27 June 2016

revisiting past season favourites

I've hit a wall with adding anything new to my wardrobe. My flexible friend is breathing a sigh of relief. I'm done with looking at the sales, I'm always a bit half hearted about going wild in the aisles at this time....especially so this year. It doesn't look as though my high summer purchases are going to be worn anytime soon as according to the forecast we are in for another week or two of meh weather at least! Pants isn't it. Anyhow I thought I'd turn my attentions to what worked really well for me when the weather was much the same last year....I hate to say it but these things took me into autumn. Perfect for now and this inbetweeny weather. This pinafore from Dorothy Perkins was a big winner last year, it's still available (I have a darker colour but I was so desperate to get my hands on it at the time that I would have settled for any shade!!) and it just happened to be reduced!

Dorothy Perkins denim pinafore, it also comes in black here

Here's how I'm wearing it today

Dorothy Perkins denim pinafore, similar here
Gap top, similar here
Superga, here

Here are a few ways I wore it last year

Left picture
Topshop Victoriana blouse, similar here
Dorothy Perkins denim pinafore, similar here
Converse, here

Middle picture
Topshop white shirt, similar here
Dorothy Perkins denim pinafore, similar here
Converse, here
Topshop leopard print bag, similar here

Right picture
Uniqlo Breton, similar here
Dorothy Perkins denim pinafore, similar here
Converse, here

If the darker denim rinse would be more useful for you this one from Debenhams is so very similar and is currently reduced to £21

New Look have a black version down to £10, limited sizes left though

This ASOS black one looks good too!

If you fancy a brighter blue this River Island one is a fab fitted shape too!

Love the edginess of this BDG one from Urban Outfitters though it's a bit more pricey than the rest of my selection!

Last but not least....another absolute bargain from New Look in white for £10. Very tempted by this one myself!

I best leave it there before I tempt myself any further! These are a great little wardrobe addition as they can be layered up for the cooler summer days.....I also wore mine in the autumn/winter with a 
J Crew black Tippi underneath, tights and boots. 

What else have I been wearing.....here's the usual round-up!

Mango trim print jacket, here
H&M cami, past season similar here
Topshop Jamie jeans, similar here
Office Dapper loafer, here

Uniqlo gingham check shirt, past season similar here
Topshop Cain jeans, sold out, next best thing here
Office Dapper loafer, here
Mulberry Dorset tote bag, past season, fab more reasonable version here

Part Two dress, here (limited sizes though)
Office Dapper loafer, here
Mulberry Bayswater, ancient

T by Alexander Wang t-shirt, here
Gap real straight jeans, customised by my own fair hand to kick crops similar style here
H&M sandals, here
Mulberry Dorset tote bag, past season, fab more reasonable version here
Pull & Bear leopard print belt, past season similar here

Dorothy Perkins top, here
Uniqlo skirt, sold out similar here
H&M sandals, here
Mulberry Dorset tote bag, past season, fab more reasonable version here

Zara top, ancient similar here
Topshop trousers, ancient similar here
H&M sandals, here
Topshop leopard print bag, past season similar here

What are your go-to's for this inbetweeny weather? Does our crazy forecast have you reaching for? Your past season faithfuls or are you just thinking,  or what the hell.........I will wear my 2016 summer purchases anyway! I am all ears!

I have no idea about what I will be blogging about next time.....just praying that we see some full-on sunshine soon! :0) 


  1. The uniglo skirt looks really fab

    1. Thank you Lorraine! It's such a lovely skirt to wear and it even looks fab dressed down with Converse and a denim jacket! It's been such a good buy! xx

  2. Anonymous30/6/16 13:56

    Great post with some interesting combinations for this iffy weather! Loving your necklaces - please can you share where they are from?

    1. What a lovely compliment....thank you! Happy to share where the necklaces are from! The initial necklace is from Say What You C and the longer chained *hug* necklace is from Chambers & Beau (this particular style isn't on the website but if you contact Amy she will give you the details!) xx

  3. Well Michelle like everyone else I'm lost for words with this weather...except those that are very unprintable?! The denim pinafore is just perfect when you really don't know what else to wear, plus it looks funky, cool and fun!!
    Let's hope there is still some summer left to come!!
    Helen xx

    1. Lol H! I think things are going to perk up.....just a tad for the weekend! It's getting hard to dress and stay inspired in this weather isn't it! I'm running out of iffy weather options! xx

  4. Lol I've totally given up, hence the lack of Instagram action!! Having just got back from holiday, I'm so ready for another one - come on summer!

    1. This weather has me on my knees at the moment Becky....it's so rubbish isn't it! I've resigned myself to the fact the high summer clothes are only going to get worn on holiday! :0( xx

  5. Anonymous1/7/16 17:04

    Hi Michelle, love your pinafore and the way you've styled it. Can I ask a question? How is the sizing on the Mango Outlet blue jacket? xx

    1. Ahh...thank you so much! :0) I'd say the sizing on the Mango jacket is spot on....I have the small and it's perfect! I'm normally a size 10 in a jacket! Hops that helps xx