2 February 2017

new season......new look!

For the first time in ages I bought a magazine.....that resulted in a couple of purchases! So thank you Grazia for the inspiration! I've had a 25% off new season voucher from New Look burning a hole in my pocket since December and so when I saw this dress in this weeks edition I didn't hesitate to click the button! I'm thinking I'll dress it down with my trusty Converse or new Stan's come Spring....but that it would also be handy if an occasion that arose to go somewhere smarter than usual! It reminds of a Warehouse one from last year that I returned and have been kicking myself for ever since. I think it will be fab be with these pointy flats I blogged about here.

Second up is another dress. Only this one I intend to wear now. With opaques and boots, I am so ready for some options to get me out of jeans! It will need a layer underneath and over it but I have plenty of stuff in my wardrobe that will work with this little number!

New Look denim dress, also comes in blue

I have to say there are many things catching my eye in New Look at the moment. Their new season stuff is looking pretty good! This has been on my radar for a couple of weeks.

This would be a useful transitional top to see us through to some warmer temperatures! Great if like me you've succumbed to the dungarees recently!

This classic trench looks fab for the price point!

I find the shoe department in New Look is always worth a good snoop around! Look what I uncovered! These are so much like my Urban Outfitters pumps that I often get complimented and asked about....that are now sold out. Another superb footwear option to go with the dresses above!

That's just a little taster of things I am loving from New Look at the moment! I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my dresses.....I shall update you once received and tried on!

Just the one outfit to share....a view from the top!

H&M coat, a steal in the dregs of the sale
Uniqlo Merino sweater, here
ASOS dungarees, here
Pavement boots via hi*hi store, website here
Balenciaga bag, ancient similar here

Grazia is only a £1 for this week's issue.....and as if you need another reason for buying Grazia there is also a voucher for 40% off Gap. 

I'm off to London for the day.......and my flexible friend is positively quivering! 

Report back soon on any purchases made! ;0)



  1. Love the denim dress, thanks for the tip off! I wore my metallic boots this week and felt great! Enjoy London and look forward to seeing the purchases x

    1. Hi Vicky! The denim dress is fab isn't it! It will look superb with your metallic boots! ;0) Had a fab time in London....got to catch up with my lovely mate @susiesoso. Lots of talking about fashion but not a lot of purchasing done.....too busy having a good time! Hey-ho thoroughly enjoyed myself and spared my flexible friend! xx

  2. Love the coat!
    Can you please confirm
    if link below is the same coat?


    1. Yes Elle....that's the same coat! And! I bought a size 14....I'm normally a size 10, I like stuff a little oversized though xx

  3. It looks extremely fashionable! I like the coat! it is very fashionable.
    Can you, please, make a post of some official trends in clothes. I want to buy some outfit for working at Handmadewritings
    Thank you!