30 December 2015

happy new year!

I fully intended to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, but the festivities and last minute shopping totally got in the way, so I hope everyone had a wonderful time and I wish you a very happy 2016! I am truly grateful for everyone that read and enjoys the blog and for the all lovely comments I've received throughout 2015.

I've enjoyed a little break from blogging over the holidays but I thought it was time I got back in the saddle and I wanted to share a new purchase! I didn't mean to....honest! I blame my mum the #enabler that she is. As I went out of the door to take her sales shopping on Tuesday the husband asked me what I was after......nothing I said, not looking for me today. Those famous last words came back to bite me on the bum! There I was in House of Fraser minding my own business when this little beauty jumped out at me! I was hooked immediately as it bears a striking resemblance to the Stella McCartney Fallabella that I have been coveting for years!

It also comes in beige

Instore, they also had a larger grey tote with chain handles that was reduced to £39 which was gorgeous. All of these bags are faux or *vegan* leather as Stella prefers to call it ;0)

They also had some other really fantastic dupes......thought this one had a Chloe-esqe vibe about it! They also had this in tan in House of Fraser.

Is it me or does this one have a whiff of Mulberry about it?

This one definitely reminds me of a certain Celine bag.

This one looks familiar but the designer it's paying homage to eludes me!

Hallhuber is a new brand to me, I bought my mum a sweater from this department for Christmas and is how I came to stumble across the bags. I shall be casting my eye over what they have to offer a bit more regularly as they had some lovely clothing too! Have you ever come across this make? What do you think of the bags....a few cheeky copies or what?! 

I have been a bit sporadic on getting pictures of my outfits over the past week or so.....but these are the best of the lot!

Muubaa leather jacket, past season similar here
Donna Ida sweater, fab homage to it here
H&M maxi dress, similar here
Converse here
H&M snood, here
Lulu Guinness bag, past season via eBay

Zara coatigan, current in the sale here!
Gap v-neck Merino sweater, past season similar here
H&M pleather leggings, past season similar here
Converse here
Longchamp tote, here
Primark leather gloves

Zara tux jacket, current here
Alexander Wang t-shirt. past season similar here
H&M pleather leggings, past season similar here
Topshop Bardot boots, current here
Pull & Bear clutch bag, here

Urban Outfitters BDG parka, current here
Zara jeans, past season similar here
Hunter wellies, here
H&M beanie, here
Topshop bag via eBay, similar here

Zara coat, current in the sale here
Zara top, past season 
Gap original fit jeans, past season
Nike Blazers, here
Pull & Bear belt, current

Boden Off Duty sweater, past season similar here
Topshop Jamie jeans, here
Topshop boots via eBay, similar here
Hallhuber bag, current here

I've given the sales scouting a bit of a rest. I do have a few virtual baskets on the go but I am still playing chicken with them at the moment as I am still pondering and hoping for further discounts. I thought I would share my Instagram #2015bestnine outfits here......this kind of helps me to realise what are my favourite things as they have made up my best outfits according to those of you that follow me on there. I'll be back soon with a review of my favourite Autumn purchases as I think that will be another good exercise in swerving any potential sales disasters!

Until next time!


20 December 2015

my mango sale edit

I've been perusing the Mango sale over the last fews days.....for myself this time! I did have a quick look when they had the 40% off for a few days ago but I've since had a *proper* gander of some of the items that now have up to 50% off. I'm going to kick of my picks with a coat.....it would seem my addiction to coats is still going strong this season. If I didn't have my Topshop grey coat that I bought last year I would definitely be purchasing this one....it's a great deal to be had at half price £59.99!

This is also a serious contender for my second sale purchase (more about the first one later!). My friend has this jacket....she suggested that I get it as she knows how much I adore it, bless her (love you Becky!) I just need to be sure this is something I would get the wear out of before I take the plunge.

This dress is absolutely gorgeous, again though I have something so similar, my Topshop Daisy dress. However I thought I would feature it as I have loads of lovely comments about the aforementioned dress so I thought I bring this one to your attention if you are still on the hunt for a dress like it.

