2 October 2016

birthday wishes

I love Autumn.....and I'm not ashamed to admit that one of the main reasons for this is because my birthday falls in October. Perfect timing for all the new stock coming in. It's a good time to start compiling a wish list as whatever I don't get for my birthday can get carried over to my Christmas list! ;0)

First up....I love my watches and I've been looking for an everyday timepiece. I'm a big fan of gents watches and especially fond of a large round dial. After much perusing this one is top of the list as the bracelet is very different to my current watch, it's a bit daintier but it still has the large face that I love.

This next item I've featured before! So far there hasn't been a lot of need for a cashmere sweater but I think that's all about to change so I'm hoping the birthday fairies deliver this little number to me forthwith! I actually really love this cashmere blend one too.....how many soft grey jumpers can a girl have??

Moving swiftly away from clothing (heaven knows I buy enough of that for myself!)

There always seems to be a bag on my wish list! In my dreams it would be this one but after spotting this fabulous High Street homage....that just happens to be covered in one my favourite things at the moment, stars......well this one will do nicely thank you!

Time to get a bit more indulgent! Birthdays and Christmas are always a good time to stock up on those things I don't like buying for myself....such as pj's! Love the Rosie range at M&S so these are on my list.

Going totally practical now....but in all fairness they do kinda go with the pyjamas above......colour matches pretty well don't you think?! Lol! Needs must for the chilly winter evenings though....goodness I am showing my age a tad here no?!

It's about now that I change over to a more Autumnal fragrance so an excellent time to stock up on my favourite Jo Malone scent.

Though I don't often get the time I do love a good read and this book has been on my radar for a while.....it'd be good to get it as a gift! This one would also be gratefully received! 

I'm not going to get too carried away so that's my list. Obviously all of the above would mean my wishes all coming true but that would mean struggling to pull a Christmas wish list together so I'm going to leave it there!

Onto the outfits of the past week and it's a mash up of workwear and civvies!

Topshop Breton, past season. Of course I would have loved the real deal here
Gap girlfriend jeans, here
Urban Outfitters shoes, sold out but these are also on my wish list
Topshop camo canvas shopper, sold out alternative here
Chambers & Beau necklace, here

Topshop cardigan, past season alternative here
M&S shirt, past season alternative here
Gap skinny trousers, past season alternative here
Miss KG dicker boots, past season similar here

New Look jacket, here
M&S shirt, past season alternative here
Topshop Leigh jeans, here
Office Dapper loafer, similar here
Topshop camo canvas shopper, sold out alternative here

Mango jacket, past season alternative here
Dorothy Perkins top, here
Gap skinny trousers, past season alternative here
New Look shoes, past season alternative here
Mango bag, past season alternative here
Chambers & Beau necklaces, here
Bella Jane bracelets, here

Uniqlo Merino v neck sweater, here
Uniqlo wide crop pants, past season similar here
Urban Outfitters shoes, sold out but these are also on my wish list
Topshop camo canvas shopper, sold out alternative here
Chambers & Beau necklace, here

Zara top, here
Gap original vintage straight jeans, here
Urban Outfitters shoes, sold out but these are also on my wish list
Bella Jane bracelets, here

Uniqlo extra fine Merino v neck sweater, here
H&M trousers, here
Converse, here
Chambers & Beau necklace, here
Bella Jane bracelets, here

It's a long way off  I know but has anyone else starting compiling their Christmas wish lists? Or their Christmas shopping for that matter? I must admit I purchased the first stocking filler for the DD this week.....it's all downhill from here isn't it!

Back again soon!



  1. I've started my Christmas wish list! My birthday is 10 days after it so I have a roll over list going on here too. I love that grey sweater, I don't seem to have a decent v-neck one so I'm hoping you get it too so you can model it for us! x

    1. Well now that my birthday has been and gone...a few bits of the above will be rolling over to the Christmas list! ;0) I am now however the proud owner of a grey cashmere v neck thanks to some birthday money but in the end I plumped for an M&S one! I know how much you love a bargain when it comes to luxe items....so if there should be a 20% off in the near future I would definitely recommend the M&S ones! Great range of colours and my mum assures me they wash well! I will most certainly adding more colours to my little cashmere collection should any discounts pop up! ;0) xx

  2. I'm with Natalie .. love that sweater, so would love to see you model it! And I'm joining you with the stocking filler shopping - except I got my first one in August *hangs head in shame* Hope you're enjoying your new job x

    1. I plumped for an M&S cashmere sweater in the end H! I've heard it's best to size up and Uniqlo were sold out in the grey in a large so when I spotted the M&S one I went for it! I've ended up with a size 16 to get the right look! I may add to the stocking filler shopping today....hoping to get into Primark for a few things for the DD....hope she doesn't read this! ;0) xx