9 October 2016

my everyday style

Following on from my last post (here) on my work style, I've been having a good look at what my everyday style tends to consist of. I actually keep a track of all my purchases here on Pinterest I've found this a really good way of seeing what I've got at a glance......and work out what I may need or what I absolutely don't need to purchase any more of (jeans and trousers....I've made 8 purchases already!!). Anyway, in checking out my A/W16 acquisitions board it gives me an idea of how my A/W16 style is shaping up! What would be really useful is to have another Pinterest board with what's in my existing wardrobe that I dig out year after year. I am toying with a Marie Kondo-style wardrobe detox where I take every item out of my wardrobe, photograph it and keep an online scrapbook.....but that could prove to a mammoth task....time will tell as to whether that idea ever materialises! If you have any ideas on that front I am all ears!! It would be so useful to have a visual aid to shop the whole of my wardrobe!
What I have done though is create a new Pinterest board of looks that I can actually replicate from items I already have in my wardrobe (along with the odd thing that's now on my wish list!). I'll just share a few of these looks with you....I should imagine we all have similar items but if you are anything like me they tend to get overlooked in favour of our newer purchases! Here are a few of my favourites.....the rest of the looks that I'm going to keep adding to you can find here.

All images via Pinterest

The last look could inspire a purchase or two! One of the things of my wish list is a tweedy oversize blazer and I'm rather taken with this offering from Mango.

A while ago I blogged about this M&S lace skirt....but I couldn't bring myself to part with £45 for an item I might not wear that much. However....I've now spied this much more reasonable version so this could well find it's way into my wardrobe.

Over the next few weeks it is my intention to try out some of the looks on my *Shop my wardrobe A/W16* board* I'll be keeping you posted!

Meanwhile....what I've been wearing the past few days. It's certainly getting colder so the sweaters and coats are beginning to appear.....

Mango blazer, past season similar here
H&M Black Sabbath t-shirt, here
Topshop Jamie jeans, here
Converse, here

Muubaa leather jacket via ASOS, past season similar here
Missguided maxi dress, past season alternative here
Converse, here
Lulu Guiness bag, past season alternative here

Marks & Spencer Limited Edition coat, here
Marks & Spencer Autograph sweater, here
Zara biker jeans, past season similar here
Urban Outfitters ballet pumps, sold out alternative here

Zara coat, ancient alternative here
M&S Limited Edition blouse, past season alternative here
Topshop Jamie jeans, here
New Look shoes, past season alternative here
Mango bag, past season similar here

New Look jacket, here
Hush t-shirt, past season alternative here
H&M trousers, here
Converse, here
Anya Hindmarch bag, past season similar here

What's your everyday/off duty style? Do you stick to the classics or are do you like to dip your toe in some of the trends to give your classics a bit of a lift? I would love to hear!

Be back again soon!


  1. What a super useful blog post - thank you! Have been creating a Pinterest board of my A/W wish list and hadn't thought about doing one of my purchases - now seems obvious! Will get that set up alongside a " my style" board, in the hope that it will make me focus on what I have and not what I want! I'm realising that I've been a bit of a jacket phobic partly because I think in the past I have found it hard to find the right fit and occasion to wear one. Now they seem like a no brainer when it comes to layering and transition. Have a good week, Vicky x

    1. That's brilliant Vicky....so glad you've found this useful! I started doing a *what I've purchased* last A/W so I could use that as a starting block for a *whole of my wardrobe* board.....your comment has given me that idea.....so thank you! It is a superb way of knowing what you've got and what holes may need filling!
      Wishing you a lovely week too! xx

  2. I always use Polyvore - so everything I buy I clip to Polyvore and have similar things in there for anything I bought prior to using the app. It's great for shopping your wardrobe, creating seasonal capsules and outfits, otherwise I would totally forget what is lurking in my storage.

    1. I use Shopstyle....I think sounds very similar to Polyvore! It is such a useful tool if you want to narrow down a search for a specific item....as well as being excellent for that all important help with shopping your wardrobe! Brilliant tip Sandra....thank you! xx

  3. Hi Michelle I am new to Pinterest but I have also started a what I purchased board after I saw yours, what a great idea! I have seen from your previous blogs that you buy quite a few things from ebay I am also new to ebay (always late to the party!) and although I have sold quite a few things I haven't actually bought off their, any tips or advice appreciated! Thanks

    1. The Pin boards are so good for keeping your purchases in an orderly fashion aren't they!
      It's been awhile since I've had a good trawl on eBay but I have been looking for a tweedy, oversized blazer. What I tend to do is narrow my search down to brands that I like and use key words (e.g tweed, grey, oversize, boyfriend) for what I'm searching for. As for actually bidding I hold my nerve until the last few seconds before placing a bid and if you already sell you already know how important it is to checkout someone's feedback! Hope that helps! xx

  4. Michelle you need the Stylebook app. Does just what you describe in terms of photographing your wardrobe, putting together outfits, and I believe it also helps you calculate cost per wear for different items. I haven't taken the plunge yet because I can't quite face the job of photographing all my clothes, but I will at some point because I'm so terrible at forgetting what I've got, so loads of things I like stay buried in the back of the wardrobe instead of getting worn!

    1. Oh my Claire! I am off to investigate this app.....it sounds just what I am looking for! What a brilliant idea! Thank you for the heads up! xx

  5. Whatever did we do before Pinterest??! I love that lace skirt look, can't wait to see how you recreate it! xx