1 May 2016

starting from scratch

This post has been inspired by a lovely comment left by a reader (thank you Emma) asking advice regarding wardrobe basics for a stay at home mum. This got me thinking....goodness forbid but hypothetically speaking let's just say if my house burnt down, what are the things would I definitely replace as a matter of urgency? I guess if I was going to pare back and attempt a capsule wardrobe from scratch, I've been looking at the pieces I would begin with.....in hope that my wardrobe would end up looking more like this! In my dreams ;0)
Let's go with jackets first. This was easy, I know the jackets I couldn't be without out, so here's what I'd go with, these are the ones I wear day in, day out.
River Island biker jacket
Gap denim jacket
Mango blazer 30% off ends shortly
Topshop shackett
Now I could manage with just this 4 styles of jacket but hands up..... but this is where I like to add a little variety in my wardrobe so possible additions to these for me would be a military style jacket like this, a statement jacket see here or this season's trend jacket, the bomber here.
Next onto basic tops, these cover all the daily bases for me.

Again though, here's a section of my wardrobe that could go on and on as I would also probably add my newly discovered Victoriana style blouse here that's already proving useful along with a peasant style top like this and I've found that a slogan t-shirt is also a valuable piece to have too!

Onto the bottom halves. I live in jeans, mainly skinnies, I find I wear a boyfriend style more in the summer when it's safe to get the ankles out and my other options are jogger style and utility trousers.

If you want a trend style to add into the mix, the crop flare is it this season, these Gap ones look great. Once it's safe to get the legs out I'm a big fan of the denim skirt too, I've been eying this DP one up to add to my collection.

One piece I do love for Spring/Summer (once it's warm enough!) is a dress. This little selection are great basics to build on......all look fab with Converse or trainers for dapping about in but that also are perfect with a sandal for when the temps really ramp up a bit. The forecast looks all set to change so I look forward to wearing some of mine over the next week or so!

It's always good to have one really dressy dress for those Summer evening events. Last year I bagged the Topshop Daisy dress, this is similar here and I would wear with this block heel style sandals from Topshop here. Great with any of the jackets I've featured above!

To conclude my wardrobe basics is the footwear. I live in my Converse in Spring but here's what else is in my shoe cupboard that I am/will be wearing and that I wouldn't want to be without.

New Look biscuit ballet pump The must have shoe this season according to this article!

So there we have what would be the perfect capsule wardrobe for my lifestyle as a SAHM. However I did attempt a pared back wardrobe this time last year and discovered (and have since come to terms with) the fact that I do love to flirt with fashion and so although I don't have as much in my wardrobe as I did then (and I turn it over much more quickly these days when things no longer spark joy!). I've realised that I do want more choice than the basics in my wardrobe. The upside is that I seem to be able to identify what's going to work well with what I've got much more quickly these days and I make a lot less mistakes. It's funny as while I was out with my mum shopping the other day she pointed out that I am always drawn to versions of things I already own and she's spot on! That's when I get my sensible head on and think....ah-ha, I don't need you! Have you noticed your shopping patterns, do you tend to keep repeat buying the same sorts of things?

Have you given any thought what pieces would make up the ideal basis for your wardrobe.....if so I would love to hear! As I've only covered the bare bones here do you think there is anything I've left out? Anything else I should have included? I've really enjoyed this little project! It's opened my eyes to the way I shop again!

Right, a quick round-up of what I've worn these past few days.

Mango jacket, past season similar here
H&M jumpsuit, sold out similar here
Converse, here
Gap bag, similar here

Zara jacket, past season similar here
Zara t-shirt, here
H&M boyfriend jeans, similar here
Hush Brogues, here
Topshop bag, past season similar here

Topshop jacket, past season similar here
H&M blouse, here
Gap original fit jeans, past season similar here
New Look biscuit ballet pumps, here

Muubaa biker jacket, similar here
H&M Breton, here
Gap tencel utility joggers, here
Converse here

That's it from me today. I hope everyone is enjoying the extra long weekend!

I shall be back soon.....I think it's about time I researched  a few more Summer dresses as it appears the weather is about to turn for the better!

Thanks for reading!



