10 March 2017

a statement jacket......and some dress success!

Since Spring appears to be with us at last (please tell me this is not just a fleeting visit!) it's time to shed the coats. Yay! I am welcoming jacket season with open arms. Every year I seem to end up with a statement jacket of sorts. Remember the rather iconic Zara floral quilted jacket from a few years back? That still gets lots of lovely compliments. Last year it was the turn of the Stradivarius satin reversible bomber. This year it's all about the lady-like tweed jacket

It's a bit of a show-stopper isn't it?! Zara is always excellent stomping ground for this sort of thing. This is the perfect piece to dress up or down, I'm more likely to be seen sporting this with jeans and pumps but I think the wardrobe opportunities will be endless with this one.

Zara jacket, here
Zara tee, past season similar here
Love.Wear.Live jeans, here
Topshop shoes, here
Chambers & Beau necklace, here
Bella Jane bracelets, here

I should just point out that I bought a Medium.....it's a very neat fit! Just in case you are wondering the hardware is a pale gold colour. I've made two other jacket purchases this season, a black denim jacket and khaki shackett so this style is the complete juxtaposition which is why I love it all the more! Care to share if have you made any jacket purchases in readiness for the (slightly) warmer temps?

As luck would have it, whilst perusing the Zara website with a purpose I actually stumbled exactly what I was looking for. You may recall that on my last post that I mentioned I was in need of a dress for a special occasion. I thought this may be a bit of an arduous task but Zara turned out to be the best place to start. If I'm buying a dress I really need one that is going to work really hard for me, something I'm going to be sure to get my wear out of. Otherwise I end up just turning to something tried and tested, retrieved from the depths of my wardrobe. When I saw this dress I just knew it was the one. It feels great on, (very swishy......I only wish it had pockets!) and it'll be perfect for some up- and-coming events over the next few months. For the party I'm going to wear it with a biker jacket and some killer caged sandals. To dress it down there are so many footwear options.....for starters I'm thinking white Converse or flat strappy tan sandals. The red Topshop Kicks will look ace with it as will my ancient black studded KG Kads, not to mention the H&M gold pointy flats that I succumbed to this week (blogged about here). You can see why this is going to work so well for me! 

Zara dress, here
H&M pumps, here
Chambers & Beau necklace, here
Bella Jane bracelets, here

It's a winner! Be warned though....it does need a cami for modesty purposes, the top wraps over and fastens with a tie belt. I shall also be wearing a short black slip under it too as it's quite sheer (my slip is one that I've customised from Matalan). This dress is a size small. 

So, it's been a very eventful, successful shopping week!

Just yesterday's outfit left to share.

New Look top, here
Zara trousers, past season alternative here
Urban Outfitters shoes, past season alternative here

The new jacket is getting it's first airing today as I'm off on an exciting little road trip to do some research.......I'll fill you in on the next blog post. ;0)

Until next time! 



  1. I absolutely adore it Michelle!!! Looks fab on you as does the New Look blouse.

    1. Aww thanks so much Annmarie! Thought you might like the jacket ;o) The New Look blouse is a winner isn't it! xx

  2. Can I ask where you got your cami from please? I've been looking for one with a frill as mine are all plain. Thanks.

    1. Hi Lorri, the cami is an old one from M&S but they still do something very similar xx

  3. That Zara jacket is a winner. I went and ordered mine online as soon as I saw yours. Thank you for sharing the details and sizing.

    1. Ahh brilliant! It's too good to miss is this jacket! You are welcome....it is handy to know the finer details isn't it! xx