31 March 2016

What's new this week!

Hands up who else got a case of twitchy fingers over the bank holiday weekend?! After a comment left by the lovely Anna on my last blog post, I realised that it had been sometime since I looked at Uniqlo so I thought I'd best have a little peruse of their website! An order of a couple of random items was placed forthwith. Firstly, secured this.

***7/4/2016 Good news update! Uniqlo now have the skirt in stock again but just in case New Look have done a similar chiffon pleated skirt in pink or cream!***

Subconsciously I think I have been influenced by my lovely mate Sue's post here. Sue looks so amazing in her gold pleated skirt, when I saw this dove grey one I didn't hesitate in clicking the button! In the middle of the night I was awake plotting how exactly I might style mine using some things I already to hand and this is what I came up with! I thought the soft grey skirt would look fab with the blue Topshop sweatshirt I bought a while back which is sadly now sold out, however it would look gorgeous with a soft pink one like this......

Next up, I thought it would look great with the Zara camo jacket I've had for a few years now, it's still a firm fav! It would also look superb with a pair of sandals on my wishlist.....those silver Saltwaters will definitely be mine this summer!

And last but not least.....everything goes with a denim jacket, plain white tee and silver Superga doesn't it?! 

I like to make sure that a wardrobe addition like this is going to go with many things I already have and isn't going to hang in there unloved! So just to be sure.......I did have a little peruse of Pinterest just to give myself a few more ideas! How gorgeous would it be with a denim shirt and some flat tan strappy sandals or an oversize sweater and statement necklace?! 

I would have worn the skirt today....it's been glorious here but unfortunately we plumped on doing a bike ride so it was more of a trousers kinda day! But here's a little taster anyway! I went for a size a medium as I didn't want the skirt to sit right on my waist, a little lower on the hips if you please!

This is where I keep ya hangin' as I'll fill you in on my other purchase next time! ;0) Once I've figured out how to style them that is! 

Outfits this week so far....

Uniqlo sweater, past season gorgeous alternative here
Zara jeans, here
Hush brogues, here

Uniqlo merino sweater here
H&M shirt, similar here
Zara jeans, similar here
Hush Brogues, here

Topshop jacket, similar here
Missguided dress via ASOS, here
Nike Blazers, here

Zara jacket, past season similar here from Topshop
Zara t-shirt, similar here
Topshop trousers, here
Converse, here

So! I'll be back in a couple of days with the other purchase I made! It's fair to say I am loving a bit of Uniqlo at the moment! What brand is floating your boat this season?! I would love to hear!

Back soon with the other purchase!


  1. Love this skirt Michelle. I too have ordered a few bits from Uniqlo recently. I love their shirts and couldn't ignore them at less than a tenner each! Plus 2 pairs of similarly priced trousers in khaki and light brown (couldn't bring myself to type beige!!) And one or two other pieces ;) I also revisited Great Plains recently and bagged a couple of albeit slightly wintery bargains ;) TIME TO STOP methinks as she just places an order on Stradivarius for some palepink bow slip ons. Will be getting some stuff on ebay this next week to assuage the guilt! Sue xx

    1. Ha Sue! We've both had the same idea as I've just sold a few bits on eBay and so I had this little splurge! ;0) I love Uniqlo stuff, haven't bought anything for a while but was tempted by lots when I perused the website! And yes....you made me have a gander at what Great Plains has to offer at the moment! I do often forget to check them out too! xx

  2. Thanks for the mention Michelle - I think you've bagged yourself a fab skirt there and it obviously is so easy to wear as well as you've already managed to style it two ways. Weather's warming up - I might get my grey pleated skirt out today too!

    1. You are most welcome Sue! I'm not great at styling skirts so I do tend to give them quite a lot of consideration before purchasing! However....you showed me the way and I have to say I am thrilled to bits with making this skirt work for me! Weather is not looking quite so good here today so I'm scuttling back into my woolies! :0( xx

  3. At first I couldn't imagine the skirt paired with the Converse style sneaker, but the pictures convinced me. How fabulous

    1. Thank you Allison! I think they work so well as they are a complete contrast to the very floaty, feminine skirt, that's why I think the chunkier flat Saltwater sandals will also look fab once the weather warms up! :0)

  4. Replies
    1. Me too...this time of year is perfect for wearing all things maxi! xx

  5. Ooh yes that is a gorgeous skirt and I love your ideas how to style it! I'm still a little unsure how to style skirts as I've always been more of a jeans or dresses kinda gal. I'm hoping to change that this year though! This season (and last, and the season before that!) I've been obsessing over Massimo Dutti. I particularly love the quality of their stuff! In fact, this weekend I bought two new jumpers from there!!
    Suzy x

    1. Hi Suzy! Admittedly I do find it more challenging to style a skirt and I've only started to add skirts to my wardrobe in the last year or so. I've gone from owning one to now having 6 so I reckon I must have found the right formula for making them work for me!
      Thank you for reminding me about Massimo Dutti....we don't have one locally so I often overlook them.....off to have a look on what they have to offer online though! ;0) Fab tip-off xx