7 April 2016

get 'em before they're gone!

Just a quickie as I've had a lot of love for the trews I'm sporting on Instagram today! I hate to disappoint anyone and I have a feeling these utility joggers aren't going to hang around...there aren't many sizes left online and they are currently reduced to £33.99. However I bought mine instore on Monday for £16.99....yep, I do wish Gap would get some parity between their website and store prices, it is truly frustrating!! Anyhoo....either way I wouldn't dither if you want to add these to your repertoire!  Khaki trousers definitely seem to be having a moment so without further ado, these are the ones I bought......

I bought a medium, I'm normally a size 10 or 28" waist in jeans at Gap. I prefer these to look a bit slouchier and not sit on the waist. Hope you can snag yourself a pair if you fancy them!

 Here they are in action today!

H&M jumper, past season similar here
Gap tencel utility trouser, here
New Look stone ballet pump, here

Another little purchase I made at the weekend are the New Look ballet pumps I'm sporting above.....now also currently reduced to just £5.50! I admit these are another idea I've stolen from the lovely V at amothersedit! Please do check out her blog and Instagram feed for some of my favourite inspiration around at the moment! I adore these little shoes....I can't believe I've never owned a pair before! Being such a lovely neutral colour, there isn't a lot in my wardrobe they won't go with!

Moving on swiftly to what I've been wearing the rest of the week!

Zara sweater, past season similar here
Zara jeans, here
New Look faux leather stone ballet pumps, here

Mango jacket, past season love this Karen Millen one here
Hush star t-shirt, here
Gap original straight jeans, past season, their girlfriend style looks similar here
Converse, here
Primark bag, stickers Topshop here

MuuBaa leather jacket, similar here
H&M Breton top, here
Zara jeans, similar here
Adidas Originals Stan Smiths, here
Gap bag, similar here

Short and sweet again today just to share......we are staggering along to the end of half term and I'm surprised that I've had time to do any shopping to be honest!

I shall be back again in a few days :0)


  1. Those joggers look good Michelle but alas I've no time or inclination to pop to the shops with my two boys in tow. Maybe there might be a few pairs left next week or else I would have to do some serious bribing and I'd rather spend that on the shopping! :o)

    1. I got lucky at the beginning of the week with an hour or so to pop into town! It was luck really as I haven't been into Gap for ages....fingers crossed they still have some when you do get to hot foot it into Gap! xx

  2. Those are fab trousers, and a real bargain! I can't get my head around the price difference either though, I'm surprised there isn't something in the law to prevent it happening - not fair for those of us stuck at home! Cute shoes too, I'll have to check out A Mother's Edit... xx

    1. I do love a good jogger Becky...these silky Tencel ones are fab! No bagging at the knees in these! Gap do really need to sort their pricing out, it's outrageous that they are practically half the price instore! Do check out A Mother's Edit.....lots of fab inspiration to be had there! xx

  3. I love the colour of the joggers but I prefer a wide leg at the bottom so I went and bought a pair in Primark this weekend! They go with everything too which is fabulous. Actually, those nude ballet pumps would love lovely too :)
    Suzy x

    1. I'm not usually one for a cuffed bottom as I normally feel they come a bit short Suzy but these are plenty long enough so they came home with me! The nude ballet pumps are proving very useful indeed! And big thanks to you.....I found those sharing buttons at last, right at the bottom of each post! xx

  4. Oh I love my joggers I purchased them last year and wore them so much through the spring. I also have those gorgeous ballet pumps, very comfortable and a great transition from boots to flip flops, sorry I live in Cornwall so flip flops are a must and part of the Cornish wardrobe essentials.