24 March 2016

i must be mad.....

....but I'm looking at sandals! And it's this Pinterest inspiration that #mademedoit 

Then I remembered this pic too.....

So now you can see why I'm on a mission.....I think I *need* a pair of sandals in this style! Why?! Because they look fab with jeans....and dresses! I love a block heel, they are comfy, I can walk in them. And! I have found a few fab homages to these gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent sandals on the High Street!

These look pretty good too, also from ASOS. You can bag these with 20% discount if you have bought Elle magazine this month! ;0)

I'm torn between two pairs as these are stonkin' replicas!

But! I reckon I saved the best 'til last.....these New Look ones are ace and brilliant a bargain for such a trend item.

If you want to shop versions of the whole look.....

Levi 501 CT destroyed boyfriend jeans 20% off with Elle Magazine/ASOS ;0)

Is there a style of sandal you have fallen in love with? Have you taken the plunge yet and purchased? My finger is hovering over the button because it feels a bit nuts buying these considering the current climate....i.e freezing!

Now, maybe if I'd seen the sandals on Monday it would have been a whole 'nother story as we had a little taste of spring.....but it's been downhill all the way since! As you can see by my outfits though I have tried to go without a full-on coat!

Topshop cardigan, past season similar here
H&M shirt, current similar here
Zara jeans, past season similar here
Converse, here

Topshop blazer, here
Banana Republic sweater, similar here
H&M boyfriend jeans, past season similar here
Adidas Originals Stan Smiths, here

Gap Outlet trench coat, past season similar here
H&M sweater, similar here
Topshop pinstripe trousers, similar here
Converse, here
Mango bag, here

That's all from me for now! I'm very much looking forward to the Bank Holiday weekend and having my DD home for the next two weeks. Wishing everyone a lovely Easter!

Be back soon!


  1. It's hard to even look at sandals until the weather warms up a bit and I live in Portugal lol! It's still too cold to wear them even here. Although maybe that's because I'm acclimatised over the past 30 years ;) I must admit though, I'm not keen on this style. I've seen a few bloggers wearing this look and it does nothing for me :( I'll have to find something different to wear this season, me thinks. It' wouldn't do if we all liked the same things though, would it!
    Suzy x

    1. Yesterday....I could have worn sandals, it was so lovely but today well that's a whole 'nother story! I could end up retreating into my boots again! Actually these sandals are pretty well covered so I am hopeful that I could get the wear out of them sooner! ;0) You are so right....it would definitely not do if we all liked the same......I am sure there will be lots more sandals being blogged about it the coming weeks! :0) xx

  2. P.S I started subscribing to your blog recently and I'd love to share your posts but I couldn't find any share buttons anywhere :( x

    1. Thanks Suzy, I will look into this! xx

  3. Anonymous26/3/16 15:54

    It's not really too early to look for sandals - because you know once the sun starts shining, the shelves will suddenly empty! Some really lovely choices. Have a lovely Easter x

    1. I actually bought a pair of strappy flat sandals back in January....they sold out straight away so I'm glad I did! As these are bit chunkier I'm hoping I might be able to wear them in the next few weeks without looking too much like a tool! ;0) Happy Easter to you too! xx

  4. Love this look Michelle...Have you been tempted with any of them yet? Our weather is so changeable...yesterday all we needed was wellies and the day before that...well you could of worn those gorgeous sandals!!
    Have a lovely Easter
    Helen xx

    1. It is a gorgeous look isn't it Helen! I have indeed been tempted....all shall be revealed soon! Definitely hoping to recreate this outfit! Wishing you a lovely Easter too! xx

  5. Like your style and your blog, will be checking out the boyfriend jeans in H & M they might be just what i'm looking for..x just started blogging, if you'd care to have a look be grateful mummabstylish.com..x

    1. Ahh...thanks so much! I found the H&M boyfriends to be a lovely shape! I will most certainly pop over to your blog to take a look xx