18 April 2016

on my bucket list!

This week's post is pure fantasy! One of my bucket list wishes would be going to the annual Coachella music festival in California. It's one of those things that would require a lottery win to do it in style.....but a girl can dream right?! It's not just for the kids either......Cindy Crawford has rocked up this time around and she has a few years on me! ;0) There is a great article here about the more mature festival go-ers!

Personally, I am not a fan of Cindy's look here, there's a bit too much going on for me. One person who always seems to pitch their Coachella style perfectly though is Kate Bosworth. Here is just a little flavour of her festival style.....

She rocks it every time doesn't she?! Admittedly, I don't think I could get away with some of Kate's looks but my one of my favourites here would be pretty easy to replicate! All the pieces could be worn again too.....fashion not just for festival purposes!

So just for fun I've shopped the pieces!

A pure pipe-dream post for me but indulge me....what would you wear to Coachella and what's on your bucket list?

What I've been wearing these past days, what I wouldn't do for a bit of that Californian wall-to-wall sunshine!

Muubaa biker jacket, past season similar here
Zara t-shirt similar here
Uniqlo trousers, here
Converse, here
Topshop bag, past season similar here

Stradivarious bomber, sold out though they have similar here or here
Topshop sweatshirt, sold out similar here
Gap original fit jeans, similar here
Converse, here
Mango bag, here

Zara jacket, past season similar here
Zara t-shirt past season similar here
Uniqlo skirt, here
Converse, here
Zara bag, past season similar here

I have to thank the lovely #mystylephotochallenge ladies on Instagram as the idea for this post came from their *bucket list* theme yesterday! I'll be keeping everything crossed that I've won the lottery before next year's Coachella festival! ;0)

Wishing everyone a great start to the week.....back soon!


  1. Breton top with lacing

  2. Thats a great look, super blog too.x

  3. Can I join you if you go Michelle...It always looks incredible and why not age disgracefully I say?! Love your Uniqlo skirt, which colourway is it...the beige or grey as may be tempted!.... Again!! Helen xx

    1. Oooh yes Helen....wouldn't that be a fab trip! I reckon we could show Cindy a thing or two about how to dress for a festival in your 40s!! ;0)
      The Uniqlo skirt is grey....such a lovely pale grey in real life! I haven' seen the beige so I'm off for a look! xx

  4. Ooo I would love to go to, more for people/fashion watching than anything else it would be fab! Love that black dress it looks gorgeous. Still loving your embroidered bomber it looks stunning on you xx

    1. That exactly why I'd love to go Fran....the people watching and style inspiration would be second to none wouldn't it! Thanks lovely....so chuffed with the bomber....I don't have that many pretty things in my wardrobe so I like the embroidery....nice feminine touch but easy to wear with jeans etc! xx