6 November 2016

what's on my radar this week!

It's been a very quiet week on the purchase front at myfashionable40's. I'd like to say I've filled my boots as far as the A/W purchases are concerned....however, the second I put that out there I'm bound to be tempted by a plethora of gorgeous things. I have spotted a couple of items of interest but I've not been tempted to take the plunge as yet. But as always I'm happy to share what's on my radar!

I've never been what you'd call a regular shopper at Dorothy Perkins but as I've had a couple of triumphs there recently so I've been checking out my local branches more regularly. Whilst I was whizzing through the Bristol store the other day I spotted this, with 25% of of it at the moment it is making it hard to resist....and as you can see I'm still addicted to stars!

You may recall from this post here that I was in the market for a faux fur coat. I wasn't happy with the collar on the Zara one I blogged about and the ASOS one I had high hopes for didn't work out. However whilst looking for a skirt for work (see here) I had a right old result in DP's again! I picked up this gem for just 15 quid! 

Dorothy Perkins faux fur coat

Unfortunately I can't link as it's sold out but here's another bargain on the High Street I've stumbled across, from Matalan. I had big plans for my coats first airing as we had planned to do Bonfire night in style. I had even dreamed up my outfit! However, I hadn't factored in a girly trip with a friend and our daughters to Bicester Village for the day on Saturday and alas, by the time we got home we were too late and too pooped to catch a firework display. This though, is how I saw my Guy Fawkes celebrations outfit shaping up!

I was working on the basis that I have similar versions of these pieces in my wardrobe. The Topshop hybrid blouse/sweater is an absolute winner for the kind of Winter evenings we enjoy out so I will be researching that as a potential Christmas *do* purchase! It's probably just as well we didn't make it home in time to go out as in hindsight this outfit just would not have cut it! The temps have plummeted so Uggs, thermals and many layers would have been far more appropriate.

You may be surprised to learn that I came home empty handed from my trip to Bicester Village, for myself that is. However I did surprisingly well with the Christmas gifts shopping list. I found some pretty good luxury but frugal products to make up some lovely little presents for my friends that I will share with you shortly! I always think the best ideas are the things I've been given that I love are the greatest inspiration.

And so it's on to my usual show and tell as to what I've been wearing these past few days...

Muubaa leather jacket via ASOS, past season alternative here
Gap Merino v-neck sweater, past season similar here
H&M suit joggers, here
Adidas Stan Smith's, here
Primark scarf
Royal British Legion poppy, here

Uniqlo Merino sweater, here
J Crew denim shirt, similar here
H&M joggers, similar here
Adidas Stan Smith's, here

M&S Limited Edition coat, here
Jaeger sweater, past season alternative here
Zara biker jeans, past season alternative here
Next pixie boots, here
Balenciaga bag, similar here
Royal British Legion poppy, here

Topshop parka, past season similar here
H&M down coat, here
Donna Ida sweater, here
Topshop Jamie jeans, here
Ugg boots, here
H&M hat, similar here
H&M snood, similar here
Royal British Legion poppy, here

That's all from me for this week! I'm off to compile that frugal gift list.

Wishing everyone a great start to the week :o)

Back soon!


  1. It really is freezing all of a sudden, isn't it? I have no idea where all my thermals are since we moved, but I'm going to have to hunt them down asap!!

    Love that DP shirt. Have you caved yet? ;) xx

    1. It is sooo cold isn't Becky! It feels like it's gone from one extreme to another!

      There is an upside and a downside to working, the downside is that there is less time to shop but the upside is that I'm saving money because I'm not shopping as much! I'm sure the next time I'm passing DP's the shirt will end up being bagged though! ;o) xx

  2. Anonymous8/11/16 11:21

    Hi Michelle, love your DP fur jacket, what a bargain! Can I ask how you got on with the grey over-sized blazer from Zara that you featured a couple of blogs ago? I'm very tempted to purchase but have been unable to find in-store, only online….thanks x

    1. Thank you! Tis a great feeling getting such an amazing bargain isn't it!
      I ordered the small in the Zara blazer and I think the sizing is spot on as I can easily fit a sweater underneath it which is how I'd plan on wearing it at the moment. I would go for your usual size. It's a beautiful jacket but it is unlined and I'm just trying to weigh up how much wear I'd get out of it....especially now considering how cold it's gotten....I think the DP fur coat will end up being an absolute winner! xx