27 June 2016

revisiting past season favourites

I've hit a wall with adding anything new to my wardrobe. My flexible friend is breathing a sigh of relief. I'm done with looking at the sales, I'm always a bit half hearted about going wild in the aisles at this time....especially so this year. It doesn't look as though my high summer purchases are going to be worn anytime soon as according to the forecast we are in for another week or two of meh weather at least! Pants isn't it. Anyhow I thought I'd turn my attentions to what worked really well for me when the weather was much the same last year....I hate to say it but these things took me into autumn. Perfect for now and this inbetweeny weather. This pinafore from Dorothy Perkins was a big winner last year, it's still available (I have a darker colour but I was so desperate to get my hands on it at the time that I would have settled for any shade!!) and it just happened to be reduced!

Dorothy Perkins denim pinafore, it also comes in black here

Here's how I'm wearing it today

Dorothy Perkins denim pinafore, similar here
Gap top, similar here
Superga, here

Here are a few ways I wore it last year

Left picture
Topshop Victoriana blouse, similar here
Dorothy Perkins denim pinafore, similar here
Converse, here

Middle picture
Topshop white shirt, similar here
Dorothy Perkins denim pinafore, similar here
Converse, here
Topshop leopard print bag, similar here

Right picture
Uniqlo Breton, similar here
Dorothy Perkins denim pinafore, similar here
Converse, here

If the darker denim rinse would be more useful for you this one from Debenhams is so very similar and is currently reduced to £21

New Look have a black version down to £10, limited sizes left though

This ASOS black one looks good too!

If you fancy a brighter blue this River Island one is a fab fitted shape too!

Love the edginess of this BDG one from Urban Outfitters though it's a bit more pricey than the rest of my selection!

Last but not least....another absolute bargain from New Look in white for £10. Very tempted by this one myself!

I best leave it there before I tempt myself any further! These are a great little wardrobe addition as they can be layered up for the cooler summer days.....I also wore mine in the autumn/winter with a 
J Crew black Tippi underneath, tights and boots. 

What else have I been wearing.....here's the usual round-up!

Mango trim print jacket, here
H&M cami, past season similar here
Topshop Jamie jeans, similar here
Office Dapper loafer, here

Uniqlo gingham check shirt, past season similar here
Topshop Cain jeans, sold out, next best thing here
Office Dapper loafer, here
Mulberry Dorset tote bag, past season, fab more reasonable version here

Part Two dress, here (limited sizes though)
Office Dapper loafer, here
Mulberry Bayswater, ancient

T by Alexander Wang t-shirt, here
Gap real straight jeans, customised by my own fair hand to kick crops similar style here
H&M sandals, here
Mulberry Dorset tote bag, past season, fab more reasonable version here
Pull & Bear leopard print belt, past season similar here

Dorothy Perkins top, here
Uniqlo skirt, sold out similar here
H&M sandals, here
Mulberry Dorset tote bag, past season, fab more reasonable version here

Zara top, ancient similar here
Topshop trousers, ancient similar here
H&M sandals, here
Topshop leopard print bag, past season similar here

What are your go-to's for this inbetweeny weather? Does our crazy forecast have you reaching for? Your past season faithfuls or are you just thinking,  or what the hell.........I will wear my 2016 summer purchases anyway! I am all ears!

I have no idea about what I will be blogging about next time.....just praying that we see some full-on sunshine soon! :0) 

21 June 2016

a few bits for my holiday box!

After a few shabby days of weather I was starting to resign myself to the fact that I might not see some proper summer weather until we go on holiday. It's a been a bit depressing of late so in a bid to cheer myself up I've started looking in earnest for the couple of things on my wish list that have been alluding me. Now things are cheering up on the forecast front and I've managed to snag a couple of things that will be just perfect for our family break. Top of the list was a white over shirt, to be used as a beach cover up. I was eyeing up this Topshop one but I could see the splits on the side were high which is why I had already discounted this New Look one on this post here. While I was mooching about in H&M earlier today (when I was supposed to be in town doing returns and buying birthday pressies!) I happened across this shirt.

I did try this on over my jeans....lazy or what but it was in doing so that I was actually sold on it, dual purpose you as I quite like it over the jeans with my Office Dapper loafers.

The success continued when I popped into Oliver Bonas for a birthday present as I've been after a pair of Menorcan style sandals for a while! Perfect...another item checked off the wish list.

