13 January 2017

well i never!

January. I don't know what to make of it. I'm doing a dry one.....it's been a sobering experience in many ways. Good ways. There haven't been any squiffy shopping moments made at the altar that is thy laptop. There hasn't been a lot of panic sales purchasing.....I swerved the FOMO and thankfully no mistakes have been made yet. I stuck with my sale strategy and purchased 2 new pairs of Levi's 501 CT's in blue and black, along with some box fresh Adidas Original Stan Smith's (I went with green trim this time) and lest not forget the wild card.... Miss KG Senta metallic boots.....all items easing me perfectly into Spring (whenever that may appear!). I made one new season full price purchase......I urged you here to grab this Topshop shackett while you can.....naturally I made one mine!

A quick recap!
Levi's 501 CT blue
Topshop shackett
Levi's 501 CT black
Miss KG Senta metallic boots Now down to £39!
Adidas Original Stan Smith's

I sat on my laurels then. I didn't go near any shops or doing any online shopping for 2 weeks. As you do. You see, I felt a bit 'stuffocated'. I was suffering from having too much stuff. The cure was an almighty clear-out. I spent time getting my house in order. Now I can see the wood for the trees again. As I've had some time to ponder, I'm now ready to put together my Spring plan of action. It's nothing ground-breaking. In truth I need nothing.....but I'm craving a few pieces that will breathe a bit of life into my wardrobe......giving some of my favourite things a lift. This is where the 'well I never' comes in. Having completely let this trend pass me by a couple of years back I've now fallen head over heels for.......dungarees! I've seen lots of my favourite bloggers sporting them but this time I am going to have to point the inspiration finger at the lovely oneoutonein on Instagram. Nikki has a way of making dungarees look like a wardrobe classic.....and so now I'm sold on them. I never expected to like them on me but I have fallen for them big time! They totally suit my very casual lifestyle and I look forward to stylin' them! I am already dreaming up lots of tops and shoe combo's with them.

I couldn't think of a better way to Christen them than an alternative date night outfit. We are only popping to Cafe Rouge for some tea as the DD is at a friends for a few hours. Any excuse to make a bit of an effort! ;0)

Marks & Spencer shoes, sold out online
Chanel bag, ancient 

Leading me nicely into another purchase.....M&S leopard print Mary Jane's. You can probably see the Topshop red Mary Jane's over in my sidebar. They've been taunting me for a couple of weeks now. However, I have not caved. As beautiful as they are just not particularly conducive to my lifestyle. The are a bit too on the dressy side for me. Never fear though as I think the M&S ones are a perfect alternative....leopard print is a neutral dontcha know! ;0) Any they were a savvy sale purchase at £10.99. None left online but plenty instore!

It's been a good long while since I blogged last.......so I won't bore you with two weeks worth of outfits! I'm just going to share a few of my favourites from the last fourteen days.....

M&S coat, sold out similar here
Uniqlo cashmere sweater, sold out alternative here
Topshop Jamie jeans, here
Converse hi-tops, here
Balenciaga bag, similar here
H&M hat, similar here
Urban Outfitters scarf, here

Topshop coat, past season similar here
M&S cashmere sweater, here
Zara jeans, past season alternative here
Topshop boots, here
Anya Hindmarch Gracie bag, past season similar here
Warehouse scarf, similar here

Twist & Tango sweater via hi*hi store, website here
M&S lace cami, ancient alternative here
Levi's 501 CT, here
Urban Outfitters pumps, sold out similar here

Donna Ida 'Winter' sweater, past season sold out
Zara faux leather skirt, past season alternative here
Miss KG Senta boots, here now down to £39!

Zara cardigan, here reduced!
H&M Breton, similar here
H&M jeans, similar here
Nike Blazer hi tops, here

Do you think I have completely lost my marbles with the purchase of the dungarees or do you view them as a modern wardrobe staple these days? What's on your Spring shopping wardrobe reviving wish list? I would love to hear!

Back again soon.....one mojo refreshed and on a Spring roll!



  1. i always think dungarees look great on others but think I'll look ridiculous! Might just try some on next time I'm in a shop. Have spent the sales buying up knitwear, looking out for summer midi dresses but not finding anything quite right and my final purchase is a jacket from French connection that I spotted in the autumn, loved but couldn't justify the £250 price tag, I've just got it for £75. Fingers crossed it lives up to my expectations. I've started to pin things to a SS17 Pinterest board, there are a couple of frilled blouses that have caught my eye. More and more I'm thinking that I need to trim back my wardrobe and aim for a more capsule approach but not sure I have the nerve! Look forward to your next post x

    1. Give them a go Vicky! I was so surprised as not only do they look better on me than I imagined but they also go with so many things in my wardrobe! It's funny isn't it, you've gone for knitwear but I haven't bought a single top. Mind you, that's where the dungaree's will be breathing a bit of new life into my wardrobe. I may well join you on the frill blouse front though....a trend I've only dipped my toe in but it looks as though it is here to stay.
      I am definitely trying to pare back my wardrobe, there is no chance of my ever having a capsule wardrobe but I still like to try and stick to the one out, one in approach when making new purchases.
      Hat's off to your French Connection bargain...what a fab reduction, I do hope it lives up to expectations! xx

    2. Sadly the FC jacket was a real disappointment, the fit was nice but the material v.odd and v stiff! I also ordered a pair of v lightweight black utility / cargo trews made from tencel so feel like silk. They are great and I'm happy to end my sales purchases there and look to the new season.
      I suspect the best I will manage is a one in one out policy. I cleared out a few things today in that spirit!

      Look forward to following your new season buys.


    3. Oh no! Dont you hate it when that happens....all not lost though as the trews sound lush!
      I'm just starting to get excited about new stuff....lots of ideas for new posts to keep you up-to-date! :0) xx

  2. I have just bought dungarees. I bought a cheap pair from boohoo after seeing my lovely friend in them. She looked fab and we are the same age so I decided to get some. Well now I have two pairs. One skinny pair of black and one boyfriend black. Actually make that three as I bought a pair of blue denim Ines too. But am yet to wear them. I love them. It was seeing them on someone in real life. Rather than a blog that made me buy them. I love them. You look amazing (as always) in them. I have about half a million photos screen shots of all your gorgeous outfits for inspiration. Ok so now I sound like a stalker. Lol. Time to go. Looking fab honey xx

    1. Mwah Lorraine! You have made my day with your lovely comment....thank you so much! Do I need to get some skinny dungarees too?! This is all unknown territory to me! :-) I can see myself getting so much wear out of these though....I had no idea how much they would go with in my wardrobe! I can't wait to wear them again.....they have renewed my enthusiasm for my wardrobe and made me feel a bit more adventurous!! I hope to live up to expectations inspiration wise! ;-) xx

  3. Hi Michelle, some super buys here. Can I ask about the miss KG boots - I really fancy them but see they are not leather- how comfortable are they for long distances? Many thanks in advance, Hx

    1. Thanks you so much! Do you know, I wish I had some photographic evidence as I did wear the boots on New Year's Eve but once the Prosecco started flowing I forgot to get a photo. I wore them all evening and boogied the night away in them! As we were in someones home I could have taken them off but they were comfy so I didn't even realise I had them on! Hope that helps your decision! xx p.s I can't believe I didn't even realise they weren't even leather :0/ Considering they were £110 full price I assumed they were the real deal.....gulp! xx

  4. Thanks so much for this Michelle, I might bit the bullet after this excellent recommendation. You are a real star! Happy new year to you and your lovely daughter. Hx