13 March 2016

grey slouchy trousers!

Could I have finally found my holy grail pair of grey slouchy trousers?! I know there has been a lot of internet love for this pic of Noholita and hands up this is a look I have wanted to replicate for a while but I've tried on a lot of grey trews and just not found any that have come close to these.

Anyway.....here's the tale of how I came across what I am hoping will be the perfect pair! As I was having a little trawl of what's new in at Toppers I spied these......

Ah-ha....I thought! These could be just the job! At the next available opportunity I dived into my local Topshop! Grabbed the trews and hot-footed it to the changing room! I only wish I'd taken a picture....oh how I laughed! They were so short on me that I looked like I was wearing some cast off's from my 9 year old! Very strange considering the model in the pic above is 5ft 8" and I am 5ft 6"! I did hope they would come up longer but alas no. I just did not like them. Thoroughly deflated, I got dressed and thought I'd just have a quick flit through the tall section so see if there were any longer ones there! Nada! But so glad I took that little detour on my way out as I passed the last chance rail......and guess what was hiding there!! Yep, I did let out a little squeal when I saw a size 10 pair of these sat there on their lonesome!

Now I did think to take a photo of these.....I love them but what I will say is that I didn't purchase them on the spot as I decided to size up and order the 12 for an even more slouchy feel.

The ropey (pardon the pun!) belt will be coming straight off.....I'm sure it will come in handy for a school fancy dress-up day at some point! 

So what do we think? I have found a good high street homage to the Noholita ones? I will keep you posted as to how I get on with these! Is there an item you've been hankering after this season that you have found hard to find? I would love to hear!

Zara coat, past season similar here
Topshop sweatshirt, sold out in blue but still available in black or grey
Zara jeans, similar here
Adidas Originals Stan Smiths, here

Primark bomber jacket, past season similar here
Topshop Breton, sold out but I love this one here
Topshop Jamie jeans, similar wash here
Topshop boots, via eBay similar here
Gap bag, alternative here
H&M snood, similar here

Topshop coat, similar here
Gap sweatshirt, past season similar here and here
H&M jeans, past season similar here
Superga, here
Balenciaga bag, ancient similar here

Rock & Religion sweatshirt, here
Topshop Jamie jeans, here
Urban Outfitters Percy boots, similar here

H&M shirt, similar here
Topshop Jamie jeans, similar here
Superga, here

It's looks as though we have turned the corner and that spring could finally be here! 

Wishing everybody a great start to the week.....I shall be back again soon!



  1. Ooh great find Michelle. Look forward to seeing how you style them. Sue xx

    1. They look good don't you think Sue? I am definitely going to be trying out that black biker and white sneaker look! xx

  2. Oh I can't wait to see how you fare with the trousers too. It's such a good look isn't it? And I have to admit, I know that squeal of joy when you find something on the Last Chance Rail ... in your size!

    1. I literally cannot wait to gain possession of these trews Sue....I absolutely love Noholita's look! My mission from now on is try not to overlook that last chance rail as you just never now what you might find! xx