3 June 2016

easy dressing ~ the jumpsuit!

One item of clothing I can't seem to get enough of at the moment is a one piece....a jumpsuit to be precise! I'm really late to the party with these for everyday wear, I've swerved the ongoing dungaree trend. But! I've become very drawn to the boiler suit over the past few weeks after purchasing a H&M one which I just happened across in a store (unfortunately sold out now online). Then, earlier this week, my lovely little sister asked me if I would like a Next jumpsuit that she had bought but wasn't getting on with.....not one to turn down the offer of free clothes.... I said "oh go on then"! When I put it on I was pleasantly surprised....I loved it, so much so I kept it on that day. It's pretty much out of sizes on the Next website. I have to be honest and say I wouldn't have looked at it twice going by this picture but by changing the belt and accessorising it with tan... well I'm totally sold on it now!

Here's how I styled up my hand-me-down. Just a little bit Top Gun with the Rayban Aviator sunglasses!g

Next Tencel khaki jumpsuit, here
Topshop belt, ancient similar here
Topshop sandals, sold out similar here
Louis Vuitton bag, ancient similar here

If you saw this post from a couple of weeks back you will know I purchased another jumpsuit from @hi*hi store by a brand called Hod. Which has also now had it's first airing as I've realised these one pieces are fab for the inbetweeny, mixed bag of weather we're having! 

Hod jumpsuit via Hi*Hi store, similar here online
River Island racer back vest, ancient, similar here
Office Dapper loafers, here
Zara bag, past season similar here

The thing that all three of these jumpsuits have in common is that they are tencel/lyocell which is such a lovely comfortable fabric to wear. So I've had a look around to see what else is available in a similar vein! This one tops my wishlist, I love the utility shape of this!

This French Connection blue jumpsuit is reduced at the moment and also comes in another colour called turtle.....looks like a dark khaki to me!

I did toy with a denim boilersuit a couple of seasons back, mine was from Primark so not the greatest quality but this one has caught my eye.....adore the styling here.

A sleeveless denim style which is very similar to my Hod one!

If you fancy a bit of print then this Linea could be right up your street, again this one is a fab price as it's in their sale.

Last but not least is another one I've totally fallen in love with! This Sisley one is fab with heels but as I prefer my clothes to be dual purpose I'd be more likely to dress this down with flats but it's fab to have the option to wear with some gorgeous sandals too!

Are you a fan of the jumpsuit? What's been your go-to outfit for this mixed bag of weather? I would love to hear!

Onto the other couple of outfits from this week.

Topshop pinstripe blazer, similar here
Jigsaw t-shirt, past season similar here
Zara jean, similar here
Office Dapper loafers, here
Gap bag, past season similar here

H&M fine knit sweater, past season similar here
Culture trousers, via Hi*Hi store
Kurt Geiger Madison espadrilles, past season similar here
Jacksons London bag, similar here
H&M hat, past season, similar here

Thankfully it would appear there are a few days of full-on days of sunshine coming up so I'm looking forward to breaking out a few of my favourite summer dresses....and looking to fill any holes in my wardrobe in that department! ;0)

Wishing you all a fab weekend!

Be back again soon!


  1. I love them but I still haven't got one. I came close with one from Topshop last year but decided it was too green for me. I've been looking again but I've yet to find one in petite for me with long sleeves and preferably in navy. Maybe it's not meant to be and I can't believe you've gone from 0 to 3 in such a short time! #mustcatchup

    1. I can't believe that finding the right one has now lead to 3 of these! :0) So easy to wear....what took me so long! I loved the Topshop one on you Sue but it does have to be just right....you will probably remember how much I agonised over the Primark pale chambray one that I toyed with before eventually eBaying it! ;0) xx

  2. I love them Michelle and have a growing collection with another on the way ;) I'm in the middle of writing a jumpsuit post myself which should be up in a couple of days. #blogposttwins Sue xx

    1. They are brilliant aren't they Sue! Ooh can't wait to see which goodies you have uncovered jumpsuit-wise.....I shall be keeping my eyes peeled! xx

  3. I love them Michelle and have a growing collection with another on the way ;) I'm in the middle of writing a jumpsuit post myself which should be up in a couple of days. #blogposttwins Sue xx