15 December 2016

my christmas day ensemble!

I finally have a bit of time on my hands to think about to wear on Christmas day. It's all about food, drink and lounging my MIL's house this year. I've had an outfit in my head.....a couple of new additions along some shoes and accessories I already have. Let's hope this works out! I don't do Christmas sweaters so here's my take on the next best thing.

After seeing these jeans on Instagram I've had a yearning to try them. I think the fringed hem makes them just a little more dressy than the rest of my jeans. They will also be perfect for New Year's Eve ;0)  They just need a pair of heels like these (which I'm hoping will go in the sale!). 

Onto footwear for the big day. Something comfy but a little bit pretty! I picked up a little pair of pumps from New Look a while ago. These flat satin ballet style shoes are almost like slippers so they are brilliant for wearing around the house whilst still looking stylish. They are now going for an absolute song at just £7.99!

All that's needed to jazz this up is a bit of leopard print!

A bit of statement bling......

.....and something sparkly!

That's me sorted.....what are you wearing on Christmas day?

I've been very slack on the blogging front so there are a few outfits to share. I'm not feeling the love for my clothes at them moment.....hopefully this is just a temporary loss of mojo! The first outfit worked so well in my head but I just didn't feel good in it at all. I think this happens to us all!

Muubaa biker jacket, past season similar here
Damart faux fur gilet, past season alternative here
Gap Merino v neck sweater, past season, alternative here
H&M lace insert cami, sold out alternative here
Missguided dress, past season, alternative here
Topshop boots, here

Sometimes the quality of the photo puts me off posting....see below!

Zara sweater, past season alternative here
H&M faux leather leggings, past season alternative here
Converse, here

M&S Limited Edition coat, here
M&S Autograph cashmere sweater, here 
Zara jeans, past season alternative here
Topshop boots, here
Next bag, here
H&M snood, past season similar here

Zara boucle coat, here
J Crew Tippi sweater, here
M&S trousers, here
Urban Outfitters boots, past season alternative here
Longchamp bag, here
H&M snood, past season similar here

Topshop coat, past season alternative here
Mango top, past season alternative here
Gap skinny trousers, ancient alternative here
Jaeger quilted pumps, ancient alternative here
Mulberry Dorset tote, past season High Street alternative here
Chambers & Beau necklace here

Zara coat, past season alternative here
Gap sweater, past season similar here
Primark star shirt, available instore now
M&S trousers, here
Nike Blazers, past season similar here
Mulberry Dorset tote, past season High Street alternative here
Chambers & Beau necklace here

We are staggering along to the end of term now.....just one more day to go then we are all off until the New Year. I love this time to catch up with family and friends.....Christmas really starts this weekend for us as we are off to a family gathering so I need to start pondering and packing my outfits for that! 

I'll be back in a couple of days......I think it's about time I started perusing the sales! ;0)


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