29 January 2017

dressing down is the new dressing up!

I love the chance to get really dressed up as much as the next fashionista......however the opportunities are few and far between these days! Proper big nights out seem to a thing of the past in this household, it's so rare for me to have an occasion to don a frock. We mostly go around to friends....or they come to us. Otherwise it's an evening in the local, a nice Sunday roast somewhere or an early evening dinner with our 10 year old DD in tow. Is this sounding familiar to you ladies? I still like to make an effort but the places we go tend to be a lot more casual, hence my natty blog post title......dressing down is the new dressing up! 
My ASOS dungarees have been a revelation as they have become my go-to evening wear fare! I have in fact also worn them today for a long leisurely Sunday lunch in one of our favourite places. Who would have guessed that what are essentially overall's (yup....I am getting those comments from the DH!) would land up being so versatile and the most worn item in my wardrobe at the moment! They are just so versatile as they go with so many of the tops in my wardrobe. They really have breathed new life into some of my old favourites. Today I've paired them up with a old silk spotty shirt from Uniqlo. This is a fab alternative from Mango. 

It's hard to spot the spot in this photo but I hope you get the gist!

Uniqlo shirt, past season
M&S shoes past season, alternative here

This spotty tie-neck would work well under dungarees too.

If I didn't have this gingham tie-neck shirt (below) from M&S I would definitely be considering the above Warehouse one.

M&S shirt, past season
M&S shoes past season, alternative here

The gingham does look great under the dungers......this frilled one is very pretty!

You may recall this outfit from last Sunday when I went to a friends for lunch.

M&S top, past season alternative here
ASOS dungarees, here
M&S shoes, sold out similar here

Again this M&S top has been in my wardrobe for a while so it's no longer available but this Urban Outfitters one is oh-so similar!

And of course I couldn't leave out my bargain Zara blouse which looks fab with the New Look leopard print Mary Jane's I bought recently.

Zara top, past season

I suspect the Zara blouse is long gone but there are a plethora of gorgeous ones to be found on the High Street.....kicking off with this one from H&M which I think rivals the Insta-famous Monsoon one but it's practically half the price!

Right....that's enough of me waxing lyrical about the dungarees today. I think I'm going to do another post like this with slightly dressier options....I never did get a photo of what I wore on New Year's Eve when I did actually wear a dress! If there is any other occasions you would like me to cover (it may mean unearthing some gems from the darkest depths of my wardrobe) then do give me a shout.

The rest of the weekend outfits!

M&S coat, sold out alternative here
Uniqlo Merino sweater, here
Zara jeans, past season alternative here
Topshop boots, here
Urban Outfitters scarf, here
Lulu Guinness bag, past season alternative here

Topshop sweatshirt, past season similar here
H&M Joggers, here
Converse, here

I would love to know what you wear of a night out if your lifestyle sounds a bit like mine! Please do share.....it's always good to hear what other options that may be lurking in my wardrobe that I am possibly overlooking!



  1. Ooh I think you may have convinced me to give dungarees a go, they look utterly fabulous! I love a jumpsuit in the summer and desperately wanted a winter equivalent and I think these may be the answer. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. I say go for the dungarees Louise....they'd make such a great alternative to a jumpsuit (though I have also been eyeing up jumpsuits!). I have finally prized myself out of my skinny jeans comfort-zone.....it's so good to have other options! Thank you for the lovely comment xx

    2. I love to dress down, not that I don't love the occasion to dress up too (I love the opportunity to get dressed up for a wedding for example), but if I dress up for a night at the pub I always feel a little over dressed and have done ever since I moved to London many years ago. It doesn't mean I make any less effort, it's just a different look that I love putting together and when you have a couple of fail safe outfits (a favourite Jumpsuit, some leather leggings etc) it makes it all the easier to throw together a stylish look for that impromptu night out!!
      Sophie x


    3. It is so much easier to dress down isn't it! For me it means a lot of the things in my wardrobe are dual-purpose. When I was younger I used to spend all my money on the going out clothes for weekends......when you never wanted to be seen in the same thing twice. These days it's all about buying clothes that are versatile and that will see me through multiple occasions. How times have changed! Though I'm a lot happier with my wardrobe these days, confidence has definitely come with age for me! xx