27 April 2016

only one thing for it!

This spring weather just isn't playing ball is it? I'm bored of winter stuff....in fact I'm even bored of my transitional stuff....it feels like I've been wearing it for so long. Looking over what I've purchased since January (you can see here) I've gone through phases, sweatshirts and a few tops were the order of the day in Jan/Feb. More recently I went on a hunt for alternatives to jeans and have ended up with lots of new trousers and even a skirt. Over the last couple of weeks I've been dazzled by a few new pairs of shoes. There have only been a couple of jacket purchases though (a bomber and a blazer) and the 2 I've bought just aren't cutting it with the chilly temperatures we are having at the mo! So there is only one thing for it.....I've been looking to add a little warmer wardrobe liven-upper to my spring jacket collection. I actually linked to this jacket on this post here and there are only a couple of sizes left now but I took the plunge and ordered it yesterday. Will report back once it's arrived!

I've also had my eye on this navy quilted jacket for a while too.

This Maison Scotch one is a bit more spendy but I adore it.....shall be keeping my eyes peeled for a discount or price reduction! ;0)

Mnago have a couple of fab options that are heavily reduced!

I found a couple of beauties in Mango's outlet section.....this one is just £12.50! 

And last but not least! I had something similar last year from Topshop that was quilted but always felt it added a lot of bulk but the style of this Gap denim kimono is something that still really appeals to me! Brilliant for now with layers underneath but also gorgeous in summer with the sleeves rolled up over a t-shirt, white skinnies and tan sandals.....yup, may have to order for research purposes and to itch the scratch! ;0)

What I've been wearing to combat the chills these past few days......

Topshop jacket, past season similar here
Bella Freud sweatshirt, similar here
Zara jeans, here
Converse, here
Efurt scarf, past season

Zara cardigan , past season
Topshop t-shirt, past season similar here
Topshop Jamie jeans, here
Converse hi-tops, here
Mango bag, here

Topshop coat, similar here
Topshop sweatshirt, similar here
Zara jeans, here
Converse, here
Furla bag, past season similar here

So! Are you making any purchases to tide you over until we get some warmer temps or are you just eeking out your winter wardrobe for as long as it takes? Do tell!

Be back again soon.


  1. I love the Maison Scotch one but I do have a soft spot for their clothes but they can be a little spendy when not in the sale. And do you know what? I should have kept that blooming Zara jacket I posted on my IG a few years back. I shall have to just remember it fondly as "the one that got away".

    1. Isn't the Maison Scotch jacket amazing Sue! I shall be stalking it in the sale! I can't believe you didn't keep that little jacket that you posted on Insta....that is exactly what set me off down this road of looking for a jacket! xx

  2. It's just too cold to think about spring like jackets, and at the same time I resent buying anything heavy at this time of year. But I am thinking however, of red suede Puma trainers ... after all my objections, I may well finally cave :)

    1. I have just about managed to get away with a jacket these past couple of days....tis' so depressing to still be wearing coats! Oooh....are you coming over to the trainer dark-side?! I bet you will love them and wear them lots more than you can imagine! xx

  3. I loved the Gap kimono jacket from afar for ages and eventually brought in when there was an offer on (when isn't there in Gap!). So disappointed, I looked like I was off to my karate lesson. Looked nothing like the it did on the model but then you may have better luck with it.

    1. Oh no! I've had my reservations about the Gap jacket for that very reason, it's so very similar to the Topshop one I had last year that made me feel like a sumo wrestler! The way Gap have styled that jacket makes it look amazing....I'm yet to try it but more curious than ever about it! Thanks for the tip off! xx