20 January 2016

my winter wardrobe unsung heroes!

There are some basics in my wardrobe that make an appearance every week but that never get the praise they deserve! So this post I'm celebrating my unsung heroes.......my Merino sweaters! I have a few classic styles that come out year after year. They wash and wear well and have become one of my most used wardrobe staples! 
First up is the Uniqlo polo neck which is on offer at the moment so now is the time to buy! There aren't the full range of sizes in each colour.....but it's worth me saying here that the last two Uniqlo sweaters I have bought I've sized up and gone for a large for a more slouchier feel as I find they run quite small. I love the way that Uniqlo have layered this one over the stripes....an idea I may have steal although I've trawled their website and I fear these stripes have already sold out!

Uniqlo extra fine Merino polo neck
Back in October I bought a Uniqlo navy extra fine merino v neck sweater, this is the other one I bought in a size large. This looks great on it's own or with a shirt underneath.

Uniqlo shirt, past season similar here
Gap original fit jeans, past season similar here
Adidas Gazelles, here

Last year I stocked up on a couple of extra fine merino sweaters one v-neck and one crew. I stuck with neutral dark grey and black. This year I've found these to be a fab extra layer under looser-style pullovers.

A couple of years back I purchased a Gap black v-neck merino jumper that was a longer, looser style. This has been a real gem......I find the slightly deeper v neck is the most flattering style on me. These are greatly reduced, down to £9.99 with most sizes still available in black, not much left in the navy version though.

Last but not least I do have a couple of the J Crew Tippi-style 3/4 length sleeve sweaters. Again these are very useful for layering. This jumper has been perfect for wearing under my Dorothy Perkins pinafore as it's a bit more fitted than all of the above. I wore this grey one under my big grey Zara roll neck yesterday....see below

The black version jumper has been perfect for wearing under my Dorothy Perkins pinafore as it's a bit more fitted than all of the above.

Dorothy Perkins pinafore, past season similar here
Topshop Bardot boots, here

My outfits from the past few days......Monday saw me sporting my new Banana Republic sweater! I must say that I love it!

Banana Republic ruffle sweater, here
Gap original fit jeans, past season similar here
Adidas Stan Smiths trainers, here

Vintage coat, similar here
Zara sweater, past season similar here worn with one of these underneath
Zara jeans, past season similar here
Ugg double mini zip boots, here
Jigsaw bag, via eBay similar here
H&M hat, here

Zara coatigan, sold out but how lovely is this one!
Uniqlo Merino black roll neck, here.....with this one underneath
Topshop Jamie jeans, here
Ugg double mini zip boots, here
H&M hat, here

What winter basics do have in your wardrobe that come out time and time again? 

The thing that struck me whilst checking over this post is how much I wear my jeans too, so next week I'm going to looking at some new skinnies as I think I may have a hole to be filled. I need to get researching a new pair!



  1. And yet again I moan about the fact that we don't have Uniqlo in Ireland *sob* Liking the look of that Gap sweater though, so may have to track that down!

    1. Uniqlo is always first port of call whenever I visit London Helen....though I do buy a fair bit online! I heard a rumour that they were going nationwide so fingers crossed you do get one! The Gap v-neck is such a great shape.....hope you manage to get your hands on one! xx

  2. You can't beat knitwear as a wardrobe staple for this time of year can you Michelle, I'd be lost without mine.
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

    1. I wonder what I would have done without them these past few days Jane! It's been absolutely bitter here! xx

  3. Hardworking wardrobe pieces, can't beat them x

    1. Ain't that the truth Donna! They are worth their weight in gold at the moment! xx

  4. Brilliant post Michelle. At the end of the day, I bet there are a lot of us reaching for the core basics to put under our statement coats. I can't live without my grey and black cashmere jumpers and I have more of those than I care to admit.

    1. Thanks Sue....most of our wardrobes are built on these kind of basics aren't they! Next Autumn/Winter I am definitely going to made upgrade some of my Merino for some cashmere.....the Donna Ida cashmere sweater is so heavenly to wear and I have to say it's warmer too! xx

  5. I'm only just beginning to realise how useful a few decent basic knits can be at this time of year! I have Tippi envy, but I can't be doing with 3/4 sleeves. I think my long arms make me look as though I've just grown out of whatever I'm wearing! How high does the V come on the Uniqlo v-necks? I'm after a pale grey sweater, but I want to be able to wear it without another layer underneath. Will it reveal my (non-existant) cleavage? xx

    1. Honestly Becky, I don't know what I'd do without these basics at the moment! The go so well under blazers and jackets too when the Spring comes along! The v on the Uniqlo....definitely high up enough to not be revealing any cleavage! xx

    2. Brill, thanks lovely. I'll go and have a look! Xx

  6. Are the Gap v-necks really dry clean only? Or have you dared to machine wash yours? Such a great price (and annoyed that I missed the free delivery code they had yesterday!).

    1. My Gap one is a couple of seasons old so I went to check out the labels. They say hand wash but I have never hand washed anything! I've put them in the machine on delicates so with the dry clean only ones I'd be doing the same.....it wouldn't occur to me to look at the washing instructions to be honest! If it was me I'd risk washing it! Hope I've helped! I saw the pale grey version instore yesterday and it nearly came home with me! xx