12 March 2017

just love ~ chambers & beau

A few weeks back I got it into my head that I'd like to bring something a bit different to the blog. A little idea started to germinate and eventually I plucked up the courage to ask the lovely Amy from Chambers & Beau jewellery if I could pay her a visit to see her at work. I have a couple of really gorgeous pieces from Amy that I'm always being complimented on and as Mother's Day is looming I thought it would be great to share some of the beautiful, bespoke, personalized gifts you can find at Chambers & Beau. 
Previous to meeting up, Amy and I had only communicated a few times via messaging but I got that feeling we'd get along. Thankfully when I arrived at her studio, (I was a bag of nerves not helped by the 3 hour drive and a wrong turn!) we did indeed hit it off. I did warn her in advance that I can chat for England and she may need to chuck me out! See..... I wasn't wrong was I Amy? Anyway, here we are.....
I took the opportunity to ask Amy lots of questions......I meant to be all organised and write everything down but the conversation just flowed from the minute we met and so I'm just going to tell as it is! 
A brief bit about Amy who originally studied jewellery design at Uni in London When she graduated she worked with several High Street jewellery retail giants. When her kids came along she decided to strike out on her own giving her maximum flexibility being a hands on mum! So in 2008 Chambers & Beau was born. I was wondering how Amy came up with the name Chambers & Beau.....and I have to say I adore the fact that she choose it as it's a combination of the middle names of her son and daughter. 
Back to the brand. Every piece has been designed by Amy and are made up in her workshop. She does all the personalisation by hand so each piece is bespoke. You can choose your own message. My first piece was the hug (round charm) with the words *family is everything*. The star necklace which gets the most admiration is engraved with DMG.....David, Michelle, Gracie or Dad, Mum and Gracie I like to think! Now my version of the star isn't on the website but if you want to order exactly the same just give Amy a shout! And if for instance you fancy a different mix of charms when shopping online, do drop her a line. The piece I choose for Mother's Day has *Gracie* on one heart and *you & me = we* on the other. If you need any inspiration with the wording Amy has a dedicated Pinterest board (here) with lots of fab little sayings to choose from. 
I got to see a few pieces in production....for once I was actually armed with my phone ready to take some pictures! So let me show you how the magic happens!
Tools of the trade!
A steady hand is required!

Technical gadgets!

My favourite....the pickle pot!

Here are the beginnings of my personalised piece.

The finished article....sitting beautifully layered with my beloved star!

Lights! Camera! Action!

Here's a little selection of jewellery from Chambers & Beau latest collection Just Love (here). Many-a-stunning piece making it quite hard to choose from.......

Has anything stolen your heart? Any piece you would love to receive on Mothering Sunday? Maybe you have a little wish-list brewing for another special occasion! Which is your favourite piece....I'm all ears!

I will leave you with a couple of outfits as always!

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Don't forget to check out Chambers & Beau new collection *Just Love* for Mother's day gift ideas here!

Until next time :0)


  1. Lovely necklace & words Michelle. Great to meet the maker & congrats on being brave and doing that 3 hour drive to bring us this post!

    1. It's a beautiful piece isn't it Bean! It was so lovely to meet Amy....she is definitely a girl after our own hearts! It was well worth the arduous journey to meet her at last! xx

  2. Wow, I didn't realise it was a three hour trip but well done you for making the effort. I would have done it as well as I find this kind of thing fascinating to see the craftsmanship behind something. And it's so personal as well, I just saw on Stories that Amy went in over the weekend to make sure some "emotional" pieces were finished off for customers who needed them - you don't always get that service with a big company. Lovely post Michelle. x