt moment struck me last weekend when I had my colour consultation (read here) It's likely that the reason I favour a v neck tee is that they are more flattering because the stronger shades (i.e black & white) aren't so close to my face! Makes perfect sense I reckon! Anyway, I shall be going for these in white, grey and black. Brilliant basics for £8.99

So that little lot will definitely be bolstering my collection of basics.....any High Street treasures that you care to share?

Quick confession to another recent purchase...... sharing because you may want to secure a pair before they are all gone! Last year I bought a pair K Jacques-style sandals from Topshop in January. I knew they would fly off the shelves. Sure enough they did. I didn't start wearing them for months and by then it was far too late for anyone to get their hands on a pair. The Topper's are looking a bit tatty now......thankfully I've managed to find a brilliant replacement. Grab a pair of these while stocks last!

Outfits of the week, starting with Thursday, when at last the opportunity arose for me to meet the lovely Hazel from @a_fashionaddict_style for brunch and to chat about....well everything under the sun really!

H&M (L.O.G.G) shirt, current but sadly not online!
ASOS dungarees, here
H&M shoes, here
Next bag, past season alternative here

Friday's outfit basking in the early evening sun in Sue's gorgeous garden!

Zara shirt, past season similar here
Zara trousers, past season alternative here
Seven Boot Lane Jemima trainers, here
Inst-famous Gucci-homage H&M belt, here

On Saturday I was in York at The Grand Hotel with Sue and the fabulous Caroline Jones, aka Knickers Models Own (see her newly launched blog here) where Caroline talked about her fundraising campaign in 2015 for Cancer Research. That was followed by a cream tea and fashion show all in aid of Fashion City York 2017. Here's what I wore...... huge thanks to @susiesoso for the photo!

DKNY leather jacket, past season alternative here
H&M tee, here
Lace black skirt sourced from @CR-UK Portabello Road High Street alternative here
Seven Boot Lane Jemima trainers, here
Chambers & Beau necklaces, here
Bella Jane bracelets, here

More confessions.....Sue & I had a little wander around York which resulted in yet another t-shirt purchase! I bought this Mango one and changed into it for the event and wore it with my red Topshop Kick ballet pumps. The day was pretty frantic so I didn't manage to get a photo! Thanks again Sue!

Mango t-shirt, here
Lace black skirt sourced from @CR-UK Portabello Road
Topshop Kick shoes, here
Chambers & Beau necklaces, here
Bella Jane bracelets, here

Monsoon jacket via eBay
Zara tee, alternative here
Gap jeans, here
Topshop Kick shoes, here
H&M belt, here
Chambers & Beau necklaces, here
Bella Jane bracelets, here

That's all from me today......I'm pooped after my weekend away!

I shall be back again shortly with some great pieces of workwear that I am looking forward to sharing.



  1. Anonymous10/4/17 14:36

    How DO you get your hair like that?! My hair is similar in length and thickness, but any wave I try and put in it just drops out within minutes! Would love any canny tips!! :)

    1. Thanks for the lovely compliment! I use GHD straighteners and I would highly recommend watching some George Northwood Youtube tutorials for the technique! I use Boots own brand hairspray firm hold in a blue can....as endorsed by beauty guru Sali Hughes! I will at some point do my own tutorial as I get asked so often. Hope this helps! xx

  2. Is it wrong to want every single shirt that you post on your blog?!? Seriously..if I needed another reason to pop into Mango, and H&M this weekend! hah!

  3. Ha-ha! No not at all! Especially if they fill a few wardrobe gaps which the ones I've bought most certainly have! Happy shopping! ;o) xx

  4. I like the t shirts, but how do you style them? I feel frumpy in just jeans and a t. As for basic Ts, I'd really recommend Cos. Lovely and drapy, flattering and last really well.

  5. Simply fell in love with the collection you shared. especially a t shirt.