This next number is going straight into my virtual basket! So very similar to this Topshop sweater I posted about (here) a while ago.....it would be rude not to as it is half price!

I think this jumper would also be super useful and I'm always on the lookout for new knitwear. This would be so perfect with my Zara faux leather skirt!

I nearly bought this t-shirt instore for a night out a couple of weeks back and although it only has a couple of quid off, this is something worth adding to the wardrobe.....shhh don't tell the 'lil sis as I may yet buy this for her for Christmas present as if you saw my last post I think this would make a great *pub* top. That'll be one for her and one for me then! :0)

Seeing stars again here! Love these shoes, you can't beat a bit of metallic to shjush things up a bit!

Staying with the stars theme once more, how great is this little clutch?!

To finish off my pickings, a great piece of statement jewellery. This gorgeous necklace would enhance any outfit splendidly and there's no better time to pick up these pieces than when they are half price in the sale!

I've erred on the side of safety once again with these prospective sales purchases as I need to be adding stuff to my wardrobe that will go with many of the items already in there, so it's all a neutral palette but completely wearable additions! Do you go into the sales with a plan of action?

My outfits of the week and this pic is a show and tell of my first sale purchase from my post of what Urban Outfitters had on offer.....I went with a coat purchase and bought the BDG duffle (the UO Percy boots are on my New Year, hope to bag in the sales list!)

Urban Outfitters parka, current here
Topshop khaki jumper, past season similar here
Gap legging jeans, past season similar here
Nine West biker boots, ancient, would love these as a replacement!
Jigsaw bucket bag, via ebay similar here

River Island drape cardy, past season similar here
Zara coat, current here
Topshop Jamie jeans, here
Topshop boots via eBay, a good alternative here
Balenciaga bag ancient, similar here

Muubaa leather jacket, past season similar here
Damart fur gilet, past season similar here
Jaeger sweater past season, similar here
Zara jeans, current similar here
Topshop boots via eBay, a good alternative here
Anya Hindmarch mini Gracie, past season similar here

Topshop blouse past season, similar here
Zara coated jeans. past season similar here
River Island shoes, similar here

Zara sweater, past season similar here
Zara jeans, current here
Converse, here

So, I currently have compiled quite a sales tally but there are still a couple of stores left still to peruse! I will be back soon......no doubt with more stuff added to my wish list! I probably should have asked Santa for some cash to spend in the sales! ;0) 


16 December 2015

a bit more sales scouting!

This time I have a mission and I'm not looking for me! My sister has set me a bit of a challenge as she has some Christmas money coming and wants me to help her spend it wisely. When I asked what she was after she said she needed tops, so when an email pinged from Warehouse (who just happen to have gone into sale) I thought.....what a great store to start with! She's after a few things that she can wear out, she doesn't have a hugely exciting lifestyle, her nights out tend to be spent in the local pub. So here are a few of my favourite picks....this one is a fab reduction, at half price it's great for just £25!

I have something very similar to this from Topshop that I will definitely be getting over over the festive period. For me this has been such a wardrobe staple as I've worn mine in the daytime with boyfriends and trainers but also dressed it up for evening with skinnies and courts. It would be an absolute winner for my little sister!

Another top that would be great for day or evening for all the same reasons as above is this grey marl embellished t-shirt.

I think this would be another useful wardrobe addition as it's such a great neutral colour, it will go with so much.

I couldn't very well leave this one out as I do love a Victoriana top (I'm pondering on this one myself!).

The reductions at Warehouse are pretty good.....you could (if being thrifty) get a whole outfit and still see change from a hundred quid so I've found a few wardrobe basics that would make a great foundation for any of the tops above.

So there we go....that's my sister's Christmas money well spent!

A couple of outfits from the past few days, it's a busy last week at school so I've been quite lax at taking photos.

