31 January 2016

wise style words

Last week I finally got around to reading the Garance Dore book I was given for Christmas. I had a had a quick flick through the Love Style Life book but I hadn't read any of the chapters in depth. When I got to the section on style these wise words literally jumped off the page at me.
*Not wanting to stand out too much.*
When I was a teenager my mum had an brilliant job, she worked full time and always dressed immaculately. Although I was immensely proud of her (and still am!) I was embarrassed whenever she came to school for anything because I just wanted her to look like the other mums in their stretchy ski pants and baggy sweaters (this was the 80's!!). I think the seeds were sewn back then for my school run style. I do worry about how I might make my daughter feel by drawing too much attention to myself!
Klaxon please! Another statement from Garance that I applaud.
*Finding out what works for you and not being afraid to say no to everything else*
Thank you for your permission Garance, I needed that.
Last but not least.
*Trends only if they work with your current wardrobe*. 
Doesn't look as though I'll be doing the Granny shoes this season then. 
Anyway all of the above totally resonates with me and so I shall go forth, hopefully staying on the style straight and narrow.

Ok, so here's what I think has become my signature style at the moment. Coat, knitwear or sweatshirt, skinny jeans and trainers. It's not rocket science but that's basically what I've worn everyday this week and been very happy in. It's become my uniform. Now that I had this kind of justification in hand, there were a couple of purchases of my signature staples. Quelle horreur though! They are not something that would go down well with the stylish Parisians who advise us to steer clear of logos.....as you are not a billboard! Quote borrowed from How to be a Parisian!
Anyway before I digress any further, onto my first purchase. My lovely friend Vikki bought this to my attention! She messaged me to say *I can really see you in this* and boy am I glad she did as I really love it and I predict you will get sick of seeing me in it.

Thanks to Vikki's eagle eyes I got a brilliant bargain as she spotted it on the Bella Freud website reduced to £54! Obviously I flexed the credit card straightaway and lucky I did as I reckon I had the last one as an hour later it showed up as sold out! I took a chance as there was only XS or XL left, I plumped for XS as it was described as oversize and thankfully it's just perfect! They do have some small left on Coggles here.
I loved wearing this early in the week like this....

Zara coat, past season similar here
Bella Freud sweatshirt, here
Zara jeggings, past season similar here
Converse sold out online
H&M snood, here
Furla bag, ancient

.......which made me go in search of something similar. I just happened to stumble across this whilst starting my jeans research in earnest on Thursday and I knew it had to come home with me. Now I have added a much needed bit of colour to my wardrobe! 

Topshop coat, similar here
Topshop sweatshirt, here
Zara jeans, similar here
Converse, sold out online
Furla bag, ancient but I would love this one here  or this one as a replacement!

I love this colour too so I shall be casting my over this little beauty.

And I'm still trying to find a shade of pink that might work for me, I'm told blush would be a better shade so I need to take a closer look at this sweatshirt.

So that's my transitional signature look to take me into Spring. How is yours shaping up? What style is your go-to uniform?

Sticking with the signature outfit theme....what I wore the rest of the week

Zara coat, past season similar here
Jaeger sweater, past season similar here 
Topshop jeans, current here
Topshop boots, via eBay but similar from ASOS here 
Hallhuber bag, sold out online

Zara jumper, sold out online
Zara jeans, past season similar here
Converse, sold out online

Warehouse blouse, ancient but this is lovely here
Topshop Jeans, here
River Island shoes, past season similar here
Pull & Bear clutch bag, past season similar here

Is there anything you remember from your youth that you think may have influenced your style? I would love to hear!

Until next time!



