16 March 2017

duster love

Not of the housework variety I might add! 😄. This look has been on my radar for a while....I've stowed the inspiration on my Pinterest board Style Notes waiting for the Spring to come around in the hope of being able to find the right kind of coat to replicate these. Love the dressed down styling....such an easy piece to wear over jeans.

After a quick browse in River Island (I literally had 2 minutes whilst the hubby was doing his thing!) I found just the one!

It looks better in real life.....

You can see why it stopped me in my tracks....exactly what I'd been looking for!

I'd keep the styling pretty simple.....starting with a grey tee just like the first photo. I find a v-neck more flattering and versatile for me!

I have to say for me, Gap have the best selection of jeans on the High Street at the moment.

How about these gorgeous sandals to elevate the look. I can't take the credit for finding these beauties....it was the work to my lovely friend Sue as per usual! 😉 They have a definite whiff of Marant about them!

Completing the outfit.......wouldn't this little M&S bag pack a little punch to top off this ensemble?!

You could easily dress this down for the school run/mum taxi service by wearing with ballet flats or loafers. But wouldn't it be fab over a LBD for summer evenings! Mmm! Food for thought......lots of possibilities so I shall be hot-footing it back to River Island tomorrow to nab one!

One or two outfits to share as per usual!

Wrap London sweater, here
Gap trousers, past season similar here 
New Look pumps, here
Topshop tote, past season alternative here
Chambers & Beau necklaces, here 

Zara jacket, past season alternative here
New Look shirt, here
ASOS dungarees, here
Topshop pumps, here Back in stock again!! 😉
Village England Hempstead bag, here

We've had a little taster of lovely weather this week so I'm hoping that Spring really is on the way and it won't be long before I can wear such an outfit!

How is your Spring wardrobe shaping up....always on the lookout for inspiration here!

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