Zara cardigan, current here
Gap Merino v neck sweater, past season similar here
Topshop Jamie jeans, here
Converse, here

MuuBaa leather jacket, past season similar here
Uniqlo shirt, past season similar here
Zara grey tee, current here
Zara jeans, past season similar here
Adidas Stan Smiths, here
Jigsaw bag, past season via eBay similar here

I've enjoyed putting together this post and pulling an outfit together for someone else for a change. It's made me shop my own wardrobe a bit harder as I have a *do* coming up at this weekend which is just a casual drinks affair. How do you think I've done with my mission as my lil sis's personal shopper?

Until next time!


13 December 2015

a quick scout around the sales.....

has resulted in rather a long wish list for me! It's all coming from one particular store too.....which part of me now wishes I'd swerved as I fear this fleeting visit to Urban Outfitters is really going to cost me dear! I'm just gonna wade straight in and show you everything I love and am currently coveting........sigh, be warned it's quite a long list!
First up, I've been considering adding a duffle of some sort to my coat collection and this could well be the one...


This would be perfect for those rainy school run days, it's the kind of coat I would get loads of wear out of and it would be a fab alternative to my beloved Topshop parka......sounds like it's sold doesn't it!

I know my lovely friend has been waiting for this gorgeous Selected Femme cardy to go in the sale....I've now tipped her off that it's been reduced by 70 quid! I know she will really rock this with her retro Adidas Samba's!!

Moving along swiftly to tops.......this is another wardrobe must have!! This black blouse would fill another hole nicely.

I've seen a lot of this style top on Instagram.....a favourite with some of the lovely French ladies whose style I adore.

We could all do with a bit more luck in our lives and so this little top has caught my eye!

I'm still loving my skirts so far this season and this suedette one could be a perfect addition to my collection.

OMG! There are just too many lovely boots to choose from.....I've had trouble just limiting myself to just 3 choices here. The over the knee boot seems to have really come into it's own again this season, not a style I've not tried yet but I am sorely tempted by these!

How gorgeous are these tan knee high.....a real nod to the 70's, perfect to finish off many a boho look!

Now these were what I went instore to hunt down, not in the sale unfortunately but Urban Outfitters currently have another promotion going on, whereby if you spend £75, you get £10 off, spend £100 and you get £15 off and a whopping 30 quid of if you spend £150. So I went in search of these to try on, to no avail but now I shall order online and possibly add a few more items to my basket in order to take advantage of the fab money off offer! I believe if you sign up to their newsletter you will also get free delivery as well!

Last but not least are a few little bags I've spied....another department where I could go a little crazy! How gorgeous is this duffle?

This bag nearly came home with me, but I dithered.....however it could now well be topping my basket up nicely. Love the colour and you can wear it crossbody......perfect!

Phew....that would make quite a haul so I need to whittle it down to what I might actually need. I often overlook Urban Outfitters but they have some great stuff at the moment and if you are looking for some cool gifts they have a great selection, in particular I love their jewellery. Is this a store where you would normally shop? Are you tempted by any of my picks? 

Quite a few outfits to share, they've stacked up a bit as it's been a busy week of Christmas prep!

Topshop coat, past season similar here
Pull & Bear sweater, current here
Topshop Jamie jeans, here
H by Hudson Mirar boots, similar here
Balenciaga bag, ancient similar here

M&S Limited coat, past season similar here
Gap Merino v neck, past season similar here
Zara jeans, past season similar here
H by Hudson Mirar boots, similar here
Balenciaga bag, ancient similar here

Zara coat, current here
Zoe Karssen sweater via T K Maxx, similar here
Topshop Jamie jeans, here
H by Hudson Kiver boots, here
Balenciaga bag, ancient similar here
Pull & Bear Foulard/snood, current here

Zara cardigan, current here
Pull & Bear sweater, current here
Gap real straight jeans, ancient 
Adidas Stan Smiths, here

COS sweater, current here
Zara pleather skirt, current here
Topshop Bardot boots, current here

Donna Ida sweater via Hero Stockbridge 
Zara coated skinny jeans, ancient similar here
Topshop Bardot boots, current here

Have you finished your Christmas shopping and are now finding yourself tempted by what's in the sale already?

I'll be back soon with more of my favourite stores sales picks!