19 February 2016

that biggest clothing horror story ever......

sold out!!

Yep....hot off the press outfit here and this Topshop Unique Hortensia blouse has gone already!

The lovely Louise only wore this to the Alexa Chung/Marks & Spencer party last night and it's almost gone! :-0 Fear not though I've found a cunning alternative for Louise's whole ensemble! 

I WANT this top! I love it! The rest of the outfit just happens to be things I can pull from my own wardrobe....but it never hurts to look for alternatives right?! 

Anyway......after a bit of research on the Mango website I have discovered they have some really gorgeous tops in at the moment...just a few here I have added to my wishlist! 

First up......this is the season for ruffles, so I'm told!

I find it very hard to pass up a cream embroidered top too!

I adore the peplum style that my favourite French IGers are wearing so I need to add one of these to my wardrobe for spring!

So many gorgeous things I want from Mango now! What do you think of my style steal?! I'm kinda glad the Toppers one is sold out....I could justify all of the Mango ones for the same price as the TS Unique! Woo hoo! I finally feel I am on a spring....roll, pardon the pun but up until now I just have not been feeling it! Let's just hope there are some better temperatures around the corner!

I reckon my past couple of days away in Devon have got me in the mood to liven up my wardrobe a bit......though looking at these outfits you could tell I was not quite there yet! 

Travelling outfit! Obligatory balcony #selfie!

Bella Freud sweatshirt, sold out but I love this grey sweatshirt here
H&M trousers, similar here
Converse, here

Hotel loo #selfie ......I've managed to edit most of the bin out here! ;0)

COS sweater, here
Zara faux leather skirt, similar here
Urban Outfitters boots, similar here

Squeezed in the corner hotel bathroom #selfie! Packing faux pas meant I had to improvise and wear my Zara skirt 2 nights in a row! That'll teach to get distracted whilst outfit planning for holidays in the furture! 

H&M Breton, here
Zara faux leather skirt
Urban Outfitters boots, similar here

Are you ready for Spring yet? Who is inspiring purchases? I would love to hear!

Until next time!


  1. Cool jacket :)
    BLOG M&MFASHIONBITES : http://mmfashionbites.blogspot.gr/
    Maria V.

  2. Just found your blog. Absolutely love it. U are my new hero!! Looking forward to the updates. Jo (Dublin)

    1. Thank you Jo, that is so lovely to hear! Roll on spring so we can wear some of these looks! xx

  3. Love your outfits, Michelle. Hope you had a great time! Such a pretty house, but I love the MNgo alternatives. I've been eyeing up a few things in Mango too - they have some great stock at the moment! Lynne xx

    1. I fear Mango could get me in a lot of trouble this season Lynne! ;0) I always prefer their spring/summer things! We had a lovely couple of days away thanks, it was lovely to just chill away from the usual half term madness! xx

  4. Love Louise and her style, both blouses are really cute and look especially good under a leather jacket. I was on Mango website the other night and saw loads of things Michelle, that red bag great homage to the trio! You looked great on every picture from Devon, I think you have your own personal style nailed now ...... fabulously cool. x

    1. Louise is so great for style inspiration isn't she Annmarie! I love the way she mixes up high street with high end! I definitely see Mango getting lots of my pennies this season, they have some really lovely pieces! The red bag is such a steal and a ringer for the Celine trio! Thank you for the fabulous compliment lovely! In Devon, it was pure luck that I managed to pull any decent outfits out of the bag....I'm normally so organised but I don't know what happened this time! xx

  5. What beautiful tops - I've been eyeing the Mango ruffled ones myself. Mango always provide great summer tops!

    1. Mango really do have some gorgeous tops....well everything is actually lovely this season! I don't think I have a chance in hell of realising my dream of a capsule wardrobe this spring/summer! xx

  6. Mango always seem to come up trumps don't they Michelle? I absolutely love that ruffled top, its just something a bit different, which personally I'm lacking in my wardrobe right now. I can't wait for Spring to arrive, as a bit fed up with being buried in layers of knits right now!! Hope you had a great break away?
    Helen xx