  1. Hi my lovely!! What an inspirational stylish post- I'm a massive fan of the casual uniform (sitting here in sweatshirt and skinnies too lol). I love the cobalt blue Topshop sweatshirt and your Bella Freud one is spot on, fab buy! Christopher brought me home a cute cropped style grey logo sweatshirt which I'll wear soon- building a nice little collection- you can never have too many!! Have a great week ahead xxx

    1. Hey Sharon....thank you so much lovely! It is so much easier to get dressed in the morning when you've figured out your style uniform isn't it? You are so right, you can never have too many good sweatshirts! Wishing you a lovely week ahead too! xx

  2. I regularly read your blog, love all the inspiration. I really really love your hair though! I have a similar style/colour...would you mind sharing what type of highlights you have done? Is it bleach or tint or both? x

    1. Ahh, thank you Jenny! It is both, I have bleach and 2 different tints a light and dark one. I can find out the exact colour if you want me to?! xx

  3. Thank you for the reply! I have the exact same bleach, one dark and one light tint, i will just stick with that format i think was tempted to get more bleach in next time but will resist as end up with more obvious roots. Blonde can be so difficult to get right!

    1. You are welcome Jenny! I keep trying to go a little bit darker back towards my natural mousey blonde....darn roots scuppering our plans! xx

  4. Wise words indeed! I think it can be really easy to get stuck in a style rut as a SAHM, but that's why I love your style Michelle. You take wardrobe basics and make them work perfectly for you in a way that is cool and interesting. I bet your daughter is proud to have such a funky mum! I'm still coming round to finding my own signature style - mainly consisting of black stuff! - but I definitely agree with you on one thing - no granny shoes for me!!

    I love your going out outfit in the last photo. You look super stylish. Hope you had a great night xx

    1. Garance does have this style thing off to a T doesn't she Becky! It's good to keep finding things to update your wardrobe but when you have a good arsenal of classics as back up I don't think you can go too far wrong! I do hope I do the DD credit! It's takes a while with the signature style as it is as much about what fits with your lifestyle! So I can't see any granny shoes, kick flares or too many ruffles on the agenda this Spring for me!
      Thank you for the lovely compliment....it is so lovely to dress up a bit now and again! It makes a lovely change from the school run mum uniform xx

  5. Oh I buy in to all of those words. There are so many trends that I've loved over the last year but know for a fact that they won't work for me. Years ago I would have tried them all....and failed. Love your new purchases x

    1. We are on the same page here Donna, eventually we learn from our extensive fashion experience and make less and less mistakes. We are now quicker at working out whether the current trends are worth adopting don't you think? That's certainly how I feel anyway xx

  6. It's not a bad thing having a uniform and knowing what works for you. To a lot of people it might be deemed boring but real life dictates a little practicality in the works too. I no longer work so I don't need to dress up - my years of court shoes are practically by the by and to be honest, I can't really imagine wearing a pair to go on the school run these days. But most of all, the "not standing out too much" resonates with me totally. I might not be up there with the style mavericks but I like to think I look alright. I've always loved clothes - I just don't need to set the world alight with mine that's all. Great post Michelle.

    1. I think having an understated uniform of sorts is something a lot of school run mums will identify with Sue! Real life does dictate the practicality of my wardrobe these days.....my aim is just to look as well put together as I can for getting myself out of the door by 8.30 of a morning and I need to be wearing things that are comfy (whilst trying to remain stylish) for the after school taxi-ing around whist the DD does her round of activities! My 9 year old has a better social life than me these days....she's more in need of the heels than I am! ;0)
      French women really excel at the not standing out, it's way cooler don't you think? Their look is so nonchalant. That's where most of us are aiming for right? Like we haven't tried too hard but we've (kinda) got our sh*t together! xx

  7. You have your signature style nailed, Michelle. I so wish I could do your laid back cool style. You do it do effortlessly. Love your new additions. Lynne xx

    1. Thank you Lynne! You've absolutely nailed your style too! I think it's just what works best with your lifestyle.....I think your style takes you perfectly from work to leisure and that's not always an easy one to get right! xx

  8. Love the leopard print boots. xx

  9. How long before my boyfriends sweater loses it's smell?
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