2 April 2017

a super styling treat!

A bit of a different post from me today. I invested in a bit of me time earlier and took myself off to Bristol Fashion Week at Mall, Cribbs Causeway. As well as putting on a fabulous fashion show you can also take advantage of a bit of pampering.......off I headed to get a bit of styling advice. Those of you that have been on this blogging journey with me for a while will know that I tend to steer clear of colour. However, recently I've been trying to get onboard with adding some much needed colour into my mainly neutral (read....monochrome!) wardrobe. I've introduced a few colourful accessories which has given me a taster......but that's left me craving a bit more. Trouble is that I lack confidence with colour as I'm not 100% sure about which shades suit me best and this is where Karen  (you will know her as @missionstyleuk.com) and The Image Consultancy Co came in. 
Emmeline, Anna & Karen
This experience was certainly an eye-opener for me. Yes, I kind of had an idea of what colours do suit me but it always helps to see yourself through a fresh pair of eyes and refreshing new perspective! Karen went through the colour spectrum with me and I'm not exaggerating when I say it's quite astounding to see what a difference even the most subtle change can make. Wearing ivory as opposed to white really lifts my face! White is too stark....whereas the ivory definitely gave me that more youthful appearance......and isn't that what we are all chasing?! 

These are my shades....as you know I'm already all over red! Navy is kinder than black.....I've already been trying to introduce a little more of that into my wardrobe anyway. I've been yearning for a bit of yellow but seeing different shades of it against my face just confirmed that it just isn't the right colour for me. A bag or a shoe is the way to go if you want to go for the colour of the moment. That is what this session taught me. Even a statement earring in a colour can work wonders for making your eyes pop when wearing an all black ensemble. Now I've been shown the evidence I'd have to agree.

The Image Consulting Co was founded by Emmeline in 2006. She is passionate about about building confidence in others, so with her background in fashion, the styling business was an obvious choice. Not only does The Image Consulting Co offer colour consultations, they also offer bespoke personal styling sessions....whether you want advice on how to wear the latest trends or maximise your wardrobe potential, Emmeline and her team are on hand to help. After chatting with the team at the Mall I came away feeling very enthused....they know their stuff and put you at ease. You may think I find it quite easy to pull outfits together as I post everyday on Instagram but like everyone else I have those moments where I stand in front of my wardrobe and think *what the heck am I gonna wear today?* As I said earlier....a fresh perspective can make all the difference and it's an investment to have a trained eye to look over your wardrobe. Karen had really done her homework when I arrived and pulled together some pieces which would be the most flattering for my body shape and suit my lifestyle. Her research meant her choices for me were spot on! Leading brilliantly into another service that Emmeline offers as she also runs courses on how to become a stylist! You can learn all about that here.

So, I would love to hear if you have ever employed the services of a personal stylist? How did you find the experience? I could probably do with Karen coming around to mine and being utterly ruthless.....I would absolutely recommend her services!

What have I learnt about my recent outfits? First up.....I think the texture of the jacket and the fact that the colours blend well means the white tee isn't so stark so I've  haven't fared too badly with this ensemble!

Zara jacket, here
Zara tee, past season alternative here
Gap jeans, here
M&S shoes, here
Lulu Guiness bag, past season

Yesterday's outfit featuring a not-so flattering white tee....but I could not resist the pineapple!

H&M tee, here
Levis CT 501, here (I am totally smitten with the shape of these!)
H&M coat, sold out
H&M shoes, here
Mulberry Dorset tote, past season High St alternative here

Today's outfit....deflecting the mostly black get-up with a pop of yellow!

DKNY biker via TK Maxx, past season alternative here
Zara dress, here
Adidas Originals Stan Smiths, here
M&S bag, here

I seriously meant to take loads more photos....but alas once I met these girls posting lots of stuff on Instagram Stories went out the window. We hit it off from the start.....testament to how at ease they will make you feel. If you have been thinking about using the services of a personal stylist I urge you to get in touch with them!

Now armed with this new information.....I report back soon with some colourful additions to my wardrobe, I promise! ;o) 



  1. Thank you so much for coming to see us, it was a pleasure have you! xx

    1. Thank you for having me Karen.....it really was a delightful experience! xx

  2. It's really interesting, isn't it? I heard that everyone suitsevery colour, it's just finding the right tone for you. You always look fabulous in red, so no surprises there!! I'm assuming there are more colours in your palette though, as this is quite limited!! I'm keen to see how you move forward with this, Michelle. How will you cope without black?? Lynne xx

    1. What an eye-opener Lynne! It is all a matter of finding the right tone/shade for you. I feel comfortable in red so that is a sure-fire sign of it be a good colour for me! And yes, you are right this is a just a small selection of the colours I felt most at home with.....I'm still taking baby steps but now that I'm armed with this information I certainly feel a lot more confident in my colour choices! Watch this space! ;o) xx

  3. It has to do wether youre a cold or a warm type and wich season type you are! Isnt it fascinating what colors can do for your face!