I've been looking for more shorts but a quick scout around the sale at Mango unearthed this little skirt which will be great with this New Look top that I blogged about here and be perfect for throwing on over a swimsuit or bikini.

One thing led to another in Mango and this also ended up coming home with me....not keeping this just for the holiday though!

I love blue and this shade is so lovely in real life, it was such a bargain too at £19.99.....and I really should have listened to my lovely mate @susiesoso who told me to buy it weeks ago!

Moving along swiftly to my last acquirement.......the all important holiday bag! I adore this gorgeous pom pom bag that I was fortunate enough to be sent by SWYC

A few outfits to catch up on since I last blogged!

So, I've filled my boots with holiday purchases.....are you all organised for your holiday yet? I would love to hear!

Topshop mac, past season similar here
Hush t-shirt, here
Topshop Jamie jeans, here
Office Dapper loafers, here
Mulberry tote bag, similar style here from Topshop

Mango top, sold out but this J Crew one is gorgeous though!
Topshop Jamie jeans, here
Office Dapper loafers, here
Mulberry tote bag, similar style here from Topshop

H&M dress, sold out similar here from Warehouse
Vintage Pied a Terre shoes via eBay
Monsoon clutch bag, here

Topshop sweatshirt, similar here
Zara jeans, past season similar here
Office Dapper loafers, here
Mulberry tote bag, similar style here from Topshop
Primark scarf, instore recently

H&M jumpsuit, sold out online but I've seen instore recently
Office Dapper loafers, here
Mulberry tote bag, similar style here from Topshop

Zara jacket, past season similar here
Topshop t-shirt, past season similar here
Zara jeans, past season similar here
Office Dapper loafers, here

A bit nearer the time I will share the contents of my suitcase with you for our trip to France. There will be a few old favourites as well as the new bits. I've pretty much manged to swerve the sales apart from the couple of purchases from Mango but there is still plenty of time for me to pick up a bargain.....I tend to find a gem or two in the scrag ends of the reductions......I will keep you posted!

Be back soon!

***SWYC kindly gifted me the red pom pom embroidered clutch but I wasn't obliged to review in return. This is a brand that I love and would genuinely purchase from.***

15 June 2016

when in june......

.........we surely should not have to be thinking about coats! Unfortunately, this is not a post I'd expecting to be writing at this time of year....but needs must and all that! A lot of the highlights of the summer events calendar fall in the next few weeks....Ascot this week, followed by Glastonbury and then Wimbledon, so it's typical that all the forecast seems hold is rain, rain and yet more rain! Yesterday was my daughter's sports day and the forecast promised it would be lashing down. This put me in a bit of a spin and brought to my attention just how much I am severely lacking in one specific department in my wardrobe.....a stylish summer-weight hooded parka! I need something I can just throw on over a outfit and so I've been researching my options! ASOS seem to have this pretty much covered.....just as well I have signed up for their premier delivery as the weather is looking pants for the rest of the week! ;0)

This one is my first choice....plenty of room under this for lighter layers.

I am favouring the khaki as that would go with the most in my wardrobe but if you fancy a splash of colour (I can see these being a big trend at Glastonbury this year!) Topshop have done this one which also comes in orange  and white.

Last but not least I felt I had to include this one as although it's not as long as the others I love the style of it and it's such a great bargain at £19.90!

Yesterday I took my trusty old pac-a-mac from M&S mens department which is about 20 years old.....I'm just relieved I didn't have to wear it! The hole in my wardrobe for one of these needs to be filled pronto! However if a pac-a parka is more what you are looking for this Fat Face one here looks great or New Look also do a version too!

NB If you fancy a gander at what the fashionistas say the over 30 somethings should be wearing to Glasto this article makes for interesting reading!

The usual outfit round-up from the past few days

Topshop denim shirt dress, past season similar here
Topshop Hercules sandals, sold out similar here
Topshop belt, verging on vintage, similar here

Whistles top, past season this one from ASOS is gorgeous!
Topshop Cain jeans, here
Office Dapper loafers, here
Mango bag, ancient similar here

Mango trim print jacket, was still available online but website is down at the moment
Mango embroidered panel dress,  was still available online but website is down at the moment
Office Dapper loafers, here
Mulberry bag, here

H&M shirt, similar here
Zara skirt, past season similar here
Office Dapper loafers, here

Topshop shackett, past season similar here
Primark top, past season & customised by me but similar here
Zara jeans, similar here
Office Dapper loafers, here

Primark t-shirt, past season similar here
Zara trousers, past season similar here
Office Dapper loafers, here

Have you found yourself needing to weather-proof your wardrobe at this time of year or do you have this item of clothing that eludes me covered already?

