16 December 2015

a bit more sales scouting!

This time I have a mission and I'm not looking for me! My sister has set me a bit of a challenge as she has some Christmas money coming and wants me to help her spend it wisely. When I asked what she was after she said she needed tops, so when an email pinged from Warehouse (who just happen to have gone into sale) I thought.....what a great store to start with! She's after a few things that she can wear out, she doesn't have a hugely exciting lifestyle, her nights out tend to be spent in the local pub. So here are a few of my favourite picks....this one is a fab reduction, at half price it's great for just £25!

I have something very similar to this from Topshop that I will definitely be getting over over the festive period. For me this has been such a wardrobe staple as I've worn mine in the daytime with boyfriends and trainers but also dressed it up for evening with skinnies and courts. It would be an absolute winner for my little sister!

Another top that would be great for day or evening for all the same reasons as above is this grey marl embellished t-shirt.

I think this would be another useful wardrobe addition as it's such a great neutral colour, it will go with so much.

I couldn't very well leave this one out as I do love a Victoriana top (I'm pondering on this one myself!).

The reductions at Warehouse are pretty good.....you could (if being thrifty) get a whole outfit and still see change from a hundred quid so I've found a few wardrobe basics that would make a great foundation for any of the tops above.

So there we go....that's my sister's Christmas money well spent!

A couple of outfits from the past few days, it's a busy last week at school so I've been quite lax at taking photos.

Zara cardigan, current here
Gap Merino v neck sweater, past season similar here
Topshop Jamie jeans, here
Converse, here

MuuBaa leather jacket, past season similar here
Uniqlo shirt, past season similar here
Zara grey tee, current here
Zara jeans, past season similar here
Adidas Stan Smiths, here
Jigsaw bag, past season via eBay similar here

I've enjoyed putting together this post and pulling an outfit together for someone else for a change. It's made me shop my own wardrobe a bit harder as I have a *do* coming up at this weekend which is just a casual drinks affair. How do you think I've done with my mission as my lil sis's personal shopper?

Until next time!



  1. I'm loving Warehouse at the mo they've got some great pieces haven't they? Love the sound of the high rise body sculpt jeans Michelle !! Sue xx

    1. After doing so well in the Warehouse Summer sale Sue, their sale had to be one of my first stops! Brilliant reductions and some really lovely pieces, that's why Warehouse has been one of my favourite shops since I was a teen! xx

  2. I like the navy blouse - I tried a similar one in Topshop but it was quite low on me, the Warehouse neckline looks a little higher which makes it a little more practical and I dont need to worry if I'm giving anyone an unexpected eyeful!

    It will be interesting to see what your sister chooses from what you've picked!

    1. My Topshop blouse has been such a wardrobe staple Sue, I've worn it loads, normally with a cami underneath as it is very low! You're right though the Warehouse one looks a bit higher.....phew dignity intact!

      I'm looking forward to having a proper peruse around the shops with my sister after Christmas.....followed by a glass of vino or 2! I am enjoying doing the research....even though it's potentially going to cost me as I keep getting tempted! xx

  3. I do love the high necked Victoriana tops too. I could be very tempted with both of them...But hedging my bets at the moment with the sales just starting to break out!
    I think you have such amazing style Michelle that personal styling for everyone you know should be on the cards...You did your little Sis proud!!
    Helen XX

    1. Thank you Helen, both the Victoriana tops are great aren't they! I think both would slot beautifully into my wardrobe! ;0) xx

      What a fab compliment too....I enjoy helping my sister out, it's a nice little hobby, not sure if I have the confidence to do it for anyone else though but thank you xx

  4. Oh I love the Warehouse sequin tee, such a shame it's sold out in my size. Great picks, Michelle. Lynne xx

    1. Oh no Lynne! You've now put me in a bit of frenzy.....I'd better check the things in my virtual baskets have sold out in my sizes! That would be just my luck too! xx

  5. Loved this post Michelle - I'm a huge Warehouse fan myself. It's the shop I probably buy the most in over the course of the year. I'd admired that embellished grey tee the other day so I'm off now to see how well reduced it is.....I feel a pre-Christmas purchase coming up :) xx