4 September 2016

m and s success?!

A couple of months back I had a great little sale haul in good old M&S. It's not somewhere I shop often but it didn't open my eyes to them a bit. I often pop in there with my mum so I tend to think of it as one of her shops but handily their Limited Collection is situated right inside the main doors of my local branch so I'm naturally drawn to what they have to offer every time I visit now. A few days back a lovely lady asked me on Instagram if I'd checked out their A/W stuff yet......well, that meant my evening was sorted! I had a really good trawl across all their ranges.....as you do once you've checked out your Sparks offers! ;0) I have to say that I think M&S could be on the road to cracking it.
I am kicking off with these....such a superb homage to the leopard print Adidas Stan Smiths I purchased back in Spring.

So similar don't you think.....I love the darker trim and pattern on the M&S version perfect for A/W16.

These boots are so very similar to the Urban Outfitter Percy boots I bought last winter (Acne dupes!) I can't wait to wear mine again this year.

Also on my radar is this fab military style jacket that a such a nod to a Zara jacket I bought a couple of years ago that will be coming out again over the next few weeks.

They really seem to upping their game don't they?

Hands up I have already made an A/W purchase from M&S! If you follow me on Instagram you might have caught me trying on this coat a couple of weeks back......I snuck back in there to stash it for later on in the season!

Other pieces that are on my radar to purchase include this gorgeous Limited Edition denim ruffle dress......this is thanks to a tip off from the very stylish Shelley! I'm currently trying to justify the purchase of a 4th denim dress before I take the plunge and click the button! :o/

I also love this blouse....would be gorgeous under the military jacket above wouldn't it!

This black lace top will be fab for the party season....yes I am thinking that far ahead already!

And after having so much success with my Uniqlo grey chiffon pleated skirt earlier this year I feel I could really make this lace midi skirt work......with my beloved Converse perhaps and a slogan tee?

So I've gone all classic with the bits and bobs I've been perusing but these are all things I would wear and would slot in perfectly with what I've got. M&S's website does appear to be coming along in leaps and bounds, it's much easier to navigate and the styling although isn't quite there yet is most certainly better than it has been. Could you be converted into becoming a loyal M&S customer again?

Just a couple of outfits to share, it certainly does seem to be getting a bit chillier already so I've started a wardrobe swap-over....can't see the white dresses coming out again until next summer!

Gap Outlet Mac, past season alternative here
Gap stripe top, past season alternative here
Dorothy Perkins pinafore, past season alternative here
Office Dapper loafers similar here

Mango jacket, here
Zara t-shirt past season alternative here
Gap original fit jeans, past season alternative here
Converse, here

Have you had much success in M&S recently? I would love to hear!

Be back soon to reveal a purchase or two! ;0)



  1. I have been a loyal advocate of M&S and always recommend their cashmere, shoes, underwear, staples like those etc but haven't had a browse of late for some reason. I think I've been so into Topshop and Zara I just haven't paid them much attention. I really should after what you've shared above, they have some amazing key pieces don't they! Fab coat, definitely a classic to keep X

    1. I think ladies are once again getting on board with good old M&S, they really do have some amazing stuff at the moment Natalie....this is just the tip of the iceberg as they say! Looking forward to wearing the coat.....love the masculine feel of it! xx

  2. That military jacket .... !!! I lost out on the Zara one, so will definitely be checking this out. I think I need to pay a bit more attention to M&S. x

    1. I know Helen! Isn't that military jacket brilliant! So much good stuff in M&S at the moment xx