24 March 2017

red alert!

There are two things I'm having a moment with currently......red and ballet pumps! It all started with the Topshop red Kick ballet flats. They have already earned their pay-per-wear.....and then some! It's amazed me that introducing that smidgen of colour has lifted so many of my outfits recently.....and now it's given me the confidence to get a bit bolder thus bringing more colour into my wardrobe. The minute I clapped eyes on this red coat today, I knew immediately it would come home with me. I will just interject here that I would not have looked at this twice online......not keen on the way Zara have styled it.

It was love at first sight for me.....I went directly to the checkout after trying it on and left the store wearing it! It's not lined, so perfect weight for Spring. I bought the extra small as it's pretty roomy. Here's me basking in the late afternoon sun in it!

Zara coat, here
And Finally 'Metallica' tee, sold out alternative here
Zara jeans, past similar (customised by my own fair hand.....hacked off hems!)
Topshop Kick shoes, here
Village England bag, here

And so on to my other obsession. Ballet pumps. I have lived in the Topshop Kicks ever since I got them (I'm even considering buying a back-up pair). I've been in search of something similar but in a different colour. These fit the bill perfectly!

I adore the quirky shape of these! They are super soft leather and I found them true to size. They are absolute winners....prepare to see me wearing them non-stop! I'm already planning an outfit around them for tomorrow ;o)

Heads-up on another potential purchase (shoulda, woulda, coulda going on in my head!). There is a khaki shirt-shaped hole in my collection and this tencel one from Zara is lovely. I will be going back in the very near future for it! The one in the picture is a small, I'll be going for a medium as I found it was very neat!

Last but not least, I finally purchased the Matalan silver flatform Brogues in a bid to liven up some of my work outfits. I struggle with work wear and I thought these would breathe a bit of new life into some my usual combos. These make me smile....always make me think of Trinny. So good for £18!

So there are a few of the random things that are floating my boat this week! 

What I've been wearing these past couple of days.

Zara cardigan, past season alternative here
New Look shirt, here
Gap trousers, similar here
Office loafers, past season similar here
Longchamp bag, here

Topshop shackett, here
Mango jumpsuit, here
Topshop Kick shoes, here
Topshop camo tote, past season similar here

The weather is still pants so feel completely justified in buying a new coat.....though there is some sunshine promised for tomorrow. My brighter transitional wardrobe is shaping up nicely

A quick update on The Ordinary products I blogged about here. I will definitely be repeat buying the Lactic Acid 5% + HA 2%  I really rate that. The Ordinary Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate I will also re-purchase. The only product I found disappointing was The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors + HA I don't think using this makes a jot of difference. Before I buy anything else from the range I will be studying the their regimen guide thoroughly and going for products aimed at anti-aging. I've heard some good things about Superdrug's Naturally Radiant range so I'm currently trying their oil and serum.....I shall report back in due course.

Wishing everyone a fab weekend.....back soon!


  1. Love the shoes!



    1. There are just too many gorgeous shoes to buy at the moment! xx

  2. Love the coat, very tempted as I'm loving a bit of red in my wardrobe. I also have been trying The Ordinary products, so far I'm loving the Buffet, hyaluric Acid, ascorbyl serum and Vit C cream! Have to say I'm loving it all!

    1. It's such a lovely coat, I know it will be great for the coming weeks while the weather is still a bit iffy! Great for the Autumn transitional wardrobe too!
      I must admit with The Ordinary products I did get a bit swept up by the hype. I am definitely after the Buffet....and I do love trying out serums so I will be getting the Ascorbyl as well. Thank you so much for the recommendations xx

  3. Lovely coat - you're right that it doesn't look great on the website. That shirt caught my eye in Zara last week but unfortunately when I tried it on it just wasn't right for me.

    I've also bought some of the Ordinary stuff - I'd definitely rate the Buffet serum & the Hyluronic Acid, they've made a real difference to the look & feel of my skin. I'd recommend a Retinol one as well, that's on my list for when I've finished my current Retinol serum.

    1. Thank you! Zara is pretty hit and miss isn't it! I bought a few bits in the last month or so......bet I don't find anything in there for the rest of the season!

      The Ordinary Buffett is definitely on my hit list to get next, it seems to be everyone's favourite and I shall be trying Hyluronic Acid as well as the Retinol.....once there is some room in the bathroom cabinet! ;o) xx