31 March 2016

What's new this week!

Hands up who else got a case of twitchy fingers over the bank holiday weekend?! After a comment left by the lovely Anna on my last blog post, I realised that it had been sometime since I looked at Uniqlo so I thought I'd best have a little peruse of their website! An order of a couple of random items was placed forthwith. Firstly, secured this.

***7/4/2016 Good news update! Uniqlo now have the skirt in stock again but just in case New Look have done a similar chiffon pleated skirt in pink or cream!***

Subconsciously I think I have been influenced by my lovely mate Sue's post here. Sue looks so amazing in her gold pleated skirt, when I saw this dove grey one I didn't hesitate in clicking the button! In the middle of the night I was awake plotting how exactly I might style mine using some things I already to hand and this is what I came up with! I thought the soft grey skirt would look fab with the blue Topshop sweatshirt I bought a while back which is sadly now sold out, however it would look gorgeous with a soft pink one like this......

Next up, I thought it would look great with the Zara camo jacket I've had for a few years now, it's still a firm fav! It would also look superb with a pair of sandals on my wishlist.....those silver Saltwaters will definitely be mine this summer!

And last but not least.....everything goes with a denim jacket, plain white tee and silver Superga doesn't it?! 

I like to make sure that a wardrobe addition like this is going to go with many things I already have and isn't going to hang in there unloved! So just to be sure.......I did have a little peruse of Pinterest just to give myself a few more ideas! How gorgeous would it be with a denim shirt and some flat tan strappy sandals or an oversize sweater and statement necklace?! 

I would have worn the skirt today....it's been glorious here but unfortunately we plumped on doing a bike ride so it was more of a trousers kinda day! But here's a little taster anyway! I went for a size a medium as I didn't want the skirt to sit right on my waist, a little lower on the hips if you please!

This is where I keep ya hangin' as I'll fill you in on my other purchase next time! ;0) Once I've figured out how to style them that is! 

Outfits this week so far....

Uniqlo sweater, past season gorgeous alternative here
Zara jeans, here
Hush brogues, here

Uniqlo merino sweater here
H&M shirt, similar here
Zara jeans, similar here
Hush Brogues, here

Topshop jacket, similar here
Missguided dress via ASOS, here
Nike Blazers, here

Zara jacket, past season similar here from Topshop
Zara t-shirt, similar here
Topshop trousers, here
Converse, here

So! I'll be back in a couple of days with the other purchase I made! It's fair to say I am loving a bit of Uniqlo at the moment! What brand is floating your boat this season?! I would love to hear!

Back soon with the other purchase!

27 March 2016

Buy now or regret it later!

It's hard to think about high summer now, even though it's been a beautiful day here it's still been chilly! However there are some things that just will not been around once the summer gets here. I put money on this stunning white Topshop dress will be one of them!

Here's how I plan to wear mine! ;0)

As if to prove my point, I did actually buy some Topshop tributes to the K Jacques sandals back in January......of course they are long gone! Sold out within weeks! You got to grab things while you can!

Have you bought anything for summer yet just in case it sells out? I would love to hear!

And so onto my outfits from the past couple of days.

Vintage Urban Renewal sweatshirt via Depop, similar style here
Gap original fit jeans, past season similar here
Adidas Originals Stan Smiths, here

Primark cardigan, recent instore
Zara stripe t-shirt, similar here
Topshop Jamie jeans, here
Nike Blazers, here

My outfit today comprises of some gorgeous pieces that I was lucky enough to win from Hush Homewear thanks to an Instagram competition run by the lovely Amanda, The Online Stylist These pieces are perfect additions to my wardrobe....the Brogues are supremely comfortable, I can't recommend them highly enough, the t-shirt is gorgeous quality and I love the star necklace! There was even a little chocolate Easter treat in there too!

The sun was out here today so I put my new pieces into action

Mango blazer, past season similar here
Hush star print t-shirt, here
H&M boyfriend jeans, past season similar here
Hush Brogues, here

Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend and having a great Easter!

Be back again soon.


24 March 2016

i must be mad.....

....but I'm looking at sandals! And it's this Pinterest inspiration that #mademedoit 

Then I remembered this pic too.....

So now you can see why I'm on a mission.....I think I *need* a pair of sandals in this style! Why?! Because they look fab with jeans....and dresses! I love a block heel, they are comfy, I can walk in them. And! I have found a few fab homages to these gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent sandals on the High Street!

These look pretty good too, also from ASOS. You can bag these with 20% discount if you have bought Elle magazine this month! ;0)

I'm torn between two pairs as these are stonkin' replicas!

But! I reckon I saved the best 'til last.....these New Look ones are ace and brilliant a bargain for such a trend item.

If you want to shop versions of the whole look.....

Levi 501 CT destroyed boyfriend jeans 20% off with Elle Magazine/ASOS ;0)

Is there a style of sandal you have fallen in love with? Have you taken the plunge yet and purchased? My finger is hovering over the button because it feels a bit nuts buying these considering the current climate....i.e freezing!

Now, maybe if I'd seen the sandals on Monday it would have been a whole 'nother story as we had a little taste of spring.....but it's been downhill all the way since! As you can see by my outfits though I have tried to go without a full-on coat!

