20 March 2016

somewhere I haven't shopped in a while

Good old Dotty P's I've noticed have some really good pieces this season! After seeing this gorgeous blouse on the lovely Alex from The Frugality.....I had a little snoop around on their website.

As much as I love this shirt, admittedly it is something that wouldn't slot that easily into my wardrobe or that would suit my lifestyle to be fair. But going in search of it has lead me to find some other gems that would slot in perfectly with my style!

First up....how fab are these trews?! Having just bought the Topshop grey slouchy trouser I can see just how great an alternative these would make to my beloved jeans for spring. These certainly could be making their way into my wardrobe over the next few weeks. They are currently reduced making them just over 20 quid!

I'll warn you now....this is quite a random list! Next up is a trend that looks like it is going to be big again this summer, the cold shoulder top. The fluted long sleeve is another detail which is all the rage at the moment as well.

Sticking with tops....love this little ditsy print number. Although I struggle to make blouses work as they are quite dressy, this is the kind of top that I think would look fab under the DP pinafore I bought last year.....more on that further down.

Going off on a tangent....but this appeals to my monochrome tendencies and would fit in so perfectly into my wardrobe. This is from a brand that DP stock that I am familiar with called Mela. This would be brilliant for breaking up some of my all black outfits.

Though I've already got a couple of denim skirts I seem to be drawn to them! Both of mine are button through, as this one doesn't I could be trying this on! ;0)

And finally....this was in fact my last purchase from DP! I may just have to get it in this colourway as well as mine is dark denim and the lighter wash is a tad more summery! This was great with a Breton or plain tee underneath but it also worked well with a shirt or Victoriana style blouse underneath. The same went for footwear.....I favoured it with my Stan's or Converse but it was also looked fab with flat tan sandal. Have I sold it to you yet?! 

Is Dorothy Perkins somewhere you look regularly? What was the last thing you purchased there? I'm adding DP to my list of places to check the *New In* section every week as I'm impressed with what they have to offer at the moment! There is 10% off if you sign up to their newsletter and free delivery if you order is over £30.....you can also click & collect which is probably what I shall be doing to avoid the rolling of the eyes from the DH when yet another parcel is delivered! ;0)

My usual outfit round-up from the past few days. We had a few very promising spring like temps....now things have turned chilly again so I've slunk back into the winter wardrobe again.

MuuBaa leather jacket, past season similar here
Gap v neck sweater, similar here
Topshop trousers, here
Converse, here
Mango bag, here

Zara coat, past season similar here
Topshop sweater, past season similar here
Zara jeans, past season similar here
Adidas Originals Stan Smiths, here
Mango bag, here
H&M snood, past season similar here

Primark cardigan, current instore
Zoe Karssen sweater, past season, love this sweatshirt here
Topshop Jamie jeans, here
Adidas Originals Stan Smiths, here
Mango Bag, here
H&M snood, past season similar here

Zara sweatshirt, here
Topshop trousers, past season similar here
Converse, here

Are there any other High Street stores you sometimes overlook that it's time to revisit? I would love to hear!

I will be back in the week.....no doubt with more stuff that has caught my eye!


  1. I haven't looked at Dotty P's for ages, but you're right, they have some great pieces in at the moment. I am slightly addicted to Topshop at the moment so I need move on for a break, will be popping into my local DP's next then. PS love those green and grey trousers on you, I'm on the look out for something comfy and an alternative to my jeans x

    1. Now and again these stores slip off a radar....but it's so nice to rediscover them isn't it Natalie! I've bought lots of Topshop lately....all the old High Street favourites seem to be upping their game lately! Oh I'm on a roll with the trousers....going to slip into town now in hope of trying the stripey ones on! xx

  2. Replies
    1. It's gorgeous isn't it Jane....hoping to find it and try it this am! ;0) xx

  3. I hate spending money on work clothes so when I spotted some black kick flare trews reduced to £15 at DP I purchased thinking that they wouldn't pass muster but I needed to make sure So pleased I did because they have been worn non stop.

    1. I was exactly the same!! Hated spending money on stuff to wear for work.....generally only wore the dregs of my wardrobe, the stuff I got fed up with! Actually DP have loads of great things that would suit a working wardrobe....I must remember that when I dip my toes into a proper job again!

  4. Anonymous22/3/16 09:33

    I actually can't remember the last time I was in a DP store. Clearly time for a visit Love the tops you've chosen

    1. I can vouch Helen....they are definitely worth a little snoop around! I tried the stripey pants on.....and I love them, they may actually make it into my wardrobe! ;0) xx

  5. oh wow! There are some absolute beauties here! So nice.
    I love the floral plane top, i don't usually go for ditsy floral prints but there's just something about it that calls me.
    Also obsessed with your khaki joggers.. they look so so comfy and yet put together at the same time. Lovely!!

    1. Ahhh thank you Rachel....there really are a few gems to be found in DP at the moment! Love the ditsy print blouse, it's a nice take on the Victoriana style isn't it?
      The joggers have received lots of lovely comments....was happy to see them again when I started to do my spring wardrobe changeover! xx

  6. oh I love stores that take you by surprise! And yes DPs is definitely one of them, I have my Edie Parker style black and gold glitter clutch which is my ultimate favourite from there too xx

  7. I've just realised my last DP purchase was down to you too Alex! I bought the denim pinafore after seeing it featured on your blog! I'm just thinking how lovely the pussy bow blouse would be under the darker pinafore! Love that beautiful black & gold clutch....it looks so more designer than DP! xx

  8. Great blog, all the DP items are great, except i wouldn't/couldn't wear the skirt that short (not good legs) really like the trousers and a great alternative to jeans - live and die in them all the time!! J/Mummabstylish