3 February 2016

a o b

As January comes to a close there are a few loose ends purchase-wise for me to tie up hence the natty post title......any other business!

Here's a wardrobe addition I've been meaning to confess too for a while....and how I came to find it. I discovered this Instagram feed a while ago and it's brilliant! This lady manages to find tons of High Street tributes of some of the things my favourite French Instagrammers are wearing. It's how I came across this gorgeous Topshop leopard print saddle bag. 

Granted, some of the brands aren't always available to us in the UK but on the whole it's stores like H&M, Mango, ASOS and Topshop. Some of these brands are available on Zalando. Unfortunately this bag was sold out on Zalando before I could get to it, Sadly, it was also sold out on the Topshop website. Thankfully though, with Topshop whilst items may out of stock online you are still able to check the stores to see if they still have stock. Alas, again I was scuppered because none of my locals did! That was when I put a call out to my lovely friend Sue, hoping there may be one I could secure from a store near her. As you know Sue has come up trumps for me before (see here) and as luck would have it she found one and purchased it for me! Gosh....the lengths we go to obtain these things! Up until now I have hung back from revealing it as I had hoped it would come back into stock on the website! Nobody knows better than me there is nothing worse than seeing something you want and it being sold out! 

As it hasn't come back into stock, the best I can do is offer a couple of alternatives here and hereThey do still stock it in black and it does bear a striking resemblance to this Mansur Gavriel cross body bag which goes for about 10 times the price!

Mansur Gavriel mini cross body bag

The Topshop version is a darn sight more pocket friendly! It's nicely made for the money and it's the perfect size to fit your essentials purse, phone, sunnies, keys and lippy. Perfect for the school run.

Another little acquisition I've made thanks to this feed has been some fab funky socks to wear with my new Converse! I've been wearing mine unzipped with a cheeky bit of sock showing....a bit like this....

Credit where it's due again, this was actually Sue's idea. It works a treat though as you can see!

I also got a couple of pairs of these sparkly ones from Topshop

What lengths have you been known to go to to score a desired item? Do you know of anyone else with a flair for finding the unobtainable or another great source of High Street VS High End style inspiration? I'd love to hear!

It's been a black, grey and white few days......

Topshop oversize cardy, past season similar here
Gap camouflage sweatshirt, past season alternative here
Zara ripped jeans, past season similar here
Converse, sold out online
H&M snood, here

Topshop coat, past season similar here
Donna Ida sweater, past season similar here
Topshop Jamie jeans, here
Converse, here
Hallhuber bag, sold out online

Zara coat, ancient similar here
Bella Freud sweater, sold out online
Zara jeans past season, similar here
Converse, here
H&M snood, here
Furla bag, ancient alternative here

Urban Outfitters BDG parka, sold out similar here
Boden sweater, similar here
Gap Always skinny jeans, here
Nike Blazers, here
Topshop bag, sold out similar here

I've got some nights out over the next few days so next time I'll  hopefully be sharing a couple of different looks from my usual uniform!

See you again soon!


  1. Love your leopard bag Michelle! I have bag ENVY!! Am now a follower of idee2look, thanks for the tip but I feel it could be dangerous! Sue xx

    1. It's a cute bag isn't it Sue! Such a great shape and size! idee2look is amazing....I know it's going to cost me a lot too! xx

  2. Thanks for the mention Michelle and you know the lengths I go to - even having to put in some old O'level French to get me what I want. The little leopard bag is a goody - glad to have helped!

    1. I sometimes wonder what I'd do without you Sue! We are pretty dedicated to getting what we want aren't we! All I can say is thank goodness for Google translate and worldwide shipping these days! ;0) xx

  3. Loving the new bit of leopard print Michelle & so versatile too.
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

    1. Thanks Jane....a bit of Bet just cannot be beaten can it! xx

  4. Fab bag Michelle, and loving the sparkly socks! I got some knee length fairisle socks from H&M last year which I wore pushed down and poking out of the top of my Ash Virgins, and I'm fully embracing Superstars and socks this year - who knew fashion could be so practical??! xx

    1. Ooh....not sure I can do socks unless it's with the hi-tops but I could end up eating my words there Becky! Very pleased with my little bag purchase! :0) xx

  5. Fab bag, Michelle! Love the cheeky sock showing too!! Gorgeous outfits as always. Lynne xx

    1. Thanks Lynne! I am trying to keep down with those cool French girls on the sock front! It wouldn't have occurred to me to do that....good old Sue came to the rescue with that idea! xx

  6. Hi my lovely!! Loving the new black mini bag- perfectly minimal and stylish and a definite keeper I'm sure you'll use it often!! Cute socks too- I tend to buy black but I might get some patterned ones next time!! Xxx

    1. Thanks lovely...I've used the bag a lot already! Such a handy size for everyday! I always wear black sock....I got some raised eyebrows from Gracie when I took the jazzy socks out of the bag! xx

  7. Sorry I thought you'd got the black Topshop one- the leopard print one is soo gorgeous- well tracked xxx