  1. What a fantastic post: love it! And loving the fab fashion inspiration since I discovered you over on Instagram. Thank you! ��

    1. Aww....thanks so much! I've really loved doing this post....it actually puts a lot into perspective doesn't it! Thank you for the lovely compliment too...it's much appreciated xx

  2. Snappy snap. I have just had a HUGE clear out and I have been ruthless. I would say that you are spot on here, Michelle, and It has made meed smile and feel very self satisfied that I am on the right track. Lovely basics, and staples, and you are looking fabulous. X

    1. Oh my Helen!! It feels so good to have a huge cull doesn't it?! I think we all have a pretty good idea of what suits our lifestyles but when you look on Insta and read blogs it's easy to get a bit carried away isn't but I know I could survive on a much more basic wardrobe....there are still so many options just out of the pieces I've laid out here. Mwah! Thank you for the lovely comment xx

  3. I agree, you have totally nailed a brilliant capsule wardrobe, and it's amazing the looks you can create from just a few well chosen pieces. I try to practice this as much as possible but sometimes the odd totally obscure and frivolous purchase creeps in, and I love that too!
    Have a great Bank Holiday Monday Michelle,
    Helen xx

    1. Shame...I can't practice what I preach and stick with just the basics Helen but fashion is what makes me tick and it's hard to resist when there is so much gorgeous temptation around! ;0) Yep....I'm looking at you and your latest post!
      Wishing you a fab Bank Holiday Monday too! xx

  4. Love this post, the perfect wardrobe for a SAHM :) Fab Gap joggers as well. Jane x


    1. Thank you Jane! I know you know exactly where I am coming from with this as you have two tinies so that is praise indeed! Mwah! xx

  5. Great post Michelle, I was only thinking along the same lines recently. I guess it's that capsule wardrobe thingy isn't it x

    1. Thanks Donna! I think getting to grips with your lifestyle is the key to it all really isn't it! What your mum uniform consists of really does depend on what you do on a day-to-day basis amongst a few other factors....I think that's what I struggled with the most originally. When you are footloose and fancy free....well my world revolved around what I was going to wear out on a Saturday night! My....how things have changed! xx

  6. Anonymous2/5/16 09:43

    Oh wow - what a great post thank you so much Michelle. This is a great post to get me started ! You know I actually have a few of these items in my wardrobe already so all is not as lost as I thought. I still haven't got to grips with my lifestyle at all - I think I am still in mourning for my old working life where I would get dressed up for meetings and nights out. Its really hard to keep motivated to look good when "all" I'm doing is ferrying around to school & swimming lessons etc. You have inspired me so much. Thank you !

    1. Thank you Emma....absolutely delighted to be of any help at all! So good to hear that you already have a few of the items....it's so easy to overlook stuff when you are feeling a bit meh! I know that feeling of having to let go of your previous role but it's sounds like you are ready to embrace your new style and with a few little additions I'm sure you will gain confidence and stay motivated to look good! I guarantee you will feel so much better....we've all been there! Take care lovely....holler if there is anything else I can help you with....it's been my pleasure! xx

  7. Anonymous2/5/16 17:40

    Hi Michelle, I've just started reading your blog and am loving the inspiration! Can I ask if your jacket from asos arrived that you mentioned in the previous post? How was the sizing in your opinion? Thanks so much xx

    1. Hi there! Ooh yes, I meant to share the details about the ASOS jacket! I was very disappointed when it arrived as I thought I'd be whipping it out of the packet and wearing it straight away, however it did come up very large! I know it is described as oversize but the size 8 was huge! Not only that, the fabric was not at all what I was expecting either. In my head I imagined it was a smooth cotton finish whereas infact it was corduroy, thus it looked a lot more Autumn/Winter than Spring/Summer. So back it went and I went back to the drawing board! I have been looking at Mango, as they've had 30% off over the weekend and they have some lovely statement jackets! I've put in an order so fingers crossed I can nail this need for a new jacket! xx

  8. Fabulous post and I'm glad I have a lot of the basics covered off in my wardrobe already. But like you - it's the odd fashion fling I need to have - it keeps me alive and still with it! Or at least I like to think it does :)

    1. Thank you Sue! This has been a great exercise...I've loved doing the research for it! But yes I'm with you.....there is nothing like the thrill of a new purchase if it fits in perfectly with what you have! ;0) xx

  9. Love this Michelle, such a useful post. It turns out I have so much extra in my wardrobes time for a huge clear out I think as I only wear half of it and I am a sucker for a fashion/flash in the pan purchase!! xxx

  10. Crikey, I don't know where I'd start if I had to save only one thing in my wardrobe in an emergency!! I know my biker jacket would be near the top of the list though, and a pair of jeans or three, obviously! Great post, I'm in the process of trying to get on top of my summer wardrobe, so I might well be taking a few hints and tips from you - I feel an eBay session coming on! xx