22 September 2016

back to work

If you a regular reader of MyFashionable40s you might remember me mentioned here that I decided it was time for me to go back to the workplace. I've had a year off, loved being at home but have over the past few weeks been craving a bit more structure to my life again now that my daughter is getting older and more independent. There aren't too many more school runs on the horizon for me as she makes her own way to school these days with her friends....and to be honest it's a joy to watch her growing up, making her way in the world! Anyway....I digress.

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What does this mean for MyFashionable40s? A fresh outlook I hope! A new dimension to my daily outfit inspiration? My new job is office based, it's a customer service and admin role for a small business who produce business training activities so I'll be wearing some slightly smarter threads than my usual, casual school run attire! I've only made one back-to-work purchase, a pair of wide leg trousers....it would have been rude not to take advantage of the M&S 20% off wouldn't it?! On the whole though I do intend to try and work with what I've already got....so there will be new ways of me wearing my existing wardrobe. I'm really hoping that I'll be more inspired and motivated by this life change....so it's all good! 
So these are the new trews....

Now....had I been shopping for black trousers on the M&S website these would have most definitely passed me by. For a start the styling doesn't do them any favours, it's highly unlikely I'd ever wear them with this type of heel. However, when I picked them up instore the shape of them appealed and when I put them up against me the hem hit the floor (I had Converse on) and so I headed to the fitting room to try them on. They are very long on me (just how I like my wider, smarter trousers) I'm wearing a 10 regular and I'm five foot six inches and would normally go for a long fitting in M&S. Anyway! Here's how I styled them. 

J Crew Tippi sweater, here
M&S Collection wide trousers, here
Hush Brogues, past season similar here
Mulberry Dorset tote, past season fab High Street alternative here
Chambers & Beau necklace, here

The trousers are a much better style in real life and they were a dream to wear.....well worth their £19.50 price tag!

I'm doing 3 days a week in my new role so here are the other two work outfits.

Topshop utility jacket, past season similar here
Uniqlo shirt, past season, current version here
Gap skinny trousers, past season alternative here
Office Dapper loafers, current version here
Mulberry Dorset tote, past season fab High Street alternative here

Mango top, past season alternative here
Topshop jeans, here
Office Dapper loafers, current version here
Mulberry Dorset tote, past season fab High Street alternative here
Chambers & Beau necklace, here

And a few more outfits...way back from last week when we had that spell of lovely weather!

Gap top, past season alternative here
New Look shorts, past season similar here
Topshop Fig sandals, past season similar here
Guess Cate bag, sold out alternative here

Primark shirt, alternative here
Vero Moda shorts, past season similar here
Converse, here
Guess Cate bag, sold out alternative here

DKNY leather jacket, past season alternative here
Boohoo dress, sold out similar here
Converse, here
Gap bag, past season alternative here

Zara jacket, past season alternative here
Zara t-shirt, similar here
Gap jeans, past season similar here
Converse, here
Balenciaga bag, similar here

Next top, here
Gap jeans, past season alternative here
Converse, here
Balenciaga bag, similar here

So, I've now completed my first week back to work. I've loved every minute of it. I'm looking forward to be back in my civvies for the remainder of the week.......no doubt by Monday I'll be happy to don some work wear again! Glad that I can put all of my existing wardrobe to good use though.

My plan is to still try and post twice a week blog-wise. I'll be posting my daily outfits as usual on Instagram here. I've also stepped outside my comfort-zone and started doing Instagram Stories after a good talking too from lovely blogging buddy Marlene. I paid her a little visit last weekend and it was such a tonic talking to her about life, blogging and social media stuff. She has given me the push I needed to step outside of the box I've put myself in and given me a shove in the right direction! A huge thank you to Marlene for being hugely motivating and inspiring. Whilst I'm at it, I'd also like to thank my fabulous friend Sue......thank you for your unwavering support day-in-day out Sue. You are my sounding board and I truly don't know what I'd do without you! 

I intend to be back again in a few days, even though I've had a busy week......I still seem to have had time to do a spot of shopping! ;0)


  1. So excited for you Michelle! We all need a new challenge occasionally - we're smart women with lots to offer!!! Xxx

    1. Mwah! Thank you Joanna...you are so right! We are smart and we do have tons to offer! Best of luck with new venture by the way! xx

  2. How exciting! I love your blog, looking forward to Instagram stories too. You're clearly bright and have lots to offer as an employee. So very best of luck Michelle X

    1. Thank you Claire....going back to work has already had a such a positive effect on the rest of my life! I've been so much more productive than I have in the past few weeks even!
      Thank you also for the lovely compliment and the best wishes...it's very much appreciated! xx

  3. Best of luck, but most of all I feared when I first read you are going back to work that you would follow this with "I am going to stop blogging" so so happy you are not, I may not comment much, but I do adore your outfits, sometimes our weather is a little out of sync with you here in SW France, but on the whole I love everything! Have a great weekend

    1. Aww, that is so lovely to hear....but I'm not going anywhere! Thank you, I am very grateful that you took the time to leave such a lovely comment. Wishing you a wonderful weekend too! xx

  4. Hi Michelle!! Loving your new trousers and outfit choices and wishing you much success in you new job role too! Xxx

    1. Hey Sharon! Lovely to hear from you! Thank you for your lovely wishes and compliment.....mwah! xx

  5. Anonymous25/9/16 18:14

    Hi Michelle, I'm so glad you are not going to stop blogging! I love your posts here and have been following you on Instagram for a while now. You have a great eye and always find the best pieces at the right prices! Can I ask a question about your black military style jacket that you are wearing in the photo above? I think I have just spotted one on Ebay but all the buttons are done up so that the collars lie flat, does your jacket do the same and you just wear them un-done? Also would you mind sharing what size you are wearing? I think you are smaller than me and I do find the sizing at Zara quite snug! Thanks so much! And the very best of luck in your new job.

    1. No way am I going anywhere! Thank you so much for the lovely compliment, it's amazing to receive such lovely feedback.
      Yes, you are right with the Zara jacket, it was buttoned back when I got it and I undone the buttons. I checked the label in mine and it's a medium. I hope that helps! I'm always happy to help....you are so welcome! xx

    2. Anonymous27/9/16 23:47

      Thanks so much for your reply, really helpful! xx