Hopefully I'll be back with something not quite so practical next time! ;0)


9 June 2016

putting some proper dress research in!

Following on from my last post about some gorgeous dresses from Warehouse with 25% off (code DRESS25 if you are purchasing online) I went in search to have a big trying on session! After being slightly disappointed with the selection in my local Outfit store, I took myself off to the House of Fraser concession in Bristol where I would have fared a lot better had that been my first port of call. I think I'd better stop with the waffling and share the results......be warned, it's a picture heavy post!
Can only say that I think this is bl**dy gorgeous! It's a gorgeous crisp fabric that holds the shape of the dress so well....amazing value too at £33.75 with the 25% off discount.

The other dress I tried on at House of Fraser (yipee, the concession there was also doing the 25% off!) was this fab festival/boho/peasant style linen tunic. Again, I love this, it would be perfect for our holiday in France in August. Just beautiful on! *NB Sadly since I starting writing this post I've discovered that the discount shouldn't have been applied to this one* But I reckon it's still worth £59 so I left it in the post anyway.

There wasn't a lot of stock in my local Outfit store and to be honest the fitting rooms are vile and so not the most inspiring place to shop but I managed to find a few of the styles but the pics don't really do them justice!

First up is this gorgeous stripe style. This got a lot of love on Instagram yesterday....I'm torn between the stripe and the floral pattern in the same shape. The stripe is another dress that's a crisp fabric, making it looking better quality I think. The straps have buttons and are adjustable and it came be changed into a halterneck I'm told.....thanks to the lovey lady on Insta who gave me that tip off! ;0) 

The thing that has me dithering between these two is that I am craving a bit of red in my wardrobe and in truth it is about time I broke out of my stripey comfort zone. Although this is exactly the same style, this one is more of a viscose fabric, which I think suits the pattern really well as this one feels (dare I say it....ooh-err!) quite sexy! For me this would be the easier of the two to dress up or down....which is why I'm still cogitating! I don't think I can justify both....there is still a fair bit more to come too! :0/ 

Whilst we are on the subject of colour....specifically red, I had to try on the shirt dress I featured on the last post. I adore this shade, it's a silky fabric which I think I may find a bit dressy for me for everyday....this one almost makes me wish I had a job to go to!

It would appear that I am well and truly hooked on blue this season (already having purchased two dresses and a jumpsuit recently in my favourite shade!). This dress is another winner if you love the midi/shirt dress. 

That concludes my findings in Warehouse, however I did also pop into New Look to try on a few bits from my summer holiday packing post here. I purchased both these pieces.....both brilliant for our next trip to France in the school holidays.

I also had high hopes for this oversize beach shirt but I felt it came up a bit short on me and the splits on the side were a little too revealing so sadly it didn't come home with me.

I'll be popping back into New Look as I discovered some more fab shorts here, here and here which I shall be investigating! ;0)

The holiday shopping did not end there either. Gap have gone into sale and I simply could not resist this! It was less than half price at £23.95 (although as usual the price on the website does not correspond! Grrrrr! It does have 35% off with GREATGAP at the moment!) It also comes in black but I'm thinking white with the tan sandals (like these here) and a straw bag! ;0)

With all the fab choice I am completely befuddled as to what to go for in Warehouse! I'm thinking about what dresses I will really get my wear out of.....I'm torn between being frivolous or trying to stick more to my usual mum uniform! Decisions, decisions!

Now onto the dresses I've been donning these past few days!

You can't beat a hardworking denim dress....even if it is boiling!

Warehouse dress, past season similar here (with 25% off too! Code DRESS25)
Topshop sandals, sold out similar here 20% off with OFFICE20
The Jacksons London bag, similar here

Gap outlet dress, ancient similar style here 
Zara sandals, past season similar here 20% off with OFFICE20
The Jacksons London bag, similar here

Mango print dress, past season here in black or similar here
L K Bennett sandals, ancient these here are gorgeous
Anya Hindmarch bag, this Mango bag is fab though!

It would be good to hear your opinions ladies.....what out of the above do you love or loathe! Have you been tempted by the Warehouse discount or anything else for that matter? 

Well, as there is now a Mango discount floating around as their sale is about to start, so they are doing 30% off one item or 40% off multiple purchases using code 6SALE8. I fear I could lose a good few hours perusing their website this evening! ;0)

Be back again soon.