27 March 2016

Buy now or regret it later!

It's hard to think about high summer now, even though it's been a beautiful day here it's still been chilly! However there are some things that just will not been around once the summer gets here. I put money on this stunning white Topshop dress will be one of them!

Here's how I plan to wear mine! ;0)

As if to prove my point, I did actually buy some Topshop tributes to the K Jacques sandals back in January......of course they are long gone! Sold out within weeks! You got to grab things while you can!

Have you bought anything for summer yet just in case it sells out? I would love to hear!

And so onto my outfits from the past couple of days.

Vintage Urban Renewal sweatshirt via Depop, similar style here
Gap original fit jeans, past season similar here
Adidas Originals Stan Smiths, here

Primark cardigan, recent instore
Zara stripe t-shirt, similar here
Topshop Jamie jeans, here
Nike Blazers, here

My outfit today comprises of some gorgeous pieces that I was lucky enough to win from Hush Homewear thanks to an Instagram competition run by the lovely Amanda, The Online Stylist These pieces are perfect additions to my wardrobe....the Brogues are supremely comfortable, I can't recommend them highly enough, the t-shirt is gorgeous quality and I love the star necklace! There was even a little chocolate Easter treat in there too!

The sun was out here today so I put my new pieces into action

Mango blazer, past season similar here
Hush star print t-shirt, here
H&M boyfriend jeans, past season similar here
Hush Brogues, here

Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend and having a great Easter!

Be back again soon.



  1. You can't beat a pretty white dress for summer Michelle can you. I'm definitely keeping my eye open for the right one.
    Hope you're having a lovely Easter.
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

    1. I have a feeling there maybe more than one white dress making it's way into my wardrobe Jane! You are absolutely right when you say you can't beat them for summer! Wishing you a lovely Easter too! xx

  2. I've bought some pieces from Uniqlo ready for summer. Feeling guilty now as I don't need them just wanted them.

    1. Anna...thank you so much! I haven't looked at Uniqlo for a while so it's time I had a quick peruse! Don't feel guilty.....I reckon the things you love will have disappeared by the time we need them xx

  3. I'm just planning a new summer bag in tan and sandals I've seen in Top Shop. I know I won't sleep tonight for thinking about them (ha ha). Lovely dress Michelle and wow what a win. Lucky you xx

    1. Ha-ha Donna! Have missed out on things where I have dithered has caused me a few sleepless nights too! Topshop have some ace things at the mo.....I love their sandals....I bought 3 pairs there last summer!
      Such a lovely little haul of Hush stuff that I won, really thrilled with it! xx

  4. Love those sandals, they are the perfect summer sandals and so reasonable I so didnt get on board in time and have completely missed out! Loving your looks the M sweater is fa and congrats on winning the competition that is brilliant the shoes, tee and necklace are gorge!! xxxx

    1. The Toppers sandals are safely stashed, waiting patiently for the warmer weather Fran! ;0) For once I was on the ball, even though it felt slightly wrong buying them in January! The M sweater was a lucky vintage find on Depop! As for the Hush goodies.....so, so chuffed with my new spring additions! xx

  5. Now that is a cute white dress, although the waistline sits a little too high for my liking :)
    Lucky you for winning such awesome items. I'm very envious! I went through a phase of winning stuff on Twitter - a designer handbag, a designer onesie for a baby (I don't have kids so that went to my niece), jewellery, makeup, books, toothpaste, even! lol!! I do love a good giveaway :)
    I haven't bought anything for the summer yet, it's hard to even think about it with the cooler weather. Although this week, it is getting warmer here in the Algarve where I live!
    Have a great week :)
    Suzy x

    1. It's a gorgeous dress isn't it Suzy...I know what you mean about the waist though as I have a very similar shaped Topshop dress in black that I got last year!
      I've been so lucky over the past year....I've won 3 competitions! You could say I've got a taste for it now! ;0)
      I'm just starting to think summer now. I've also ordered a skirt and I'm looking at pretty white blouses too as you can never have too many of them come summer! So envious of your warmer climes! Wishing you a lovely week too! p.s The sharing button are broken :0( but I am hoping to get someone more techy to have a look at that for me! Thank you for pointing that out! xx

  6. This is where I adopt the smug face and do a "yuss" as I've got the Topshop Hercules sandals too. I did dither for a while but then saw the sizes disappearing which always sets the panic button off. And that white dress is very pretty - Iike Suzy above, I can't wear that as the waistline is too high. Now find me a pretty white shift dress and you're talking!

    1. Ha-Ha Sue....my turn to do the smug *yuss* as I have a white shift already, though it is an ancient white Gap one. The Toppers one appeals as it's just that little more romantic! Goodness....how lucky were we to get in there with those sandals! I can't believe how expensive the K Jacques ones are! :-/ xx