8 February 2016

let's talk jeans again

Hands up....this research did not go well, but not for the reasons you would expect! After my last post, there was one comment that echoed....trying on jeans really does strike fear into the heart of most women. If only the trying on bit had been my problem. I found that even though I visited more than one branch, Topshop seem to be out of sizes everywhere on their core styles. Which is really bad timing as they have just launched their new jeans collection to the press with a gorgeous looking ad campaign.....

Topshop have added a couple of new styles into the mix, but they seem to be really pitching the straight legs this season, with their aptly named *straight* and the slimmer but still straight *orson*. I have to say these styles haven't made into my local store yet....I guess the new styles will be tested out at their flagship stores first. I'll be honest and say that I'm not won over by the straight style.....I am sticking with my beloved skinnies for now. So how did I fare with the styles that I did manage to find in my size? I found a solitary pair of Leigh's to try and just the one pair of Jamie's in a blue that would be acceptable. However, as I was making my way to the fitting room I spotted a sign saying *New Style* so I cast my eye over the rail and spotted the *Cain*. These are described as premium denim, high waisted and super skinny so I thought I'd best try them. Verdict.....they were hands down my favourites! I didn't try them until last by which time I was well and truly disheartened by the lack of options! But those shopping fairies must have be shining down on me again! They are high on the waist, the premium denim is lovely, a bit thicker but with the perfect amount of stretch....brilliant for holding everything in and to top it all off my normal 32" leg is the perfect ankle grazing length to wear with boots and trainers.The proof was in the pudding as they say.....they went straight on as soon as I got home and I'm happy to report that they are super comfy and have already exceeded my expectations! Nothing short of a brilliant fitting pair of jeans....I am totally converted from my beloved Jamie's! I have even ordered a second pair in washed black....I really am that enamoured!

As worn by me here...

Topshop coat, past season similar here
Topshop sweatshirt, here
Topshop Cain Jeans here
Adidas Stan Smiths here

The strange thing is there is no mention of the Cain, here amongst the rest of their offerings featured in the campaign here. I do hope they aren't going to be a one season wonder. The uber-trendy crop kick flare is also missing from the Topshop *Icons* line-up.......odd?? So, do you think you could be won over by the straight leg jean this season or are you sticking with what you know and love?

Right....moving along swiftly......as promised on my last post, there are a few dressier looks here as I had a few rare nights out all coming at once!

Uniqlo silk shirt, similar here
Topshop Jamie jeans, here
Urban Outfitters boots, similar here
Lulu Guinness bag, past season similar here

Zara cardigan, sold out online, this Mango one is gorgeous and a great bargain!
Gap Merino v neck sweater, similar here
Topshop Jamie jeans, here
H&M snood, similar here
Hallhuber handbag, sold out online

Zara dress, here
River Island shoes, similar here
Katie Loxton clutch, here

Zara sweater, past season similar here
Zara jeans, similar here
Converse, sold out online

Dressing for the next few days looks as though it will interesting....it is so wet'n'wild out there. Stay safe folks. I'll be back soon shopping my wardrobe for some Spring basics in a bid to put together a wish list so I am ready for the warmer weather.....if it ever arrives!

Back soon!



  1. I found a pair of Cains after a bit of a hunt for them - they weren't exactly being promoted. The denim struck me as being pretty good but could I get them on ... err no. I'd taken the wrong size in and I couldn't get them past my butt. And by that time, I was in no mood to go and get my proper size - trying on jeans does that to you doesn't it? I have to say, I'm always on the look out for new jeans but nothing beats the ones I already have still.

    1. It's official......one disastrous trying on session does have us running for the hills doesn't it! I must admit Sue, I picked up my usual size and when I looked at them in the fitting room I thought no chance of me getting in those but they were deceiving and once on the thicker denim really does hold it all in. You really do have to be in the right frame of mind to have a proper try on...I've been into town a couple of times since and just could not face peeling all the layers off! I'll no doubt go back at some point though to put those straight legs totally out of my mind....they look so good turned up with boots in the ad campaign! xx

  2. I daren't go to Topshop in search of jeans as the teenage daughter is now a huge fan so considers it her territory ... there is nothing more 'uncool' than having the same clothes as your mum :) I did however, get the cropped kick flares in River Island, which I truly expected to be vile - but I loved them so much, like you, I ordered a second pair!!! Such a joy when you find jeans that work!

    1. Now you come to mention it Helen, I'm probably old enough to be the mother of all of the models in the ad campaign! Luckily though my DD isn't shopping at Toppers yet though so until that time comes I am safe! I did try some kick flares on whilst I was doing this research....I keep trying with them but I am still not convinced they are for me! Envious of anyone that can pull them off though! xx

  3. I adore that Zara maxi on you Michelle, it looks fab, I spotted it on Emma and you both wear it so well. You will completely rock it with converse too xxx

    1. Ahh, thank you Frances! Seeing that dress on Emma was perfect timing as I had a party to go to and I fancied something new but had resigned myself to the fact I was going to be wearing something I already had. Once I spotted the Zara dress, I knew it was the sort of thing I'd get a lot of wear out because it looks so ace dressed down! It feels lovely on too! xx

  4. It's so hard to find the perfect Jean. I hate that the sizing varies between styles and stores, leaving you feeling very disheartened. I do love my M&S jeans and I have a pair of Topshop Joni which are lovely too. Lynne xx

    1. Actually Lynne, the Cain is very similar to the Joni, they just have pockets on the front. With jeans, if you find a brand that's good for you I think it's worth sticking with them! xx

  5. Those models all look really angry, don't they? Maybe they're hungry :-D I don't think I'll be going for straight leg jeans - they aren't very flattering on my pear shaped bottom half - but the Cains look worth a try. We have a small Topshop local to me, so I might just have a little nosely the next time I'm passing... xx

  6. Hi my lovely!! The Cain jeans look amazing on you and its great to find good fitting quality jeans. I do love Topshop, Uniqlo, River Island and H&M for jeans and I'm also liking the kick flare style and the culotte style for the summer season too xxx

  7. Love jeans. The Cain look great. Have you ever tried River Island as I"find there jeans fit perfectly snd they have a good range. I've never tried Topshop jeans myself but may Do in future. Lovely post, Tracey xx

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