Topshop cardigan, past season similar here
H&M shirt, current similar here
Zara jeans, past season similar here
Converse, here

Topshop blazer, here
Banana Republic sweater, similar here
H&M boyfriend jeans, past season similar here
Adidas Originals Stan Smiths, here

Gap Outlet trench coat, past season similar here
H&M sweater, similar here
Topshop pinstripe trousers, similar here
Converse, here
Mango bag, here

That's all from me for now! I'm very much looking forward to the Bank Holiday weekend and having my DD home for the next two weeks. Wishing everyone a lovely Easter!

Be back soon!

20 March 2016

somewhere I haven't shopped in a while

Good old Dotty P's I've noticed have some really good pieces this season! After seeing this gorgeous blouse on the lovely Alex from The Frugality.....I had a little snoop around on their website.

As much as I love this shirt, admittedly it is something that wouldn't slot that easily into my wardrobe or that would suit my lifestyle to be fair. But going in search of it has lead me to find some other gems that would slot in perfectly with my style!

First up....how fab are these trews?! Having just bought the Topshop grey slouchy trouser I can see just how great an alternative these would make to my beloved jeans for spring. These certainly could be making their way into my wardrobe over the next few weeks. They are currently reduced making them just over 20 quid!

I'll warn you now....this is quite a random list! Next up is a trend that looks like it is going to be big again this summer, the cold shoulder top. The fluted long sleeve is another detail which is all the rage at the moment as well.

Sticking with tops....love this little ditsy print number. Although I struggle to make blouses work as they are quite dressy, this is the kind of top that I think would look fab under the DP pinafore I bought last year.....more on that further down.

Going off on a tangent....but this appeals to my monochrome tendencies and would fit in so perfectly into my wardrobe. This is from a brand that DP stock that I am familiar with called Mela. This would be brilliant for breaking up some of my all black outfits.

Though I've already got a couple of denim skirts I seem to be drawn to them! Both of mine are button through, as this one doesn't I could be trying this on! ;0)

And finally....this was in fact my last purchase from DP! I may just have to get it in this colourway as well as mine is dark denim and the lighter wash is a tad more summery! This was great with a Breton or plain tee underneath but it also worked well with a shirt or Victoriana style blouse underneath. The same went for footwear.....I favoured it with my Stan's or Converse but it was also looked fab with flat tan sandal. Have I sold it to you yet?! 

Is Dorothy Perkins somewhere you look regularly? What was the last thing you purchased there? I'm adding DP to my list of places to check the *New In* section every week as I'm impressed with what they have to offer at the moment! There is 10% off if you sign up to their newsletter and free delivery if you order is over £30.....you can also click & collect which is probably what I shall be doing to avoid the rolling of the eyes from the DH when yet another parcel is delivered! ;0)

My usual outfit round-up from the past few days. We had a few very promising spring like temps....now things have turned chilly again so I've slunk back into the winter wardrobe again.

MuuBaa leather jacket, past season similar here
Gap v neck sweater, similar here
Topshop trousers, here
Converse, here
Mango bag, here

Zara coat, past season similar here
Topshop sweater, past season similar here
Zara jeans, past season similar here
Adidas Originals Stan Smiths, here
Mango bag, here
H&M snood, past season similar here

Primark cardigan, current instore
Zoe Karssen sweater, past season, love this sweatshirt here
Topshop Jamie jeans, here
Adidas Originals Stan Smiths, here
Mango Bag, here
H&M snood, past season similar here

Zara sweatshirt, here
Topshop trousers, past season similar here
Converse, here

Are there any other High Street stores you sometimes overlook that it's time to revisit? I would love to hear!

I will be back in the week.....no doubt with more stuff that has caught my eye!

16 March 2016

a mid week treat

Today I've welcomed a new bag into the fold. I saw it Mango, instore last week, I was rather taken with it but that little voice in my head said nah-ah......you've had a very spendy month lady!! Anyway, it was still on my mind a couple of days later so I took to a bit of frantic eBaying to scrape together the funds. I'm still trying to work on the basis of the one in, one out so I sold another black bag to make room for this one.

Mango studded cross body bag Also comes in tan & white

I used the bag the minute it was in my possession.......

Stradivarius bomber jacket, here
H&M sweater, similar here
H&M jeans, past season similar here
Nike Blazers, here
Mango studded cross body bag, here
H&M snood, past season similar here

And what really makes my heart sing is that it matches my favourite sandals!

Kuret Geiger Kad sandals, past season similar here

Whilst I've been lusting over my prospective purchase online all week I've obviously come across another bag or two that have caught my eye.

Starting with a bit of animal print

I really love a metallic bag....this silver leather shopper is so perfect for spring/summer

Last but not least....a pop of colour. This would work wonders for lifting some of my neutral transitional spring outfits and it's such a bargain at £19.99!

Onto my outfit round-up from the other couple of days this week.

Jaeger sweater, past season similar here
H&M shirt, current similar here
H&M jeans, here
Converse, here

Topshop jacket, past season similar here
Bella Freud sweatshirt, spendy alternative here, save alternative here
Zara jeans, similar here
Superga, here
Gap bag, past season but love this Mango one here
H&M snood, similar here

Have you treated yourself to something lovely as a hump day treat? I would love to hear!

A quick update from my last post on the Topshop grey slouchy trews....they are here and I love them! I will be sporting them tomorrow weather permitting.

Back at the weekend with a few other things that have caught my eye.