15 June 2016

when in june......

.........we surely should not have to be thinking about coats! Unfortunately, this is not a post I'd expecting to be writing at this time of year....but needs must and all that! A lot of the highlights of the summer events calendar fall in the next few weeks....Ascot this week, followed by Glastonbury and then Wimbledon, so it's typical that all the forecast seems hold is rain, rain and yet more rain! Yesterday was my daughter's sports day and the forecast promised it would be lashing down. This put me in a bit of a spin and brought to my attention just how much I am severely lacking in one specific department in my wardrobe.....a stylish summer-weight hooded parka! I need something I can just throw on over a outfit and so I've been researching my options! ASOS seem to have this pretty much covered.....just as well I have signed up for their premier delivery as the weather is looking pants for the rest of the week! ;0)

This one is my first choice....plenty of room under this for lighter layers.

I am favouring the khaki as that would go with the most in my wardrobe but if you fancy a splash of colour (I can see these being a big trend at Glastonbury this year!) Topshop have done this one which also comes in orange  and white.

Last but not least I felt I had to include this one as although it's not as long as the others I love the style of it and it's such a great bargain at £19.90!

Yesterday I took my trusty old pac-a-mac from M&S mens department which is about 20 years old.....I'm just relieved I didn't have to wear it! The hole in my wardrobe for one of these needs to be filled pronto! However if a pac-a parka is more what you are looking for this Fat Face one here looks great or New Look also do a version too!

NB If you fancy a gander at what the fashionistas say the over 30 somethings should be wearing to Glasto this article makes for interesting reading!

The usual outfit round-up from the past few days

Topshop denim shirt dress, past season similar here
Topshop Hercules sandals, sold out similar here
Topshop belt, verging on vintage, similar here

Whistles top, past season this one from ASOS is gorgeous!
Topshop Cain jeans, here
Office Dapper loafers, here
Mango bag, ancient similar here

Mango trim print jacket, was still available online but website is down at the moment
Mango embroidered panel dress,  was still available online but website is down at the moment
Office Dapper loafers, here
Mulberry bag, here

H&M shirt, similar here
Zara skirt, past season similar here
Office Dapper loafers, here

Topshop shackett, past season similar here
Primark top, past season & customised by me but similar here
Zara jeans, similar here
Office Dapper loafers, here

Primark t-shirt, past season similar here
Zara trousers, past season similar here
Office Dapper loafers, here

Have you found yourself needing to weather-proof your wardrobe at this time of year or do you have this item of clothing that eludes me covered already?

Hopefully I'll be back with something not quite so practical next time! ;0)



  1. The Uniqlo jacket at the end is a goody. I ordered it for my sister and she loves it. It's fab value for the money and warm!

    1. I think that little Uniqlo jacket would be a fab addition to my wardrobe regardless of the current weather conditions Sue! It's such a bargain and I'd no doubt get tons of wear out of it during the spring and autumn months too! xx

  2. Ooh the black ASOS parka is lovely! I fear my coat will never go to hibernation this year! Jane X


    1. Isn't it gorgeous Jane! The only reason I haven't used my winter parka and I'm looking for an alternative is that my current one's hood is fur-lined and it just feels plain weird to be wearing it in June! xx

  3. Love the black Asos midi parka too...I do need to get something for this type of weather though Michelle, as I always struggle with what to wear for summer rain? Let's face it a summer raincoat can only be a good buy in this country, going by past experience! Let's hope for a better weekend!
    Helen xx