22 October 2016

it's all about the layers!

Hello....yes it's me again.......3 days on the spin! I'm finding it much more manageable doing blog posts in bite-size chunks so this could be the way things go! We'll see!

Anyway onto the business of the day. It is without doubt getting colder by the day....it's a bit of shock to the old system though isn't it?! Definitely time to be layering up, especially if you are like me and are still looking to get some wear out of your favourite transitional bits! This brilliant post here by the lovely Fashion Craver inspired today's look. I love the way Emma mixes up her textures and seeing how she gets maximum usage out of her leather and denim jackets by wearing them under coats got me thinking. I have an ancient Levi's denim jacket that I can't bear to part with but that has been languishing in the back of the wardrobe for a long while. The cuffs and collar are hanging off but it is still wearable and today it proved to be a fab extra layer today. I may yet (as per Emma's recommendation) take the scissors to it and snip off the arms off completely, making it a waistcoat. Luckily the Topshop coat I've got on below is cocoon shaped and could easily accommodate the jacket without adding too much bulk, meaning I could get another wear out of my Metallica tee!

It adds a great bit of interest to this outfit with the denim jacket peeking out I think.....and I was glad of the extra layer this morning!

Topshop coat, past season fab alternative here from Dorothy Perkins with 24% off at the moment
And Finally via Topshop Metallica t-shirt, sold out alternative here
Levis vintage jacket, similar here
H&M jeans, past season alternative here
Next pixie boots, here
Balenciaga bag, ancient similar here
The Royal British Legion poppy, here

As it was decidedly chillier this morning I thought it's be a good time to invest in one of these for wearing under coats in the coming months.

Not terribly glamorous I know....but if you are tempted I bet you'll be thanking me in a couple of months! ;0) I'm thanking Sue as she put the idea in my head in the first place! 

Leaving you with a sneak preview of what I'm wearing this evening. We are out with local friends to celebrate a 40th! It's only in the pub down the road but I've jumped at the chance to wear my gorgeous New Look satin ballet pumps along with this toasty looking top I bagged in Zara yesterday!

Zara top, here
Topshop Jamie jeans, here
New Look satin pumps, here
Appassionata Boutique Chiara bag, here
Chambers & Beau necklaces, here

Sticking with the more practical purchases.....I shall be back tomorrow with some gorgeous cosy joes........ perfect for Winter evening lounging!

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  1. You won't regret getting one of those little down jackets! They're a life saver!