19 July 2016

holiday mode!

School is out for us tomorrow and as some gorgeous weather has arrived I am in full-on holiday mode! We are off to the South of France in a couple of weeks and I can't tell you how much we are all looking forward to it! We are doing something we've never done before which is staying on a Yelloh campsite (if anyone has ever stayed at one of these I would love to hear your thoughts!) We are staying in what can only be described......for want of a better word...a mobile home! So I have kind of surmised that it may be a bit more casual than the usual holidays we go on. I have to admit I don't think I have ever made as many holiday purchases as I have for this one coming up. I've gone for a few separates and more beach/poolside wear than I normally would and I've cut right back on the dressier stuff . You can see the bits I've already stashed in my holiday box here and  here. Now that we are experiencing some proper wall to wall sunshine I've found myself still adding a few bits to my holiday pile.....like this very chic little French looking number from Boden.....

I'm wearing the size 10 and I think it's true to size. It also comes in denim marl, Indian plum, white and khaki. There is still a good range of sizes in each colourway. It's a fab bargain reduced from £49.50 down to £19.80.

I've never really bought much from Boden but as holiday clothes tend to go on season after season I've had another peruse of their clothing to see what else is about! I have to say I will be stalking their website in hope that this comes back into stock in my size as you can never have too many little white holiday dresses!

This fab little jersey dress would be perfect for the scorcio temps we are having here and at the moment and also superb for chucking on over my swimsuit on holiday! This one also comes in other colours but I really want to add another neutral colour to my summer dress collection instead of the usual white, black, navy and blue palette I normally stick too! Add some tan sandals, my customised basket and voila!

I could do with an injection of proper colour....this bright blue dress has really caught my eye!

One for the road from Boden! If I hadn't already bought a cotton shirt dress from H&M I would be snapping this linen holiday tunic that I've found on the Boden eBay outlet! 

Right! So that is what I've been coveting this week! Any tips for French campsite holiday dressing will be gratefully received!

I've broken out one of my holiday box purchases today! The thinking was that this is probably one of the coolest things I own to wear.

Gap dress, here
Topshop sandals, sold out but these from Gap are a classic tan sandal

The last few days of outfits

Mango jacket, here
Gap top, sold out online, similar here
Topshop Cain jeans, similar here
Topshop Hercules sandals, sold out similar here
Jigsaw bag, past season similar here

Mango dress, past season great alternative here
Topshop Hercules sandals, sold out similar here
TK Maxx basket bag, similar here Easy to customise with your own initial and pom pom! ;0)

Zara dress, sold out online, similar style here
Topshop Hercules sandals, sold out similar here
TK Maxx basket bag, similar here

I plan to do yet another packing post before we go....can't promise it will resemble my normal capsule in any shape or form!

Well, it is 6pm here and still sweltering here....but I'm not gonna moan as it's about bl**dy time! :0) It's set to be another scorcher tomorrow so I'm off to hunt out another sundress for tomorrow!

Back in a few days school holiday activities permitting!


  1. Hi Michelle, I am returning to a French campsite for the third year in a row with my extended family soon. You are spot on to be taking lots of pool cover ups for walking to and from the mobile home. Personally I am not taking anything white this year but sticking to neutrals and pops of colour. Have a great time and I love your blog. claire

    1. Claire....mwah! Thank you so much for sharing your holiday info and your lovely comment....please tell me though why you have decided against white?! It's always my go-to when sporting a bit of a tan! ;0) If it's not practical I'd rather leave it behind and go with something else....any help much appreciated! :0) xx

    2. Hi Michelle, I just found that my white tops got grubby quite quickly. However I spent a fair amount of time with young kids in playgrounds and on bouncy castles = dusty 😊. So I am looking forward to wearing white in a few years!! Xx

    3. Ahh I see Claire....that's great advice, thank you. I see what you mean about steering clear of white! Thankfully I will be packing quite a lot of darker colours anyway as white is a bit of a nightmare with suncream too isn't it! xx

  2. Ooh I got the khaki cross tie dress last week! Love the stripes on you, sadly it's a little short on me, so it's poolside only - too risqué for the school run!! Love the Anna dress too, very you! Xx

    1. Isn't it fab Becky! Funny though cos I feel the same about the Mango beaded panel dress that we both had in the pattern and black....only as a cover up now as it feels too short?! If the Anna doesn't appear in white in my size I could be tempted by another colourway! Hope I can get away with the cross tie for everyday wear! :0) xx

  3. That Boden cross-tie dress looks fab on you - it didn't grab me at all in the catalogue or online but I'm tempted now! Just adore those tan sandals too - shame they're sold out. Happy packing and I'm looking forward to seeing all the insta shots of the sunshine! x

  4. We've been to lots of campsites in France yelloh, canvas, another one my poor brain can't remember. The kids have so much freedom. My eldest used to ride his bike to get baguettes in the morning, coming back grinning ear to ear. The beaches are fab. The accommodation varies a lot and food on site is never great, but it's relaxed and a break. Do you mind saying where? Some of the northern ones have been cooler than I expected in July/Aug, so layer up just in case. Bikes are good, or scooters. Can't think how old your kids are to give better advice. We've had to stop these hols for a while since we had number 4. The accommodation is too much of a squash and a squeeze! Gut. We used to buy a block of chocolate and bring a dice from home. Get all your sunglasses, a hat, hoodie, etc and play that silly game when you have to roll a six, then put on the clothes, then eat the chocolate bar with a knife and fork until someone else rolls a 6 to take over. Enjoy! My little one is screaming that he wants a go of wii- I'm in UN peacekeeper mode x

    1. Don't know why I've written GUT!

    2. Ooh that sounds idyllic! We have one daughter aged 10 and she is very good at making friends so we are kind of expecting to turn up at Les Tournels campsite near St Tropez and not see her for dust! It looks as though the weather will be hot, hot, hot as we are in the south!
      I'm just putting together a blog post of what I'm packing....I already know I am taking way too much (with the exception of shoes, one pair of Hav's and tan flat strappy sandals) but I have no experience of this type of holiday and what it might bring! We are hiring a car and will be meeting up with some friends in St Tropez so I really have no idea....any tips would be greatly appreciated. I have a fair few shorts and cami's to mix'n'match along with playsuits for over swimsuits around the pool but I will have to put a few dresses in as well.
      Thank you so much for all the invaluable advice, it's much appreciated! I love the idea of the chocolate game! :0) xx