30 April 2017

holiday dressing!

With only a few weeks until the next half term when we jet off for a bit of sunshine I thought it was about time I put in some serious research as to what to add to the holiday box! I'm after a few easy pieces that will lift what I take away year-in, year-out! Let's face we hardly get the wear out of our high Summer stuff as we tend to only have a handful of occasions to need it with our British temps! After a quick flick through one of the glossy Sunday mags this morning I saw this gorgeous ad for Next and was inspired to take a look at what they had to offer. This resulted in a humongous order taking place!


23 April 2017

spring ~ summer baggage!

Gotta love a basket bag for Spring/Summer! They are my go-to accessory during the warmer months. Being neutral in colour there is nothing they don't go with,,,,which is handy for me as it means I don't have to keep switching bags all the time to fulfill my matchy-matchy tendencies!
Seagrass Tassel Tote Bag:
Hat Attack bag


19 April 2017

throwing some different shapes!

I can't believe I'm saying this.......but I have fallen out of love with my skinnies. Jeans are still my go-to item pretty much everyday and thankfully there are plenty of new shapes in my wardrobe that I'm getting my wear out of at the moment. Current favourites as follows.....


16 April 2017

dressing it up!

Just a quick post this Sunday morning.......Happy Easter everyone! If there is one area of my wardrobe that appears to be lacking, it's in need of a dress or two to throw on in this in-betweeny weather. I've been on the hunt for something I can just chuck on with my trainers and a biker or denim jacket. ASOS is always a great place to yield what I had in mind.....which was something of the midi variety! This brand, Fashion Union is new to me but as soon as I clapped eyes on this I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. Thank goodness for premier delivery, it arrived yesterday and was straight out of the packet......perfect to pop on as we headed out for an early evening family dinner!


14 April 2017

shade-y lady!

A lovely reader recently contacted me asking what my sunglasses preferences are (thank you Helen!). Perfect timing for a piece about my favourite sunnies I thought! Although I have a drawer full shades I always end up rotating the same two pairs. I am a sucker for classic shades and so they are both Rayban's. As sunglasses go....these are my signature styles! I never leave the house (read all year round!) without either one of these safely stowed in my bag. 


9 April 2017

bolstering the spring wardrobe with a few basics!

A few weeks back I blogged about the need to add a few pretty tops to my Spring wardrobe (see here) and I promised I'd be back with a few basics I felt were missing as well. I've made a couple of t-shirt purchases this week that I thought I would share.
Now then.  I know the Maison Labiche one's are all the rage at the moment (I adore this one, this one and this one). However, as they can be quite spendy I've found a few more purse-friendly options! This is the first of a a couple I have succumbed too :-/


5 April 2017

april showers!

For the past couple of Spring/Summers I've been on the lookout for a lightweight coat for those days when our glorious British weather isn't playing ball. Now that my daughter is getting older it's not so much about getting soaked on the school run (she can take herself there and back now) it's all about mum's taxi service and the fact I am most likely to be found on the standing on the sidelines cheering her on at the ever increasing amount of sports activities! I need something that does the job of keeping me warm and dry but still looks the part. These past few weeks I've been road-testing this gorgeous parka.


2 April 2017

a super styling treat!

A bit of a different post from me today. I invested in a bit of me time earlier and took myself off to Bristol Fashion Week at Mall, Cribbs Causeway. As well as putting on a fabulous fashion show you can also take advantage of a bit of pampering.......off I headed to get a bit of styling advice. Those of you that have been on this blogging journey with me for a while will know that I tend to steer clear of colour. However, recently I've been trying to get onboard with adding some much needed colour into my mainly neutral (read....monochrome!) wardrobe. I've introduced a few colourful accessories which has given me a taster......but that's left me craving a bit more. Trouble is that I lack confidence with colour as I'm not 100% sure about which shades suit me best and this is where Karen  (you will know her as @missionstyleuk.com) and The Image Consultancy Co came in. 
Emmeline, Anna & Karen