27 January 2017

an injection of red!

My wardrobe is begging for some colour. There is no doubt about it. When I look at my Pinterest board of things I've bought recently, it is most definitely crying out for something to brighten things up. I've flirted with the idea of pink but I'm now coming around to the idea of more red instead. Red goes with so much more of what is currently residing in my wardrobe.....camel, leopard print, khaki, not to mention the obvious navy, white, grey and black. It's infinitely more versatile than any other I can think of for me. When I bought the black ASOS dungarees a couple of weeks back I started trawling the net to try and find a Merino sweater that would work under them. After much research I finally took the plunge and ordered this.

I love the classic style of this sweater. I am constantly pushing my sleeves up so the 3/4 sleeve is perfect. The pocket detail is cute too and it's the perfect knit to wear under the dungarees without adding too much bulk. As you can see here.......

Adidas Original Stan Smiths, no longer available alternative here

I've also introduced some new red shoes to my ever-growing footwear collection. I scored a real sale bargain in good old M&S a couple of weeks back by snapping these suede beauties for £14.99. These will be just the thing to liven up a few more outfits. They are long gone from the M&S website but you might get lucky instore.

If you aren't lucky enough to nab the M&S ones these are a fab alternative and just happen to be another brilliant bargain too! They have a whiff of the Valentino Rock Studs about them don't you think?!

I already have some red suede Converse.....however if I didn't have a red trainer in my arsenal I'd be sorely tempted by these Superga.

I'm much more in my colour comfort zone with a splash of red and although it's probably gone past the time for buying woolly scarves I figure it is still going to be chilly for the next few weeks so it's totally worth purchasing this one for the £6 price tag! Shooting off into town this morning hoping to pick up in Urban Outfitters as I love this blue camo mix one I purchased in the sale before Christmas.

Last but not least! I've added a new red lipstick to my make-up bag! It's a darker red than I normally wear but I'm a huge fan of these Revlon balm's! This shade is my new favourite. I tend to blot the colour a bit so it's not quite so intense.

I'm not sure that red is set to be the *IT* colour for Spring but I am just happy doing baby-steps to get a bit more colour in amongst all the neutrals hanging in my closet! What colour are you adding to your wardrobe to give it a lift for the new season?

A touch more red in yesterday's outfit......

Zara coat, past season, alternative here
H&M trousers, past season similar here
Converse, no longer available alternative here
Primark scarf, past season
Izipizi sunglasses, here

I'll be back in a couple of days......I've been giving some thought to what I wear for my new *staying in is the new going out* lifestyle! That's the dry January effect for you!



  1. Pink, and red, and blue, and green, and....

  2. I'm hoping that the injection of red is going to make me a lot braver! :0)

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